How to Buy Rechargeable Bicycle Lights

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How to Buy Rechargeable Bicycle Lights

Riding a bike at night takes an entire different set of skills and equipment than riding one during the day. Simple reflector lights just will not do when the sun goes down and you cycle anywhere. Instead, enhance your safety with rechargeable bike lights in a variety of forms. They provide better vision for your night ride and allow others to see you as well. For your safety, learn about the types of rechargeable bike lights as well as how they work.


How Rechargeable Bike Lights Work

Rechargeable bike lights mount to various parts of the bike, and sometimes even to you. They use a small, but powerful bulb that helps guide you through rough and dark terrain. Since a plug is definitely not conducive to bike riding, they work with a rechargeable battery you charge before setting out on your trip. The battery can last for several hours and should get you through your ride while lighting up your ride space much as car headlights do.


Helmet-Mounted Bike Lights

Mount a light to your bike helmet and it is almost like mounting a light to yourself, as the helmet lies atop your head. Place it on the front of the helmet and you always have light right within your line of sight. These lights take smaller and lighter batteries than other lights, as they need to feel comfortable on your head. Wear your lit helmet even when making bike repairs, as it lights up exactly what you are looking at and working on.


Handlebar-Mounted Lights

With handlebar-mounted lights, you get the benefit of two beams rather than one, as one light mounts to each bar. Adjust these lights to provide one focused beam or a floodlight effect that illuminates a wide area. Their lower position offers an angle that improves depth perception and the larger batteries help these lights last longer.


Combination Lights

Use a bar and helmet-mounted combination pack for maximum light and added safety. Having two lights provides you with a backup system if one goes out. It also offers both focused and peripheral vision, as the handlebar lights act as floodlights and the helmet lights improve your line of sight. Use them both at the same time or one at a time, depending on your trail and where you plan to ride.


Battery and Bulb Types

Rechargeable bike lights use a variety of battery types, and what you use depends on the lights' specifications. Choices include Ni-cads, Li-ion, lead acid, and NiMH. Carry the batteries in specialised packs that come with the rechargeable lights. Place spares in a backpack or even your pocket. You can also find different bulb types, including incandescent, halogen, and high intensity discharge.

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