How to Buy Lego Minifigures

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How to Buy Lego Minifigures

The Lego minifigure, sometimes referred to as a ‘minifig’ or simply ‘fig’, is among the most recognisable Lego products with over 3.7 billion having been produced. The Lego minifigure is a versatile product, and can feature numerous different themes, including licensed characters from popular films and games such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Lego minifigures are popular with children and adults, with some specific minifigures being highly prized collectibles. These highly customisable characters are often sold as part of a larger play set, and are also widely available individually on eBay.

The Minifigure

The earliest minifigures were simple, person shaped Lego blocks. The modern Lego minifigure is made up of a number of key parts. Though they can vary for certain specific minifigures, the parts of the majority of figures can be interchanged with one another. This allows for a great deal of customisation. These parts are generally made up of:


The head fits onto the torso of the minifigure. ‘Human’ Lego heads are available in an enormous range of styles, including different facial expressions and features. Other heads include aliens, ghosts and cartoon characters, which are sometimes made of materials other than plastic, such as rubber.


The torso has two movable arms, and can have a range of clothing styles printed onto them. The torso of most Lego minifigures can be interchanged with the parts of other figures, though certain models, such as robot characters, have their legs and torsos permanently attached.


The legs of a minifigure are moveable; allowing the character to be positioned in a number of poses, and is designed to lock the character onto a Lego surface to ensure they remain upright. The legs of a minifigure can often be swapped with others, though some female minifigures are sold with a sloped brick instead of legs, to represent a skirt or dress. Another example of variation is the pirate characters, which often include a peg leg instead of the normal leg set.


The iconic ‘C’ shaped hands are a common feature across the full range of Lego minifigures. These are available in different colours, and are often interchangeable. They allow the minfigure to hold numerous accessories such as cups, tools and weapons. Some minifigures include a thematic variation, such as the hook hand of some of the pirate models.

Minifigures are often sold as complete figures made up of these components. It is, however, often possible to buy specific parts if they are needed- for example, a selection of Lego heads.

Variations of Lego Minifigures

There are a few key variations on the standard Lego minifigure.


Lego minifigures are widely available in the form of keyrings. These are generally the same size as ordinary figures, and include many of the same features such as moveable parts, ‘C’ shaped hands and legs that fix the characters to Lego. Many of the parts on these characters, however, are not removable. These minifigures are often from popular Lego ranges such as Lego Lord of the Rings, or Lego Star Wars.


Often sold in packs of three or more, magnetic minifigures have magnetic built into them, which allow them to stick to metal surfaces. Like the keyring minifigures, these models are of the standard size and are compatible with many  Lego accessories. The legs and torsos of these minifigures are often fixed together and cannot be detached.

Light Up

Light up minifigures are less commonly available than the other kinds of Lego figure. Battery powered, these figures include an accessory which lights up when the head is pressed down. Many of the components of these minifigures cannot be removed, commonly with the exception of the head. Popular such minifigures include characters from the Lego Star Wars range with light up lightsabers.


Microfigures are smaller versions of minifigures used primarily for Lego board games. They are single piece models featuring a head, torso and legs and cannot be disassembled.


A number of series of collectable minifigures have been released, starting with Series 1 released in 2010. These collectables have proven to be a very popular range of Lego minifigures. Each series includes sixteen minifigures, each with its own accessories. Some of these minifigures have become highly sought-after collectable. A special edition Team GB series was released in 2012, to commemorate the London Olympics.

Lego Themes

Lego products are categorised by theme. These themes include minifigures, accessories, and other Lego pieces which fit together in a consistent theme. Though minifigures and other products are often sold with other pieces that are part of the same theme, parts from other themes are compatible. This allows minifigures from one theme to be used with play sets from another. There is a wide selection of different Lego themes available.  Some of the most widely available include:

Lego City

Lego City has long been a core Lego theme, having origins in the earliest Lego Town play sets. Minifigures from the Lego City theme include emergency service characters such as police and fire brigade officers, construction workers, and civilians. The theme has subsets Police, Fire, Trains, Transportation and Construction.

Lego Castle

Lego Castle is another long standing theme. Minifigures from the Lego Castle theme are medieval characters such as kings, knights and archers. Common accessories for these minifigures are weapons such as spears and bows, as well larger accessories such as horses. Fantasy characters also appear in Lego Castle, such as wizards, dwarves and orcs.

Lego Space

The Lego Space theme is one of the most popular and expansive theme, covering more than 200 individual play sets. There are numerous minifigures available under this theme, such as human astronauts and varies kinds of alien. A huge number of accessories are available in the Lego Space theme, such as helmets, jetpacks, weapons and tools. Lego City Space is a sub theme which crosses Space with Lego City. This theme has more of a real world focus, with more realistic astronauts and vehicles such as rockets and space shuttles.

Lego Pirates

Lego Pirates is a popular theme which offers numerous play sets and minifigures. The minifigures offers in this line of products are pirate and soldier characters. The Lego Pirates theme offers some distinctive minifigures, with features such as peg legs and hooks instead of hands. Accessories such as parrots, swords and hats are often included with these minifigures.

Lego Racers

The Lego Racers line of products has a more narrow focus than the other, broader, themes. Minifigures here are racing driver characters, designed to be seated in vehicles, with which the minifigures are often included. In keeping with the theme, minifigures often come with accessories such as racing helmets.

There are also a number of themes based around popular films and books, such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Batman. The minifigures from these themes represent popular characters from the films, and often include accessories based around the films as well, such as lightsabers.

Lego Minifigure Accessories

An enormous range of accessories is available for minifigures. Minifigures are often sold as part of a set with a consistent theme with a space themed minifigure, for example, including helmets, tools and the Lego pieces necessary to build a space ship. Accessories can range from small add-ons to the figure itself, to entire play sets. Because minifigures are of a standard size, the majority of Lego accessories are compatible with the majority of minifigures, allowing for a wide range of customisability. For collectables, Lego display cases are available, allowing minifigures to be stored and displayed.

How to Buy a Minifigure on eBay

  • A wide variety of Lego minifigures are available on eBay. The full listing of available minifigures can be found in the Toys & Games section, under Construction Toys & Kits. Minifigures can be found under the Lego section. Results can be filtered with categories such as price, new and used, location and purchase format. Lego items can be further filtered by theme, such as Space, Pirates and Towns. This makes it easy to find Lego minifigures which fit into a desired Lego theme.
  • Key information about an item will be displayed in the items listing. This includes the theme of the minifigure, any accessories it may come with and the series a minifigure is part of, if it is one of the collectable minifigures. Further information about a particular item is available on the item page.
  • Information about the seller, such as item reviews and feedback ratings, can also be found here, ensuring a purchase can be made with confidence. In addition, it is also possible to ask the seller a question regarding the item.
  • To find a specific item, it may be easier and more effective to use the search function available at the top of every page. For information on effective use of the search function, visit the Search Tips page.


Lego minifigures are popular toys and collectables. Enormously customisable, they are available in a variety of different themes, including those based on popular franchises. Available individually, as part of a set, as keyrings or magnets, there is great deal of choice when buying a minifigure, and finding one on eBay is easy.

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