How to Buy Supplies for Decorating an Anniversary Cake

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How to Buy Supplies for Decorating an Anniversary Cake

Like it or not, celebrations are simply not complete without some kind of cake. Anniversaries, in particular, are special events in a person's life that is commemorated with a celebration. When most people refer to someone's anniversary, however, they are often referring to a wedding anniversary. While some people prefer buying these ready made confections from a confectioner's shop or bakery, others prefer decorating the cake themselves instead. Not only does this allow for maximum creativity, it also makes the anniversary cake more affordable.

Often, people who know how to bake cakes find themselves intimidated at the sight of cakes with fancy decorations. Little do they know that these are cake toppers and other decorative anniversary cake supplies that can be purchased at affordable prices online or from speciality shops. Those who are serious about making a custom anniversary cake for a special occasion should know the different types of cake decoration supplies and how to buy them. Whether creating an anniversary cake for a client or a loved one, having the right tools, toppers, and supplies ensure that the baker can exercise creative freedom.

Purchasing Supplies for an Anniversary Cake

In this day and age where couples divorce at the drop of a hat, those who have been married for a minimum of 10 years deserve to celebrate this important milestone. Just like wedding cakes, each couple has their own individual style and preference. Some anniversary cakes are patterned after the couple's wedding cake, while others have decorations that highlight their journey as a married couple. Not only does the baker have to decide on the theme, he or she must also choose the flavour, shape, and the number of tiers.

Anniversary Cake Decoration Supplies

While some people think of the theme before buying the supplies, there are also those who derive inspiration from the supplies themselves. These anniversary cake decor supplies may be purchased from traditional speciality stores or purchased online. Because many e-commerce shops do not have brick-and-mortar storefronts, these online sellers can afford to pass the savings onto the customer. Below is a table that describes the different types of cake decoration supplies that are normally used in anniversary cakes.

Supply Type



Paste made from sugar, gelatin, and water; can be purchased ready-made or made from scratch

Edible decorating paper

Made of rice, sugar, or wafer sheets; designs may be printed using an edible inkjet printer; easily airbrushed; can break easily; easy way to add something distinctive to the cake; use it to print butterflies, musical notes, hearts, flowers, and more

Plunger cutter

Plunged into the fondant icing to cut out a shape based on the metal mould; has wide variety of designs such as leaves, flowers, blossoms, doves, hearts, geometrical shapes, cartoon characters, and more

Cake leveller

Smoothes the cake to make an even, level surface for the design; uses a wire to cut through the cake top

Piping bag

Also known as a pastry bag; shaped in a cone; can be made using nylon, canvas, or plastic; also has disposable versions; fitted with tips that swirl designs like flowers, leaves, and stars; icing is normally royal icing or buttercream

Cake topper

Decorative figurine that is used to top cakes; typically dolls portrayed in various positions; may also be just a number to indicate the years of marriage

Edible glue

Made from natural plant gums or tylose powder; used to attach icing or sugarpaste designs onto the cake; can be purchased ready-made or created from scratch

Icing moulds

Can be made from silicon, plastic, or rubber; used to shape figures from various designs; can shape fondant, marzipan, or gum paste

Decorative dust

Used to add extra sparkle and dimension to the cake; sanding sugar, edible glitter, and nonpareils can be consumed; disco dust, highlighter dust, lustre dust are not edible but are non-toxic; check if the dust has been approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Food colouring pen

Edible colouring delivered in a pen form; allows the decorator to draw on icing; comes in a variety of colours

Sugar pearl beads

Popularly used in both wedding and anniversary cakes; comes in a wide range of colours; gold, silver, and white beads are commonly used

Cake stand

Used to mount the cake during the event proper; may also be used to decorate the cake in the kitchen; may also come with a lid to cover the cake

With the sheer number of decoration available, it is fairly easy to get ideas on how to make an anniversary cake extra special. There are sugar pearl beads, decorative dust, edible decorating paper, icing, and more that may be used for one's cake. Many times, people only need a specific cake topper or accent that they can build the design around. In addition, do not underestimate the power of a cake stand, which can catapult the look of the anniversary cake from average to amazing.

Anniversary Cake Decoration Tips and Ideas

At first glance, designing an anniversary cake may seem overwhelming. For those who are already feeling the pressure, it is advisable to begin with the colour scheme and the cake topper. People who are under the impression that anniversary cakes are expensive should think about simply getting a cake topper. Not only does the cake become more affordable, it also gives it an understated elegance.

Another tip is when it comes to outdoor anniversary parties is to go for fondant icing instead of soft buttercream, because the latter tends to melt under the heat. Cake with edible rice paper, on the other hand, can dissolve under too much moisture. This is not ideal for rainy and humid conditions. When planning ahead for the anniversary, make sure to take into consideration the event location and the weather conditions so that the cake is in the best state.

When still having trouble with the decoration, remember that flowers, ribbons, and embroidery inspired by the wedding are popular design motifs for anniversary cakes. Newlyweds who went to an exotic location for their honeymoon may also want to use that as design inspiration.

The truth is that when it comes to anniversary cake design, the sky is the limit. Cakes can range from the most simple to the extremely elaborate. However, as a courtesy to guests, make sure that the cakes tastes as good as it looks.

Shopping for Cake Decoration Supplies on eBay

People who are in the market to buy anniversary cake decoration supplies should start their search on eBay. To make a general lookup for these items, find the search bar on the eBay home page and type "anniversary cake decoration". This should bring up thousands of product listings that are pertinent to your topic. If the results are simply too many, you can also use filter the selection to zero in on your desired item. You can select based on the type, material, condition, price, and item location, among others. An alternative way to go about the search is to simply type in the specific search term. For instance, you can type "anniversary cake topper" or "gold sugar pearls". No matter what you wish to buy, typing the proper search term makes it easier to locate the item.

Alternatively, you can use the eBay Advanced Search function to indicate your search parameters before even running the search at all. Instead of filtering through search results using the filters found on the sidebar, this function allows you to specify the filter beforehand. If you are in a hurry to bake a cake for an event, you may want to just deal with sellers located near you. Not only does this save on postage and packing, it also saves on time because it does not have to be shipped from some far-off location. Also, on eBay, it is entirely possible for people to sell assorted cake decor as well. These are listed as "lots" and may be priced more affordably compared to purchasing items on a per-piece basis.


While it may seem that creating an anniversary cake is terribly complicated, the truth is it only takes a couple of flourishes. With a proper cake topper, decorative dust, and a cake stand, a basic cake can be transformed to an anniversary cake fit for a special occasion. Ready-made fondant, edible decorating paper, plunger cutter, cake leveller, and cake toppers are just some of the items that can be used to make an anniversary cake look beautiful. One can also use icing moulds, decorative dust, food colouring pens, sugar pearl beads, and a cake stand as well.

For those who are unsure of how to decorate their anniversary cake, sometimes it helps to have just a simple cake topper to serve as design inspiration. The couple's married life can also be a source of inspiration for cake's decor. Anniversaries are special events that happen only once in a person's life and they deserve to be celebrated with much fanfare. When searching for decorating supplies for the anniversary cake, make sure to check out online websites. Purchasing through the Internet offers a wide range of supplies at the best prices available out there today.

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