How to Buy Supplies for Decorating a Christening Cake

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How to Buy Supplies for Decorating a Christening Cake

Decorating a christening cake can be a simple task, or one that requires more preparation and patience based on the desired design. Some christening cakes can take on specific shapes that signify their purpose, while others can have regular shapes with more emphasis on the applied decorations. For instance, a cake can be made to resemble a closed or open bible, with simple decorations to highlight the theme. Similarly, the cross pan, or T-shirt pan can be used to simulate a cross or a christening gown based on the decorations that are added afterwards. On the other hand, the decorator may make a standard round or rectangular cake and then pipe the additional designs to make the christening theme come alive.

Based on the design that is chosen, buyers have to choose the correct supplies to ensure that the outcome matches the initial concept. For instance, the correct pan, decorating tips, colours, and other decorating supplies have to be accurate to decorate a beautiful christening cake. However, there are also certain basic supplies that all decorators should have before attempting any specific designs.

Basic Christening Cake Decorating Supplies

While not all cakes are decorated equal, there are still certain basic tools that all decorators should have before they attempt to decorate a cake. Some christening cake designs may require more or less, but as a basic rule of thumb, the decorating tools below should always be available.

Decorating Bags

Decorating bags or piping bags are essential to decorating any type of cake. They are cone shaped bags that are generally made from plastic or a polyester coated fabric that can be reused. The main purpose of a decorating bag is to hold the icing that is then squeezed through various tips at the end to form numerous decorative designs. Disposable plastic bags are generally used when many colours are needed within a design. But if large amounts of the same colour are needed, a reusable bag serves best.

Decorating Tips and Couplers

Decorating tips or nozzles refer to the conical shaped, open ended metal tips that are attached to the decorating bags. Icing is then forced from the bags through the nozzles, which forms various shapes and designs on the cake. The most basic nozzle has a single round opening that can still be used to create special designs and effects; however, some nozzles have more complex designs that are used to create baskets, shells, stars, petals, and many other designs that are often seen on decorated cakes.

The coupler is the main connection between the tips and the decorating bags, as it enables the decorator to easily change tips without having to change the decorating bags. Therefore, the decorator can pipe various designs from the same icing in one icing bag. Couplers can be used with plastic decorating bags.

Tools for Icing Preparation

The icing needs to be prepared to the right colour and consistency before it is ready to use. The supplies below are basic items that decorators need to prepare icing for decoration.

Food Colouring

Food colouring is almost always necessary when decorating a cake. Although decorators can often buy coloured icing, sometimes it is more economical to buy plain icing and colour it in small amounts as needed. This is especially cost effective when numerous colours are needed.

Food colouring can be found in various consistencies including paste, liquid, liquid paste, and powder. Only small amounts of food colouring are needed at any given point because they are concentrated. It is always good practice to mix the colours several hours before they are to be used because they tend to darken as time passes, and decorators should always add food colouring in small bouts until the desired colour is achieved. When buying food colouring, buyers should always aim to buy the basic colours of red, yellow, blue, black, and green. If additional funds are available, brown, purple, and orange are also good purchases.

Food Colour Chart

When funds are low, decorators can mix and match to develop unique colours from the food colourings that they have already purchased. The chart below shows the ratio of colours that should be mixed to achieve certain basic and complex colours.

Achieved Colour

Mixed Colour 1

Mixed Colour 2

Mixed Colour 3


1 Part Red

2 Parts Yellow



3 Parts Red

1 Part Blue


Dark Green

1 Part Red

1 Part Yellow

4 Parts Blue

Lime Green

3 Parts Yellow

1 Part Green



4 Parts Blue

2 Parts Green



6 Parts Red

6 Parts Yellow

4 Parts Blue


1 Part Red

1 Part Yellow

1 Part Brown


3 Parts Pink

2 Parts Yellow



1 Part Red

10 Parts Yellow

3 Parts Orange

Silver or Grey

1 Part Blue

1 Part Black


Decorators should remember that any shade can be lightened with the addition of a little white icing. They can also create pastel colours by using 2 parts white icing with any food colouring.

Hands Free Stand Mixer

Decorators find that most decorator icings are very heavy and do not work well with hand mixers. Therefore, it is best to have a heavy duty stand mixer to use with icing. This is needed for controlling the consistency of the icing based on the type of decorating that it is to be used for.

Tools for Icing Decorating

After the icing is prepared, it needs to be applied using the proper tools to ensure that it yields the desired results. While the decorating bag and tips plays a valid part, the entire cake would first need to be prepared for decorating and that requires icing the whole cake first. In order to do this professionally, certain tools are required.


A turntable is exactly what its name suggests, a small round table that is able to spin 360 degrees in either direction. It is a useful apparatus for applying a smooth coating of icing on a cake. It also makes border work timelier by enabling the decorator to move the turntable rather than the entire cake, or walking around the table to access all sides.


A wide blade spatula is always necessary for icing a cake properly. The ideal blade should be at least 30 cm long for smooth spreading. However, acquiring smaller spatulas in addition to the wide blade is also a good idea, as they may become necessary for other decorating needs.

A Christening Cake Design and the Supplies Needed

Below are the details for making designing a classic christening cake that takes the form of a bible. It resembles a thick white covered, closed bible with yellow-orange pages. It also features a golden cross centred on top. This type of christening cake is good for an intimate gathering and works great for a boy or a girl.

Decorating Needs

To decorate such a cake, there are various tools that are necessary. They include a 15 cm square cake tin; golden yellow paste colour; a decorating comb, which resembles a ruler with scalloped edges; gold cake board or one covered in gold foil; a cross of choice, and a number 10 tip or nozzle.

Decorating the Cake

The cake should be placed on the golden cake board that has been cut down to fit and then completely iced. The top and left side, representing the cover and binding of the bible, should be iced in white. The lower, upper, and right side should be iced in golden yellow. These sections represent the pages of the closed bible. At first the golden yellow icing may not resemble book pages, but this is then rectified with the decorating comb. Drag the comb across the golden yellow icing, going right around to define the pages.

At this point, the book cover and its pages are at the same level, but most books, especially bibles generally have the cover extend out over the pages of the book. This is achieved by using the number 10 nozzle tip to pipe binding and build up the edges. This is then smoothed and flattened with a finger dipped in cornflour. The cross of choice can then be added to the top of the cake in the centre and fastened with a bit more icing.

How to Buy Decorating Supplies for a Christening Cake on eBay

It is best to buy the basic decorating supplies first by simply searching "cake decorating supplies" on the eBay home page. The results should show various types of decorating necessities, which you can filter down by type, subtype, theme, and material. Based on those selections, you may find other filter options, such as colour or size. You can use these options to find the basic decorating supplies, but if you already have the basics and are now searching for specific items for your christening cake, it is best to perform a more specific search.

For instance, if you are aiming to make the bible cake described above, you may need to search for a specific colour icing or other specific tools. Instead of performing a general search and add filters in hope of finding the items, you can simply search for them. For example, you could search "golden yellow paste colour" or any other food colour that you may want your bible pages to have. This search provides results that have automatically filtered out all other colours and colouring types before returning the listing. Now that you know how to perform your search and filters, find the supplies that you need, add them to your cart, and then checkout to make your payment.


Decorating a christening cake is very similar to decorating a birthday cake, or any other special occasion cakes. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the decorating supplies needed are similar. In essence, all the basic decorating supplies have to be accounted for before special needs are met. Buyers therefore have to know which tools and equipment are considered basic and the purpose they serve in the art of decorating.

Once the basics are covered, decorators can then move on to buying specific items for the particular design that they wish to attempt. When a decorator plans to decorate a christening cake, they should first visualize the design that they plan to pursue and then consider the type of icing, food colouring, decorative tips or nozzles, cake toppers, and additional decorative tools that may be necessary to perform the decoration.

If the design is being taken from a book or an online recipe, it may provide specific supplies details, which should further help in the selection process, but once all the basics are already covered, decorators find that they do not need to buy much else to complete a design. Novice and advanced decorators can easily find their decorating supplies on eBay through their wide selection, powerful search engine, and associated filters.

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