How to Buy Motorbike Security Parts

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How to Buy Motorbike Security Parts

Motorbikes are considered easy targets by thieves because bikes can be wheeled away or easily placed in a van or on a truck within seconds. A good security device for motorbikes is worth the investment, because while preventing theft, good motorbike security parts help keep a lid on one's insurance premiums. A secured motorbike offers peace of mind by eliminating the stress involved in having to file a report with the police, claim from insurance, and replace the stolen bike.

There are many ways to secure a motorbike from theft. Although no one method is considered completely theft-proof, there are several tried and tested devices and techniques that can significantly reduce the likelihood of a motorbike being stolen

Motorbike security parts can be purchased from most auto parts stores and specialty motorbike shops, as well as from online motorbike security sites, and eBay. Before, searching for motorbike security parts, the buyer first needs to determine the appropriate devices and the parts required. eBay offers motorcyclists what must be the biggest range of motorbike parts, anywhere, including motorbike security parts.

Is Motorbike Security Necessary?

According to available statistics, motorbikes and scooters are extremely high on the list of the most stolen types of vehicles types. The reason for this, is that motorbikes and scooters can easily be lifted into vans and stolen quickly. As is often the case, in an effort to save money, motorcyclists don't use sufficient security to to protect their motorbikes. To ensure the safety of one's motorbike, a robust security system is a must. There are many different ways of securing a motorbike, and the following lists just a few of the most popular options.

A Bike Alarm

An alarm is certainly not the perfect option. Sometimes the motorcyclist does not hear the alarm or there are many false alarms due to strong winds or pedestrians accidentally bumping into the motorbike. However, having an alarm is better than having no bike alarm at all. One type of bike alarm is the page alarm. If the motorbike is being tampered with, the page alarm pages the owner. Parts for this alarm system include a GPS device, microwave perimeter sensor, multi-function remote, battery backup siren, and tilt sensor. GPS devices are to be found on eBay or other vehicle security websites, as well as many automotive parts stores, or electronics shops.

Disc Locks and U-Locks

A disc lock or a U-lock is only really useful in stopping an opportunist from pushing the motorbike away and stealing it. If an organized effort is being made to steal motorbikes with a van, this device prevents thieves from lifting the bike up and making off with it. Both of these devices are available in automotive parts stores, specialty vehicle security stores, as well as online security sites and venues such as eBay.

The U-Lock

If using a U-lock, the motorcyclist should secure their machine to an immovable object by way of rear wheels or over the swing arm. When searching for a U-lock, the buyer should look for a hardy one that looks difficult cut.

Disc Lock

Disc locks are portable security devices that attach to the holes in the motorbikes brake disc. A locking pin passes through the hole in the brake disc and then locks to the other side with a push-and-click locking mechanism or a double lock mechanism. This device prevents a thief moving the motorbike either backwards or forwards.

Tagging Devices

There are a number of ways of tagging a motorbike. Some methods employ a microdot on the motorbike. This microdot enables police to identify the rightful owner. Another tagging method involves etching a code on the bike's panels. This tagging method makes it harder for a thief to sell the parts on the black market. Some owners choose to place a transponder in the petrol tank or wheels to make it possible for a police scanner to locate a stolen motorbike.

Brake Lever Lock

The brake lever lock is a portable security device that works in conjunction with more robust security measures. This device locks the front brake lever completely, making it nearly impossible to simply roll the bike quickly away.

Kill Switch

A kill switch disables the motorbike and completely shuts down the operating system, making it impossible for a thief to ride the motorbike away. Security experts advise that motorcyclists should steer clear of motorbikes with factory-installed kill switches. Instead one should install a kill switch after purchase. This is because many thieves know where to locate factory-installed kill-switches on motorbikes.

Tips for Securing a Motorbike at Home

The motorcyclist's home is where a motorcyclist is able to properly secure a motorbike. A fixed and immovable object is required to secure the motorbike, and ground anchors that are small and unobtrusive are a good idea, as well. Only a high-quality chain should be used, and the chain should be run through a part of the frame, if it all possible, but at a minimum, through the centre stand frame or rear wheel. This chain in conjunction with a disc alarm converts the chain into an alarm system. If the chain and lock are moved the alarm is triggered and a 110 dB siren is activated.

Ensure the Bike Is Inconspicuous

An inconspicuous bike is not likely to be seen by opportunistic thieves. The best way to do this is to lock the motorbike in a garage. However, if there is no garage, the next best option is to keep the bike covered. Use a plain cover with no markings or logos so a thief cannot easily determine the make or series of the bike under the cover. In addition, because the motorbike is covered, the thief has no idea whether other security measures are in place. This makes it difficult for a thief to assess how easy it would be to steal the bike.

Use a Steering Lock

With a steering lock is engaged, it is very difficult for any thief to manoeuver the bike so that it can be lifted or loaded into a van. It is possible for an experienced thief to bypass a steering lock. Therefore, a motorcyclist should opt for the the highest quality steering lock that he can afford.

Attach a Lock to a Stationary Object

A good idea is to secure the motorbike to a steel eye or mounting lugs cemented into a garage floor. Locking a motorbike to a stationary object is the only sure way of preventing a 'hoist' robbery.

Create a Neighbourhood Watch

Think about starting a neighbourhood watch scheme, because if neighbours do not who in the area owns a bike and who rides motorbikes, the neighbours may not raise the alarm if they see a motorbike being loaded into the back of a van.

Get Advice from the Police

Ask police for their advice about how to keep a motorbike safe from theft. They have extensive experience dealing with this type of situation and their advice should be considered invaluable.

How to Find Motorbike Security Parts on eBay

When searching for motorbike security parts on eBay, the best place to start is on the home page. Simply type some keywords that describe the security measure you are after into the search bar at the top of eBay's home page. For instance, if you enter 'kill switch', the search engine only displays those listings that are relevant to that search query. If you are in the market for a whole gamut of security devices, start with a generic search phrase, like 'motorbike security parts'.

In addition to keyword searches, eBay allows you to sort the results using various search filters. For example, you can choose to use one or more of the filters based on the part subtypes, the condition of the item (new or used), price, and what you intend to use the device for. A very useful filter is the one related to the make and model of the bike. Some motorbike manufactures makes security devices specifically for their machines. Therefore, it is a good idea to confine your search to those devices that are compatible with your specific motorbike.

Once you are ready to buy the motorbike security part, be sure to read the item description carefully. The seller specifies the buying method: auction or pay the listed. If you need any help coming to a purchasing decision, and would like to ask the seller a few question, simply go into their profile and click on the contact link.


Motorbike security is essential to safeguard one's property. Without reliable security, any type of scooter or motorbike is susceptible to being stolen by enterprising thieves. Many of the motorbike security parts required to effectively secure a bike are available on eBay. With all of the options available for motorbike security, a motorcyclist is able to tailor their motorbike security system to their specific needs.

At home, a motorcyclists should secure their bike in a garage, and if one is not available, the motorcyclist should secure their machine to an anchor and cover the bike. When out and about in the city, the motorcyclists should make use of a page alarm that includes a brake disc lock.

Before buying motorbike security parts from traditional brick-and-mortar stores or online security sites where costs could be quite high, consider browsing eBay's extensive listings for motorbike security parts.

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