How to Buy Roof Racks on eBay

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How to Buy Roof Racks on eBay

Consumers searching for roof racks on eBay can find different types of roof racks including: fixpoint, rain gutter, roof rail, T-tracks, and universal. The most important thing when purchasing a roof rack is to make sure that a roof rack is compatible with a vehicle. Compatibility is essential since the rack needs to securely attach and not leave any scratches or marks on the vehicle. Properly-installed roof racks enable cars to carry kayaks, bikes, and roof boxes. There are typically three parts to a roof rack system: the bar that runs along the width of the vehicle, the feet on which the bar sits, and a fitting kit.

Most roof racks are capable of fitting onto the majority of vehicles, they just require specific parts to fit. An essential part of any roof rack system are the crossbars. The crossbars allow consumers to mount accessories to hold all of their items. There are various types of crossbars for consumers to choose from that differ in shape, aerodynamic design, and construction materials; most crossbars fit with any roof rack. Consumers may purchase the crossbars in a roof rack system or separately. Consumers just need to carefully read the description of roof rack systems to ensure the racks fit their particular vehicle, understand the different types of roof racks available, and know about the different types of crossbars that may be required.

Choosing a Roof Rack

When determining which roof rack system is best for a vehicle, the first step is determining the roof rack's intended use. The roof rack's carrying capacity depends on the capacity of the rack and of the type of carriers. When browsing eBay listings, check out the particular carrying capacity of each roof rack. It is also important to check the vehicle's owner's manual for the roof's weight bearing capacity. The next step is to assess the vehicle and determine which roof rack fits. Most roof rack kits come with kits for installation and require drilling. Those who are uncomfortable with installing a rack themselves should purchase a roof rack and have it installed professionally.

Types of Roof Racks

There are five main types of roof racks for sale on eBay. The main thing to consider when buying a roof rack is making sure it fits the intended vehicle. Some sellers list the vehicles and models that are compatible with the roof racks. There are also many automated guides on the Internet that allow consumers to enter a vehicle's year, make, and model. Consumers also need to check each listing to ensure that the roof rack is capable of the consumer's ideal use.


Many vehicles are fitted with pre-installed attachments for roof racks, called fixpoint. Fixpoints normally consist of a concealed, threaded hole or metal profile on the roof of a vehicle. Roof racks install on fixpoints without the need to drill or clamp onto a vehicle. All fixpoint roof racks are not compatible, but typically only fit a single or select group of vehicles. Consumers need to verify each listing to make sure their vehicle's year, make, and model is suitable for each roof rack system.

Rain Gutter

Rain gutter roof racks fit vehicles with external rain gutter channels. They clamp onto a vehicle and are adjustable to fit a wide range of gutter sizes. Many rain gutter roof racks are also designed to adjust to non-parallel rain gutters. Consumers should ensure that the clamps adjust wide enough to fit their vehicle. The racks feature protective surfaces to prevent shifting that may damage the paint of a vehicle.

Roof Rail

Some vehicles have factory roof rails that run on both sides of the roof. These rails vary in size from normal to extreme. These roof rail roof rack systems clamp around a vehicle's existing roof rails to secure. The clamps are typically adjustable to the vehicle's width. Consumers need to check each listing to ensure that the roof rails on their vehicle are compatible with the roof racks. If the title of the listing does not specify the compatibility, it is often in the body of the description. Those consumers who are still unsure should measure the dimensions listed with their vehicle to ensure a good fit.


T-tracks are channels that run the length of the roof of a vehicle. T-tracks roof racks are the most secure and exclusive roof rack for vehicles with plain roof surfaces. These roof racks are capable of a unique click-on and click-off function. Consumers should check out listing photographs and look at the listing's compatibility.


Universal roof racks create a rack without gutters or T-tracks for a vehicle with a plain roof surface. Those with plain roof surfaces can purchase a roof rack from this category. Within this category, there are some soft, inflatable roof rack options that fit all vehicles by strapping through the doors. Versatile, soft roof racks are ideal for carrying many items and require less external installation. Inflatable roof racks are a good low cost alternative. Consumers still need to check every universal roof rack listing to make sure that it is compatible with their vehicle. Sellers typically list which vehicles are compatible with the racks. Make sure that the vehicle's year, make, and model is suitable for the roof rack before making a purchase.

Types of Crossbars

Choose the type of crossbars by the intended use of the roof rack. In addition, there are some crossbars that are suited for particular roof racks and for pre-installed factory racks. Some roof rack systems come in a package with crossbars, while others require the purchase of crossbars separately. eBay offers consumers the option of purchasing a roof rack and crossbars as a set, or separately as parts. Consumers choose to carry many differents items on the roof, such as luggage, bikes, kayaks, skis, or surfboards. The longer the length of the crossbars, the greater the carry capacity of the roof rack. Crossbar types vary in their shape, aerodynamic designs, and construction materials. Generally, most roof rack accessories and carriers clamp or fit onto all types of crossbars. Consumers worried about exceptions for mounted accessories should carefully read the product descriptions for both the crossbars and the accessories. Most consumers are concerned with purchasing crossbars with superior aerodynamic design to reduce the drag created by the additional surface area and reduce any extra wind noise.


There are all different types of roof racks available, depending on the roof of your vehicle including: fixpoint, rain gutter, roof rail, T-tracks, and universal. Consumers should search eBay under the category that best describes their vehicle's roof. It is most important to make sure that the roof rack is compatible with your vehicle. Compatibility ensures that a roof rack securely attaches to a car and does not come loose and scratch the vehicle. Additionally, many product listing pages allow consumers to browse the compatible vehicle models. There are three parts to a roof rack system, the bars that run from the front to the back, the feet on which the bars sit, and a fitting kit. Some roof rack systems even include crossbars with hold items and roof rack accessories. There are various types of crossbars for purchase on eBay depending on the desired function of the roof rack. Consumers should decide which shape, aerodynamic design, and construction materials meet their needs. When searching for roof rack systems on eBay, consumers need to carefully read all of the descriptions to make sure they are buying a roof rack that is compatible with their vehicle and is capable of carrying any desired items, such as kayaks, bikes, skis, luggage, or surfboards.

eBay offers consumers thousands of options when it comes to purchasing a roof rack. No matter which type of rack or style is desired, eBay offers roof racks for any budget.

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