How to Buy Receivers with Hard Disk on eBay

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How to Buy Receivers with Hard Disk on eBay

Setting up a home theatre system is a great way for individuals to enjoy quality media and entertainment anytime in the comfort of their own homes. The various components involved in domestic audio video setups come with more and more enhanced features that not only improve the viewing and listening experience, but also facilitate greater ease-of-use and flexibility within a system. When it comes to audio video receivers, a popular enhancement that adds value to home theatre systems is a hard disk or hard drive to record and store content for later use.

When shopping for AV receivers with a hard disk, consumers can benefit from learning the basics of how these units operate and the various features of the different components. Buyers can also benefit from understanding how to access the comprehensive catalogue of options available on the eBay online marketplace and how to complete the purchasing process on the site.

Buying a Receiver with a Hard Drive on eBay

Consumers interested in purchasing a receiver with a hard drive on eBay can approach the process in a variety of ways. One of the easiest ways to initiate the shopping experience on eBay is to utilise the site’s search interface. When visiting the site, buyers can find a search bar on any page of the site. This search bar allows them to enter a keyword term related to the item they want to buy. Running a search with a term such as 'hard drive receiver&', allows them to get an idea of the overall availability for these components. Before shopping, however, it can be helpful to learn a bit more about these components, including how they work and their common features, in order to help refine the product search.

What Is a Receiver?

An audio video receiver is a component that essentially functions as an amplifier that accepts an incoming signal and prepares it for output to an external device. What distinguishes AV receivers from an amplifier used within a home theatre system is the fact that it can handle both audio and video signals by sending the audio signal to an amplifier and speakers and the video signal to a display, such as an HD television. Receivers of this kind are sometimes referred to as home theatre receivers to distinguish them from basic audio receivers.

How Does the Hard Drive Work on an AV Receiver?

A receiver with an integrated hard drive allows users to record content that passes through the component. The hard disk functions much like the drive on a desktop or laptop computer by enabling the storage and retrieval of media files. The size of hard disk drives on a receiver can vary, but it tends to be in the hundreds of gigabytes since audio video media, such as TV programmes and films, demands a lot of space. AV receivers with hard disks also typically come with an interactive menu that acts as a user interface from which consumers can control recording settings, retrieve media, and more.

Features to Look for in Receivers with Hard Disks

In addition to the recording capabilities of a hard disk receiver, there are various visual and audio features available on these devices that can enhance the user’s experience. Understanding what these features are and the value they bring to a home theatre system can help consumers make a more informed purchasing decision when shopping on eBay.

Upconverters on Hard Disk Receivers

Not all components in a home theatre system are necessarily up to date with high-definition specifications. In order to address this, many receivers include an upconverter that can take a standard definition signal and enhance it for display or use through a high-definition component. A signal from a VHS player, for example, could be converted to basic 720p HD quality, which improves the picture quality somewhat and makes it more compatible with an HD display.

Digital Media Player Docks and Interfaces

For consumers who store their music catalogue on a digital media player,, a receiver with an appropriate interface for these devices can be helpful. Some receivers might have an actual dock for a media player, while others may provide a port that can connect to the player via a USB cable.  Often, when a receiver features a dock, the content on the external media player can be controlled via the same remote that controls the receiver and the home theatre system.

Wireless Connectors and Networkers

Music and media collections are also often stored on desktop computers or laptops. Many receivers available on eBay today come with a wireless interface and network capabilities, which give owners the ability to connect a receiver to a home network and access content directly from computers.

THX Certification

Receivers that have THX certification are capable of meeting the highest audio standards as defined by the movie industry. This means that a receiver with a THX rating can address movie content in a way that is very close to movie theatre quality sound, provided that it is hooked up to a suitable speaker system.

External Memory Ports

Some receivers give users the ability to connect external hard drives and other storage devices to the receiver itself so that media stored on these devices can be processed through the receiver and played on the system. For example, a receiver might have a port for a memory stick, which allows consumers to display images stored on the portable storage device through the receiver and onto an HD television.

Satellite and Freeview-Enabled Receivers

Some AV receivers are designed to work specifically with a certain broadcast method or service. Freeview receivers allow users to access all of the stations and content broadcasted by that network. Satellite receivers give users the option of streaming a satellite service through their home theatre system. Before purchasing a receiver, consumers should consider which broadcast service they are using or hope to use to help them make the right selection.

Selecting a Hard Drive Size on a Receiver

AV receivers can come with hard drives that range from a few hundred gigabytes to as much as 2 terabytes. When shopping for an HDD receiver, consumers should have an idea of the hard drive size they want. The following chart provides consumers with a general frame of reference for how much media can be stored on some of the most common hard drive sizes.

Hard Drive Capacity

Standard Definition Films



250 GB




500 GB




1 TB




2 TB




It is important to note that file sizes can vary from one movie to another or from one song to another, and the amount of space needed for media content depends on the quality of the file, as well. A high-definition movie, for example, takes double the space of a standard definition film. The above chart is provided just to give consumers a general idea of the capacities of HDD receivers. Consumers should confirm a component’s capacity with a seller on eBay and ask if the vendor has any technical information as to a particular unit’s ability to store various media.

The Purchasing Process on eBay

Once you have familiarised yourself with the various features associated with AV receivers and decided which features are the best fit for you, you can run a search and begin looking at relevant listings in detail on eBay.. When you scan through the listing results of your search, click on the titles of listings that seem particularly in line with your needs. This allows you to view detailed information related to the item, its shipping requirements, and more. Take some time to review this data closely to ensure that an item is the best fit for your home theatre system.

Evaluating Sellers on eBay

It is also important to take some time to evaluate the sellers associated with relevant listings. You can do this by clicking on the seller’s name on the listing’s page. This takes you to the seller’s main page where you can look through past auctions and review the feedback other customers have submitted in the past. Once you complete a purchase, consider leaving your own feedback to facilitate another consumer’s purchasing process down the road.


AV receivers are an essential component in a home theatre system, and this is now even more relevant because of the inclusion of recording devices and hard disk drives. Receivers with hard disks allow consumers to record programmes and watch them at their leisure, and this makes it much easier for individuals to enjoy quality programming whenever they prefer to watch it.

Thanks to the expansive catalogue of items available on the extensive eBay site, consumers can easily find and purchase a receiver with a hard disk and a wide range of accessory features. Add-ons such as upconverters, digital media player docks, and THX functionality can all be found on various receivers for sale on the site, and this greatly simplifies the purchasing process for buyers. Consumers can easily leverage the power and reach of eBay to find and purchase the ideal HDD receiver to add to their home entertainment systems.

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