How to Buy Sports Tickets for Your Whole Family

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How to Buy Sports Tickets for Your Whole Family

Sports can bring a family together. Gathering around the television to watch a favourite team compete is enjoyable in its own right, but it pales in comparison to the excitement of seeing the event live. When you go to the venue, the crowd's roaring and singing is louder and seems more powerful. The joy in victory and despair in loss amplifies when there are thousands of other fans with whom one can celebrate or commiserate. Children are often especially thrilled to attend sporting events, and the experience can leave deep impressions on them.

Enjoying a sporting event with your family requires buying the right sports tickets to events. To do this, you have to be adequately prepared for the buying process. This includes choosing the sporting event and familiarising yourself with the venue's seating chart. It helps to be aware of all of the ticketing options for the sporting event you want to bring your family to. Many sellers offer sports tickets on eBay, and you can get tickets to the sporting events you and your family want to see by learning a bit about how to use the website.

Preparing to Buy Sports Tickets for Your Whole Family

Buying sports tickets for a family requires preparation. By carefully choosing the right sporting event and becoming familiar with the seating plan for the venue, you can ensure that your family has a great time at the event.

Choosing the Sporting Event

The first step to buying sports tickets for your whole family is to choose the sporting event everyone wants to see. The United Kingdom is a sports-mad country, so families have a wide range of options. Football, cricket, and rugby are popular league sports that provide numerous opportunities each year to attend a match. There are also plenty of special sporting events that take place only annually. Wimbledon, the British Open golf tournament, and the British Formula 1 Grand Prix are among the more prominent of such events. These and many other special sporting events follow a fixed schedule, so you know when they happen each year. Other special sporting events, such as boxing matches, may be planned only a few months before they happen. Even league sports, such as football, cricket, and rugby, have one-off international friendly matches throughout the year.

It is important to consider which sporting events appeal to all members of the family and which ones are appropriate for young children. The atmosphere that the crowd lends to some types of sporting events may not be what you consider family-friendly, and you may not feel that fighting-related sports are appropriate for your children. Attending a sporting event can leave a deep impression on children, so you want to make sure that the event is a good influence.

Reviewing the Seating Plan

Reviewing the seating plan is an important aspect of preparing to buy sports tickets for your family. Every venue is different, and what might be considered a good seat for one type of sport might offer a poor perspective for another sport. One should therefore have a look at the venue's seating plan to see which seats offer a good perspective. This helps one find good-value seating for the family.

While a certain perspective may generally be considered better than another one, it might not be the right place to sit in a venue. For example, many football fans prefer to sit near centre field to see the action equally well on both sides of the field. However, the children may be massive fans of one of the clubs and prefer to sit closer to the goal behind which that club's organised group of supporters sit. Every fan has different ways of enjoying a sporting event, so it is important to consider which seats should help family members enjoy the event.

Ticketing Options

Being familiar with the different ticketing options for sporting events helps one successfully purchase the tickets needed. Your favourite clubs may offer single-match or season tickets, prices for tickets can vary, and it is often possible to purchase tickets-and-travel packages to attend sporting events away from home. Learn a bit about these options to ensure that you can buy the sports tickets your family wants.

Single Matches or Season Tickets

Clubs that compete in league sports such as football, rugby, and cricket often sell season tickets in addition to tickets for single matches. Buying season tickets for the family gives you the option of attending every match together. It is also an economical way of attending numerous matches since season tickets generally cost less on a per-match basis than single-match tickets. Many clubs that sell season tickets allow season ticket holders to resell tickets for matches that they are unable to attend, but it is best to check with the club about their policy regarding resale of match tickets.

It may not be practical to bring the whole family to numerous matches, so the option of single-match tickets enables families to attend just the matches they want to see. You can buy single-match tickets for both the home and away matches of your favourite club.


There is a very large market for sports tickets, and there are numerous sources for buying tickets other than the box office. The wide variety of sellers on the market means that prices for tickets can vary a great deal. Sometimes, tickets from ticket brokers are more expensive than the same tickets' cost at the box office, and at other times, they are less expensive. It depends on how many tickets are available for a sporting event and how strong demand is to attend the event.

It is worthwhile to search for family discounts for tickets. It is unlikely that clubs and organisers offer family discounts for events with strong demand, but there are events where such discounts apply. Some Premiership football clubs offer reduced prices in particular areas of the venue for fans under the age of 16.

It may also be possible to purchase additional services and items with tickets. You may be able to find tickets that include the price of parking at the venue or tickets that come with t-shirts. These supplements can add significant value to sports tickets for a family.

Tickets and Travel

Attending a sporting event is a great reason to take a family holiday. If the members of your family are fans of a particular club or wish to see a certain special sporting event, then you can purchase a package of tickets and travel arrangements in order to attend. The table below lists what a travel package generally includes.




May be a bus, train, or flight; type of transportation depends on organiser and location of event


Tickets to the event; generally part of a group package, so entire travel group may sit together


In a hotel near the venue; may be some flexibility as to how many people are in a room

Venue Tour

Guided tour of venue describing history of venue and its significance to the sport

Purchasing a travel package to attend a sporting event is a fun experience for the whole family. It can also be a great way to meet other fans who share a similar passion for the club or event.

How to Buy Sports Tickets for Your Whole Family through eBay

You can buy sports tickets for your whole family from the box office of the venues where the events are taking place, from clubs, and from local and online ticket brokers. You can also use eBay to purchase sports tickets for your family. It is easy to search the site for the tickets you want and to evaluate ticket sellers.

Searching for Sports Tickets on eBay

You can search for sports tickets from any eBay page with the search bar. Enter a search term for the sporting event you and your family want to attend, such as "cricket", and select the category related to event tickets and sports tickets. eBay then lists the different events related to your search term for which tickets are available.

Evaluating Sellers on eBay

You can evaluate sellers on eBay by reviewing the feedback they have from other customers. You can then use this information to determine if a seller is reputable and can be trusted to deliver the tickets as listed on the website.


Attending a sporting event as a family is a special adventure. Kids are usually excited to be amongst the crowd, enjoying tasty snacks at the venue, and parents are satisfied any time they can provide a memorable experience for their children. Going to see a favourite team or sporting event with the whole family may be a joy, but it requires planning in order to fully appreciate the scene. One key to enjoyment is knowing how to buy sports tickets if you are to see a sporting event with your family.

You have to consider which sporting events are appropriate for your family. It helps to familiarise yourself with the seating plan at the venue. Being familiar with the different options for buying sports tickets, including season or single-game tickets and ticket and travel packages, is also advantageous. There are many sellers offering tickets on eBay, so knowing how to use the tools on the website improves your chances of finding the right deals to the events your family wants to see. By knowing how to buy sports tickets, you can deliver a memorable experience for the whole family.

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