How to Buy Sea Fishing Boom Rigs

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How to Buy Sea Fishing Boom Rigs

Fishing is more than just a hobby; for many people it is a way of life. Recreational anglers enjoy the sense of camaraderie and competition that comes with an afternoon on the water. In order to catch fish successfully, anglers need the right fishing gear. Choosing a sea fishing boom rig is an important step when preparing to land a big catch.


Plastic Sea Fishing Boom Rigs

Plastic boom rigs offer convenience and work well for deep or shallow fishing. There are numerous options for configuring the rigs, so anglers can choose the best set-up for their fishing style and the setting. To use the boom, there should to be a sinker in the middle, a metre away from the bait and hook. For boat fishing on the drift, anglers should use the sinker to adjust the boom and control how far the bait sits from the bottom of the river or lake. For deep-sea fishing, anglers should use a heavier sinker or a larger boom with more than one sinker. Boom rigs can support larger bait, so they are ideal for catching big fish in deeper water, but work equally well for smaller fish.


Wire Sea Fishing Boom Rigs

Wire boom rigs have a few advantages when compared to plastic versions. They are heavier, which keeps them closer to the bottom of the river or lake where they can attract more fish. This position also makes them useful for catching flatfish in rougher conditions because they resist movement when hit by waves. As it is a stiff material, the wire tangles less than plastic, which makes the boom easier to use. This stability makes it easier for fish to find the bait. A wire three-boom rig gives anglers the ability to hook multiple fish at the same time.


Setting Up Sea Fishing Boom Rigs

Plastic sea fishing boom rigs work well when they have a three-boom bristle design. Anglers can rig the booms using swivels at each end to attach a sinker and three hooks. Using these booms with the hooks at a 90-degree angle to the main line allows anglers to fish on both sides of a boat. Another option is to use a two-boom rig with two hooks and crimps with the sinker at the bottom. Wire booms that consist of two or more wires twisted together create hollows for the tide to pass through, which sends more vibrations to attract fish to the bait.

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