How to Buy Solar Bicycle Lights

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How to Buy Solar Bicycle Lights

Bicycle lights are essential accessories for your bike, especially when you ride around in the dark. In the past, bicycle lights ran on rechargeable batteries or a dynamo hub that used the kinetic energy from the wheel to power the lights. However, modern technologies now also allow you to opt for bicycle lights that work with solar power.


Insight Into Solar Bicycle Lights

Solar bicycle lights include solar panels that charge continually when the sun shines on the panels. The lights store the solar energy inside a battery that can hold about 75 hours' worth of light, depending on the model. This amount of solar energy is sufficient for roughly two years of night riding without any exposure to the sun and charging the solar panels fully takes about five days of exposure.


Types of Solar Bicycle Lights

There are two main types of bicycle lights. Lights with high output provide maximum illumination and allow you to see the road or trail in the dark and in all conditions. They are much brighter than the other type, which are safety lights for the front, rear, and sides. The safety lights allow other motorists to see you in dim conditions. Some can also improve your visibility during daytime. However, they are not bright enough to light your way in the dark properly. Moreover, the lights are also different in different positions. You require a white headlight and red tail light and side lights.


Features of Solar Bicycle Lights

Solar lights, like all other bicycle lights, may differ from one another based on several essential features, mainly relating to performance. The choice of beam pattern depends on where you typically ride your bike. A narrow-focus beam works for streets with streetlights, while you probably need a wide-focus beam on darker roads or trails when you need peripheral vision. The light output is yet another important feature and you require more light when you ride in the dark. Some bicycle lights flash and increase your visibility to other motorists when you ride in the dark.


Solar Bicycle Lights Mounting Options

There are several places on your bike where you can mount the bicycle lights. Typically, people put the headlights onto the handlebar, while you could also mount them onto your helmet, especially when you are riding on a trail at night. This allows you to direct the light when you turn your head. Rear safety lights go to the back of rear bike racks, seat post, pocket or your pack. Side safety lights go onto the spokes or bicycle frame. Lights on spokes are clearly visible because they easily show wheel motion as you ride.

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