How to Buy Replacement Parts for Your Lawnmower

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How to Buy Replacement Parts for Your Lawnmower

Since its beginnings, the lawnmower has been a fixture in homes across suburbia. What many homeowners fail to realise is that the lawnmower needs regular maintenance and its parts replaced just like any other piece of equipment that is used around the home. Lawnmowers simply wear out with use. Dull blades rip at grass rather cutting the blades of grass cleanly. This makes a lawn more susceptible to disease. From time to time, the lawnmower belt will need to be replaced. Should the belt fail while the lawnmower is in use, it could shoot out and injure the operator. Other parts may need to be replaced, including the air filter and the lawnmower’s spark plugs.

Not all parts will fit all makes and models of lawnmowers. If a buyer needs new blades for their mower, they will need to determine the size of the blades, the thickness of the blades, as well as the ‘lift’ of the blades. While one can find replacement parts for lawnmowers at most local gardening centres, shoppers will find the widest selection of new and used lawnmower parts on eBay.

The Importance of Replacing Lawnmower Parts

A lawnmower can have many working parts. There are a few lawnmower parts that need to be replaced more often than others in order to keep a lawnmower in tip-top condition. Usually after 100 hours of operation, you will need to replace the spark plug on your lawnmower. For optimal performance, the lawnmowers airfilter need to be kept clean and in some instances replaced. A lawnmower runs sluggishly if the air filter is dirty or damaged. The general rule is to thoroughly clean or replace the air filter after every 25 hours of operation, or once during each cutting season.

You should perform periodic inspections on your lawnmower, noting the condition of all parts, paying special attention to the components that need to be replaced regularly. If you notice that the lawnmower belt is frayed, or the spark plug looks dirty, do not wait until the mower starts to act up to replace the part, do it immediately. Inspect the blade carefully, because it may just be that the lawnmower blade needs sharpening and not replacement, but if you find that it has reached the point where sharpening will no longer suffice, then you will need to buy a replacement blade.

Lawnmower Belts and Rollers

Lawnmower belts are another crucial item to replace as they will keep your lawnmower running smoothly. If the belt is worn or damaged, you may notice that the machine will not run properly. You should also check the gear case and the area around the drive regularly to ensure it is free of grass clippings.

Another part that usually needs replacing fairly often is the roller, which can wear down. And along with that, the belt which turns the roller. These three parts work together as the belt turns the roller which in turn assists the blade, so if any of these three parts is failing to work properly, a lawnmower either won’t operate optimally or completely fails to operate at all.

Lawnmower Blades

Repeated cutting of a lawn eventually dulls the blade, making it difficult for the mower to cut blades of grass cleanly. When you have determined that you need to replace your lawnmower blade, you will need to measure the blade or check the manual to find the overall blade dimensions. The length, width, and thickness of the blades, the number of holes, how they are shaped, where they are located as well as their size are all pieces of information that one needs in order to determine the correct blade for your lawnmower.

A blade’s holes must be measured from one hole to the other. Their location on the blade also needs to be noted. Many types of lawnmower blades are listed by these measurements, so if a model number is unavailable, you can still buy a replacement blade that fits your lawnmower based on these measurements. Because a blade is the most crucial part of a lawnmower, replacing it with the correct type of blade and shape of blade is imperative.

Measure Length, Width, and Thickness

Measure a lawnmower blade like a television screen: from corner to corner. Blades are available in sizes that range from 15.24 cm to 81.28 cm, depending upon the size of the lawnmower, and in widths from 3.81 cm to 10.80 cm. The thickness of blades is generally between 0.25 cm to 1.91 cm. Each of these measurements is important to know in order to find the right mower blade.

Measuring the Holes

The blade holes will come in a variety of shapes, from circles and rectangles, to stars. For square or round holes, measure the diameter of the holes.

Keep the centre and outer hole measurements separately labelled as they are listed separately in the blades description. The final measurement is the ‘centre to centre’ measurement, or the distance between the centres of each of the outer holes on the blade.

Major Types of Lawnmower Blades

Even though each lawnmower has a blade with a specific hole configuration and dimensions, there are three different options for blade ‘lift’, with one blade, the gator blade, incorporating features of all three.

Blade Lift


Low Lift Blades

The low lift blade is usually used for mowers with side discharge.

High Lift Blades

This blade provides a higher air lift under the lawnmower than low lift blades, reducing the occurrence of clogging in the cutting area.

Mulching Blades

This low lift, dipped blade allows grass to be mulched under the mower before being ejected.

Gator Blades

The gator blade incorporates features of each type of blade and combines low lift, high lift and mulching features into one blade, making finding the right replacement lawnmower blade easy.

Any lawnmower is going to need at least one blade replacement over the life of the machine, so knowing how to properly measure and fit a lawnmower blade is essential.

Air Filters

Before replacing an air filter, it is necessary to determine what type of filter your lawnmower uses. It may be paper or foam. Paper air filters always need to be replaced, but a foam air filter can sometimes be cleaned and reused. First, remove the top of the casing to get to the carburettor, which the air filter sits on. Remove any screws or the wing nut which holds it in place and then open the case and remove the old filter. The serial number for the filter can be found in the operator’s handbook.

Spark Plugs

To find the right kind of spark plug for your lawnmower, first remove the spark plug from the mower by disconnecting the spark plug wire. Then, using a spark plug socket wrench remove the old plug. The serial number of the plug can be found on the spark plug itself. If it is dirty, simply wipe off the used spark plug and write down the numbers. You can find spark plugs at local hardware shops or online. eBay has a large number of spark plugs for many types of lawnmowers. You should be able to find the correct lawnmower spark plug quickly and easily.

How to Find Replacement Parts for Your Lawnmower on eBay

To start searching for replacement lawnmower parts on eBay, simply enter specific keywords into the search engine at the top of any page on eBay. For example, you can enter 'lawnmower replacement blades' and an extensive list of mower blades will be generated from which you can choose the right blade. Or, if you need to narrow your search a bit, simply add or subtract keywords to generate a list of only the specific model or type of lawnmower part you are after.

Once you have found what you need, be sure to read the listing carefully to determine if the part is the right part for your lawnmower. Does the item description have the complete dimensions of the part listed? Does it mention the number of holes on the lawnmower blade? If not, you will need to go to the seller’s member profile and click on their contact link to ask about these specifics. While there, you might want to review the feedback ratings provided by other buyers.


Replacement lawnmower parts can be obtained from numerous locations online as well at at traditional lawnmower repair shops, garden centres, or hardware stores. eBay has an extensive selection of lawnmower parts. You can buy replacement lawnmower blades, spark plugs, belts, or filters, whether oil or air filters, simply by searching eBay for the item you need.

Make time for seasonal tune-ups that include regular maintenance and cleaning. At the beginning of the cutting season, check for any worn or defective parts that may need replacement. You should take careful note of those components that require regular replacement, like the blades, air filter, and spark plugs. A lawnmower can be an expensive piece of gardening equipment. Before you decide that it is no longer usable and you should get a new one, consider looking under the bonnet, so to speak, and check if any parts could do with being replaced. Doing so is quick and easy, and replacing worn parts is much less costly than buying a new lawnmower.

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