How to Buy Tickets for Wakestock Music Festival

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How to Buy Tickets for Wakestock Music Festival The Wakestock Music Festival takes place in Wales on the Llyn peninsula in July. An annual event, the festival combines music and wakeboarding demonstrations over three days and includes multiple staging areas for various performers. The selection of music performers invited to the event is drawn from an eclectic blend of traditional and modern music genres.

Because of its broad appeal, purchasing tickets for the Wakestock Music Festival can be difficult if fans do not buy tickets as soon as they are available. Tickets for the multi-day event are available directly through the festival's ticket portal or by purchasing tickets on third-party sites like eBay. Since the festival activities are varied, attendees have a lot of options when choosing which tickets to purchase. Because of this, festival goers should know which types of tickets are available, which admission restrictions are in place, and which types of services are provided at the festival before buying their tickets.

Types of Wakestock Festival Tickets Available

To meet the varied demands of fans, the Wakestock Festival offers a wide range of ticket types to attendees. Before purchasing tickets, buyers should know what is included as part of a ticket purchase.

Weekend Camping Tickets

The Wakestock Weekend Camping package allows festival goers to attend all activity areas during the three-day event and includes a camping site. If attendees are planning to bring a campervan, they must purchase a campervan pass separately.

Weekend Tickets

Weekend tickets are for attendees who want access to all of the activities at the Wakestock Festival but do not plan on camping at the site.

Big Green Coach Tickets

The Big Green Coach is a shuttle that connects over 30 departure locations throughout the United Kingdom to the Wakestock Festival. Because space on the shuttle is limited, participants in the Big Green Coach transportation programme cannot bring their own camping gear to the festival. If participants still plan on camping at the Wakestock Festival, they can use one of the camping services available instead of bringing their own equipment.

VIP Packages

The Wakestock VIP packages provide attendees with a number of perks. All VIP packages include private areas to camp and access to exclusive lounges as well as priority parking at the festival. VIP package participants do not need to bring their own camping gear to the festival and can choose from a variety of luxury tents or small cabins. Most VIP tents and cabins have air beds or bunk beds for guests, so guests only need to bring sleeping bags and pillows.

Quiet Camping Tickets

For Wakestock Festival attendees who would like to enjoy the planned daytime activities but still appreciate a good night's rest, purchasing tickets for the festival's designated quiet camping areas is a good idea. The quiet campsites provided at the festival are more restricted than the general camping areas and help keep nighttime partying in the area to a minimum.

Thursday Night Pre-Party Tickets

Weekend and VIP package ticket holders who plan to arrive early can purchase tickets for the Wakestock Festival's Thursday Night Pre-Party. The party is held in one of the festival's main staging areas and includes performances by special guests.

Shuttle Bus Tickets

Bangor, Wales is the nearest town to the Wakestock Festival. To facilitate travel for festival attendees arriving by train, the event organisers have set up a shuttle bus service between the festival and the Bangor train station. Shuttle buses are only available to take attendees to the festival on the Thursday before the event and early on Friday, the first official day of the festival. Departing shuttles are only available on the Monday after the festival has ended.

Car Park Pass

Festival goers who are driving their own vehicles to Wakestock need to purchase a parking pass for their cars. The car pass that is available is valid throughout the length of the festival.

Wakestock Festival Restrictions

Wakestock has a number of restrictions that ticket buyers should be aware of before purchasing their tickets. To attend the Wakestock Festival, ticket holders must be over 12 years old. No children under the age of 12 are allowed in the event. Additionally, any children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is at least 25 years old.

Restrictions for the Wakestock Festival also affect where attendees can sleep. Because the festival provides ample designated camping areas, no attendees are allowed to sleep in their vehicles located in the festival's car park. Additionally, camping is restricted to certain areas, so attendees who did not purchase camping tickets cannot camp in non-camping areas on the festival grounds.

Items to Take or Leave at Home for the Wakestock Music Festival

To increase the enjoyment of the Wakestock Festival, organisers need to balance convenience and safety. Because of this, there are a number of items that are recommended for festival attendees to bring to the event and items that are prohibited.

Item Classification

Items Listed

Recommended items


Sleeping bags


Beachwear and towels

Waterproof jackets

Prohibited items

Any glass items




Camping stoves or BBQ grills

Professional audio, video, or photography equipment

The items that are required for the event are small in number, but vital in importance: attendees' tickets and identification cards. If an attendee does not have either of these items, they cannot enter the festival's grounds. It is, therefore, very important that festival goers double-check their bags for their tickets and identification cards before leaving home.

Wakestock Music Festival Services

To increase the convenience of attending the Wakestock Music Festival, festival organisers have developed a number of helpful services that some attendees may find beneficial. Most of these services demand a fee, however, so festival goers should determine if the cost of the services are equal to their value.

Cart-to-Camp Service

Because many attendees at the Wakestock Music Festival camp in designated areas, the festival offers a Cart-to-Camp service. This service allows campers to rent lightweight, durable trolleys for hauling their camping gear to their campsite. Each trolley can carry up to 200 kg of gear so campers can often take all of their supplies to their site in one trip instead of carrying items in small groups. The quick transport of camping items frees up time for festival attendees and permits them to enjoy the festival's attractions faster.

The Lazy Camper Service

The Lazy Camper is a camping service package that provides Wakestock Festival attendees with camping materials. This helps festival attendees who would like to camp at the festival but find it difficult to bring their camping gear themselves. As an added convenience, the Lazy Camper service has an option that allows campers to forego setting up their tents if they ask the Lazy Camper crew to do it instead. Part of the Lazy Camper service package is the purchase of the tent that is used for attendees, but attendees can hand the tent in at the end of the festival and receive money back as a recycling bonus.

How to Buy Wakestock Music Festival Tickets on eBay

When preparing a trip to the Wakestock Music Festival, buyers can check out eBay for tickets and other purchases that can make attending the event a reality. eBay has a wide selection of festival tickets available, so buyers should check eBay's listings once festival organisers release tickets to the public. Because the Wakestock Festival has many different types of ticket choices, buyers should read the information accompanying a ticket listing to see what is included in any tickets or ticket packages they purchase on eBay.

Once buyers are committed to attending the Wakestock Music Festival, they can utilise eBay to find the perfect travel options and accommodations for the event. Festival attendees can look for affordable reservations for trains, buses, or planes that arrive in the vicinity of the festival. If event goers plan on purchasing camping passes to the festival, they can browse eBay's selection of camping gear to make sure they are adequately prepared. Finding any items for the Wakestock Festival on eBay is easy: simply use a keyword search. By adding descriptive terms, like "pop-up tent", into eBay's search field, buyers can conveniently scroll through the most relevant eBay listings until they find the perfect item.


The Wakestock Music Festival allows attendees to enjoy music, wakeboarding, and other events in the idyllic Welsh countryside. Before purchasing tickets to the festival, however, buyers should understand what their options are. The Wakestock Festival, unlike many other summertime music festivals, allows attendees to camp on the grounds throughout the entirety of the event. Since many festival goers have limited options for transporting their own camping gear, the festival provides services that supply attendees with everything they need to camp comfortably. This includes having designated quiet areas and VIP packages, which make the camping experience as luxurious as it can be. Festival goers can opt out of camping if they choose, and simply purchase tickets that allow them entrance to the festival's shows. Unfortunately, the Wakestock Festival has a number of restrictions in place that may make attendance for parents with younger children an impossibility. Additionally, ticket buyers should know what they can and cannot take to the festival to avoid any mishaps when entering or participating in the event. Attendees of the Wakestock Music Festival can use eBay to purchase a myriad of items, from tickets to comfortable clothing, to increase their enjoyment of the festival and help make their time at the festival stress-free.

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