How to Buy Mens Activewear Shirts

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How to Buy Men's Activewear Shirts

For almost any type of exercise or physical activity, there exists an activewear shirt that is specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of that activity. Men's activewear shirts are available for those who might be interested in jogging, weight lifting, cycling, or nearly any other type of physical activity. When attempting to satisfy specific requirements, finding the right shirt can become a quite maddening experience. Online marketplaces such as eBay, offer an enormous array of varieties to guarantee that one will find the activewear that is appropriate for the occasion.

Understanding the many different types of shirts that are available, along with the activities they are designed for, is merely the first step towards purchasing a quality men's activewear shirt. Determining the setting, in relation to the material the shirt is intended for, is also part of this process. This guide aims to explain the many different types of shirts that are available, as well as the different activities they are designed for. Doing ample research before buying a men's activewear shirt, can ultimately lead to a quality purchase both for one’s body and wallet.

Men's Activewear Shirt Materials

Some of the most comfortable shirts on the market are designed, and labeled, as men's activewear shirts. With so many different materials and shirt types to choose from, shopping for such shirts can seem overwhelming at times. Although there are more than four materials such shirts are made of, most men’s activewear shirts are mainly comprised of four to five basic materials. Described below are each of these primary materials that men's activewear shirts are made up of.


One of the most lightweight shirt options on the market today is the cotton shirt. Those who have sensitive skin and possibly even allergies, often find cotton activewear shirts as an attractive option. With fibers that allow for maximum breathability, shirts made of cotton are especially effective at keeping the body warm even in colder climates. Gym shirts, mainly used for racquetball, basketball, and other indoor sports are often made of cotton. Individuals searching for a shirt that will keep them cool should consider cotton as a premier option for men’s activewear shirts.


If one were to mention a material that was quite a bit different than cotton, fleece might be the first word out of their mouth. This material is designed to provide high levels of insulation to keep wearers warm. Although not advised for use in hot or humid climates, fleece activewear shirts can prove to be adequate solutions for camping or hiking in higher altitudes. People that dwell in colder climates, who happen to participate in outdoor sporting events, may find fleece shirts to be a convenient option. With an increased level of durability, these shirts often tend to last quite a bit longer than most men’s activewear shirt materials.


One of the cheaper options on the market are sports shirts that are designed with nylon. Nylon is considered a synthetic fabric and could possibly even be irritating to people known to have sensitive skin. As a substitute for silk, activewear shirts made from nylon can be quite comfortable. Nylon activewear shirts do, however, tend to trap perspiration against the body, making it a somewhat lackluster option for exercising and sporting activities. Nylon, when used in conjunction with other materials, can be more than an adequate solution that is also less demanding on one’s finances.


For a material that clings to the body and provides support, lycra is one of the most popular men's activewear shirts. Some of the various pieces of sporting equipment that are designed with lycra include: cycling shirts and pants, wetsuits, and other water sport clothing. Anyone who may be likely to come in contact with the nature’s extreme elements, would be wise to consider lycra-based clothing as an option.

Styles of Men's Activewear Shirts

Once the primary material of the men's activewear shirt has been selected, individuals should then  consider narrowing down their choices based on style and design. There are quite a few different styles available for purchase, so using an online marketplace such as eBay can only help explore the seemingly endless landscape. Once material and purpose have been decided upon, one can now delve into the several different style choices listed below.

V-Neck Shirts

Since most activewear shirts are used while exercising and moving, having a bit of exposed skin can be a much more comfortable option. V-neck shirts are designed with a v-style neck element that leaves parts of the neck and chest exposed. V-neck shirts are not typically designed for use during colder, outdoor activities. V-neck activewear shirts do, however, allow for a cooler wearing experience. V-neck shirts are quite stylish in some areas of the globe, but tend to be most overshadowed by activewear shirts.

Short Sleeve Activewear Shirts

If a shirt is being used for any type of sport, avoiding long sleeves in all but the coldest conditions, is a usually a good idea. Short sleeve shirts are absent of material from the elbow down, and many times, above quite a bit of the elbow as well. Fabric around elbow joints can seriously hinder performance in sports focused on arm movements such as tennis, golf or baseball. Short sleeves are also a cooler option for cyclists, skateboarders, and other highly strenuous physical activities. Consider a short sleeve shirt in conjunction with more active sports and exercise regimens.

Activewear Shirts with Pockets

For sports and activities that involve small pieces of equipment such as racquetball, shirts with pockets are often the best choice. Although having a pocket may sometimes require one to sport a heavier material, finding a cotton shirt with a pocket can be a helpful option. Whether it be protective glasses, small tools, or even a piece of gum, shirts with pockets are most advantageous to those who need to carry these various objects. Shirts with pockets may not be the most attractive activewear option, but they can be quite useful to a variety of men.

Hooded Options

Exercise or vigorous activities in colder climates can culminate in an unpleasant, chilly e�� search results have been narrowed down, consider each seller's ratings to find the most advantageous purchasing option.


With the amount of men's activewear shirts on the market today, shopping for the perfect shirt can seem like an intimidating experience. Starting off by choosing the material that is best suited for the occasion, is a good first step towards relieving the burden of shopping. Next, individuals should consider the preferred style before looking at brands or sellers. Consumers who are brand-loyal should browse the many options offered up by their favorite brand before heading on to other manufacturer’s shirts. Once that information has been gathered, sprinkling in criteria such as Eco-Friendly materials or big and tall options, can quickly narrow down search results.

Narrowing down the options without using sites such as eBay, however, tends to be quite difficult at times. With authorised sellers, and local sellers alike, individuals can find both new and used options that are reasonably priced. Add in the advanced seller's ratings and search filters, and shoppers can save time and money by shopping through online marketplaces such as eBay. Determine your needs, narrow down the search, and find the right men's activewear shirt for any occasion. 

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