How to Buy Professional-grade Car Speakers

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How to Buy Professional-grade Car Speakers

Professional-grade car speakers vary in numerous ways. One person may want car speakers with excellent bass, while another wants full-range speakers that produce quality audio in all frequencies without specifically focusing on a single range. Professional-grade speakers exist for all these purposes, and it is important to find the right kind of speakers and car sound systems for the shopper's personal tastes.


Full-Range Car Speakers

Most vehicles already have full-range speakers in them. Each individual speaker plays all frequency ranges, essentially making them all-in-one speakers. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a single speaker to produce excellent quality in all ranges. Nonetheless, users who prefer this type of audio setup can easily find replacement speakers and full car stereos, as well. Speaker locations vary, but most of these speakers are in doors, kick panels, dashes, or rear decks.


Component vs. Coaxial Full-Range Speakers

Full-range speakers consist of drivers as well as tweeters. The driver handles the lower notes while the tweeter produces the high frequency tones. Shoppers can find component or coaxial full-range speakers for their vehicles. Coaxial speakers are the easiest to install because they come in one piece with the driver and the tweeter together. They are also the most affordable solution. Car component speakers have drivers and tweeters that install separately, and they produce the best sound quality. As far as installation locations, coaxial speakers mount almost anywhere, but owners should not place component speakers where they could get wet, such as in doors.


Individual Speaker Components

Those who want systems with superior audio need individual car speakers dedicated to particular frequency ranges. For the high notes, tweeters produce frequencies between 2,000 Hz and 20,000 Hz. Mid-range speakers play frequencies between 80 Hz and 500 Hz, and subwoofers are for the low bass notes between 20 Hz and 200 Hz.


Speaker Configuration

The location of car speakers in a vehicle is a big factor to consider. Owners may want to remove old speakers first and measure them. Some manufacturers make speakers for particular car models, but most make generic sizes. Those who want custom speakers sometimes need more space for speakers. In those cases, subwoofers and other extra speakers usually end up installed under or behind seats.

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