How to Buy Teeth Whitening Treatments on eBay

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How to Buy Teeth Whitening Treatments on eBay

One element of a great smile is a genuine feeling of happiness, and another is a set of pearly white teeth. While it is relatively easy to obtain the former at any point in life, the latter becomes more of a challenge as years pass. A number of factors contribute to the discolouration of white teeth, and many of these are hard to control without being overly conscious of them. Many common healthy foods stain teeth, and the costs of removing these foods from the diet can be greater than those of stained teeth.

One solution to restoring the natural colour of teeth without giving up healthy and enjoyable food is to use a teeth whitening treatment. This solution is not for everyone though, so one important aspect of choosing a treatment is to determine if it is a suitable option. It also helps to understand how teeth become discoloured, how teeth whitening treatments work, and what the various options are for whitening teeth. eBay is a good source from which to buy teeth whitening treatments, so consumers should be familiar with the eBay buying process. By adequately educating themselves about teeth whitening treatments, consumers can restore the natural white of their teeth after years of discolouration.

Understanding Teeth Discolouration

There are different types of teeth stains and various sources of teeth discolouration. By being familiar with these aspects of teeth discolouration, consumers can understand how teeth whitening works and determine which types treatments are ideally suited to them.

Stain Types

Extrinsic and intrinsic are the two types of stains that form on teeth. Intrinsic stains tend to be more difficult to treat than extrinsic ones, so correctly determining which type of stains are present on teeth is critical to choosing a treatment.


Extrinsic stains are present on the enamel of teeth. They are superficial, and many are easy to remove with basic teeth whitening treatments. Certain food, drinks, and substances with which teeth come into contact leave extrinsic stains. Although most of these stains respond well to simple treatments, some are persistent and involve more powerful whitening processes. If left untreated, it is possible for extrinsic stains to become more permanent and difficult to remove.


Intrinsic stains are embedded beneath the surface of the teeth and are difficult to remove. They are the result of aging, trauma to the teeth, and long-term consumption of fluoride. It is possible to treat intrinsic stains so that the teeth appear white on the surface and the stain beneath the surface disappears. Teeth bleaching can be effective in this regard, but consumers must maintain long-term treatment regimens in order to successfully correct intrinsic staining.

Sources of Teeth Discolouration

The more common sources of teeth discolouration are age, diet, smoking, and physical damage. Understanding which of these sources is causing discolouration can help consumers choose the correct teeth whitening treatment.


Age is a common reason for teeth discolouration, but the rate and degree of discolouration can vary from person to person. Teenagers can begin to to show signs of discolouration, but it is more common to observe greater discolouration in older people. While it is best to start treatment as early as possible, older consumers can still benefit greatly from teeth whitening procedures. The more discoloured the teeth, the stronger and more sustained the treatment must be.


Diet is an important source of teeth discolouration, with coffee, red wine, and tea being some of the more powerful culprits. Any richly coloured food or drink is capable of staining teeth. Citrus fruits and vinegar can wear away tooth enamel and expose yellow dentin beneath it. However, many of these foods and beverages are also healthy, so consumers should not necessarily avoid them based on the possibility of teeth discolouration.


Smoking has numerous deleterious effects on health and physical appearances. One of the more obvious negative cosmetic consequences of smoking tobacco is the brown intrinsic stains that nicotine leaves on teeth. These stains reach deeply into teeth, making them challenging, but not impossible, to treat.

Physical Damage

Physical damage to teeth does not cause staining in and of itself, but miniscule cracks can make the teeth more absorbent of substances that can leave stains. Individuals who grind their teeth can cause such trauma over time without realising it.

The Basics of Teeth Whitening Treatments

Because teeth whitening alters the characteristics of a part of the body, consumers should know how whitening works. Understanding this process and the benefits and limitations of teeth whitening helps consumers determine if teeth whitening treatments are right for them.

How Teeth Whitening Works

The first thing that consumers should know about teeth whitening treatments is that they are not permanent. Whitening begins to fade as soon as one month after completing a treatment course. This means that consumers must continually treat their teeth if they wish to keep them white. The amount of time that a treatment lasts depends on a consumer's exposure to sources of staining.

Teeth whitening treatments use carbamide peroxide to remove stains and whiten teeth. When carbamide peroxide combines with water, it forms hydrogen peroxide, a solution that is three times stronger than carbamide peroxide. Dentists make powerful hydrogen peroxide solutions that act quickly, making them ideal for in-office whitening treatment. Most teeth whitening treatments use carbamide peroxide or low levels of hydrogen peroxide since powerful hydrogen peroxide requires professional application. Carbamide peroxide and low levels of hydrogen peroxide remove stains over time, requiring consumers to maintain sustained treatment regimens.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The obvious cosmetic benefit of teeth whitening treatments in general is that they make teeth appear whiter. Over-the-counter treatments specifically have the advantage of costing significantly less than in-office treatments by dentists. Although treatment with these products takes place over a longer period of time, consumers can achieve good results for less money.

Limitations of Teeth Whitening

There are a number of candidates for teeth whitening for whom over-the-counter treatments may not be appropriate. Dentists do not recommend these treatments for pregnant or nursing women. Those under the age of 16 should also avoid whitening treatments due to enlarged nerves in the teeth. Candidates with sensitive teeth and allergies to peroxide may not respond well to treatments, though they can consult dentists about proceeding with teeth whitening. People with gum disease, cavities, or little enamel left on their teeth should also avoid whitening treatments, since the peroxide can cause pain. Teeth restorations such as fillings and crowns can result in uneven whitening. Lastly, those with deeply stained teeth should moderate their expectations from over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments.

Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Treatment

Once consumers understand how teeth whitening treatments can counteract stains, they can begin to shop on eBay for treatments. Choosing and using the right teeth whitening treatment requires that consumers be familiar with the different types of over-the-counter whitening treatments, follow some tips for selecting a treatment, and know how to use a shade guide and manage side effects.

Types of Teeth Whitening Treatments

The table below compares different types of over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments. The pros and cons of each type are listed as well.






Peroxide applied  during brushing

easy application

extrinsic stains only; one shade of whitening


Applied with a small brush twice per day for two weeks

results last for about four months

time-consuming application


Thin, clear strips worn twice per day for 30 minutes, for two weeks

results last for about four months

consumers can feel the strips on teeth during application


Rinses that contain peroxide

easy application

longer time before results appear


Look like mouthguards; worn for a few hours daily for four weeks

easy application

consumers can feel the trays in mouth

Choosing a type of teeth whitening treatment is largely based on personal preference and convenience. Some consumers may not mind sleeping with a tray in the mouth, while others who do not need to whiten their teeth a great deal may prefer to use whitening toothpaste.

Tips for Selecting a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Before beginning use of a teeth whitening treatment, it is important to consult a dentist to make sure that the treatment is not going to cause discomfort. If choosing a tray treatment, the consumer may want to look for one that enables him or her to mould the mouthpiece. Consumers should also be wary of treatments that contain more than 6 percent hydrogen peroxide. Larger amounts can be harmful to the consumer if a dentist does not perform the application.

Managing Side-Effects of Teeth-Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening treatments may have minor side effects, such as discomfort in the teeth and irritation of the gums. If a dentist has informed a patient that he or she can use an over-the-counter whitening treatment, the patient should continue with the treatment if these side effects initially occur. Side effects should subside within a few days. Consumers can reduce gum irritation by lowering the level of peroxide they apply at the beginning of a treatment cycle. They can then raise the amount of peroxide as their gums become accustomed to it.

Using a Shade Guide

A shade guide is a useful tool to measure the results of teeth whitening treatments. These guides contain numerous shades to which consumers can match the tint of their own teeth. Consumers can then chart their progress through a treatment cycle and compare types of treatments over time to see which ones are more effective. In addition to teeth whitening treatments, there is usually a good selection of shade guides available on eBay.

The eBay Buying Process for Teeth Whitening Treatments

With a good idea of what to look for in teeth whitening treatments, consumers can visit eBay to begin shopping for the treatments that suit them. Successful shopping on eBay requires that buyers know how to search the site for teeth whitening treatments and how to evaluate sellers.

Searching for Teeth Whitening Treatments

You can perform a search from any eBay page by entering a basic term such as "whitening" into the search bar. You can then filter results by looking for items listed under relevant categories pertaining to dental care and teeth whitening. The list of results is likely to be extensive, so you can pare it down to a manageable size by selecting the specific type that you are looking for, such as "Toothpaste". Alternatively, you can start with a more targeted search term, such as "whitening strips", and choose the appropriate categories from there. You should then have a set of listings that is easier to browse without choosing specific features.

Evaluating Sellers

In order to make sure that you are buying your teeth whitening treatment from a reputable seller, you can review a seller's background. By clicking on a seller's user name on a listing, you can see what other buyers have to say about their experiences purchasing from that seller. You can also see what percentage rated their experience as positive. Using this information, you should be able to gauge whether or not you should proceed with purchasing your teeth whitening treatment from that seller.


Teeth whitening treatments are a good way to restore the natural white colour of teeth without giving up healthy and enjoyable food and drink. It is beneficial to break a few unhealthy habits that also discolour teeth, but consumers should feel confident that they can continue to eat and drink as they please and still maintain their pearly whites.

Before buying a whitening treatment, a consumer should understand the different types of stains and the sources of stains. One should also understand how teeth whitening treatments work, including the benefits and limitations of over-the-counter treatments. With this background knowledge, consumers can proceed to eBay to look for teeth whitening treatments.

Successful shopping on eBay requires familiarity with the different types of whitening treatments, how to use them, and the eBay buying process. Restoring the white to stained teeth requires the right teeth whitening treatment and persistence in using it. By educating themselves before shopping, buyers can find the teeth whitening treatments on eBay to bring back their radiant smiles.

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