How to Buy Used Body Parts for Your Peugeot

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How to Buy Used Body Parts for Your Peugeot Peugeot is a French car manufacturer that is the second largest in Europe. People purchase these cars because of their reliability. The company was founded in 1842 and has been producing high quality passenger vehicles since then. It is no surprise that people must make repairs to their cars to keep them running and looking their best for as long as possible. When damage occurs to the car's body, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to ensure that the car maintains its sleek appearance.

Shopping for any part for a car can be confusing and expensive. To save money on the purchase of car body parts, you should consider used parts for your Peugeot. By specifying the type of car you have, which parts you need, and what factors to consider when shopping for used auto parts, you can find just what you need and save a lot of money in the process. eBay makes it easy to search for and find great deals on used body parts for your Peugeot.

Specify the Type of Peugeot You Own

Before you can locate the body parts that you need to make repairs to your Peugeot, you need to be certain about the model that you own. Because Peugeot has released so many different models over the years, there are thousands of different body parts to choose from. The body parts are usually not compatible across all models, though there may be some overlap. This overlap occurs among cars that are of the same type or class. Some of the most common Peugeot models, as well as their types are listed in the table below.

Type of Car




Vehicle with four doors, back seat, and separate boot in the rear

207, 206, 107, 307, 308


Vehicle with four doors, back seat, and boot that is part of the cabin

307, 207, 407, 206, 308

Sports Car/Convertible

Usually has two doors but may have four; enhanced for speed and performance; convertibles have roofs that are removable or fold down

Cabriolet, 207, 206


Two-door vehicle with a small back seat and boot compartment in the rear; available in hatchback models

207, 307, Coupe

Multi-Passenger Vehicle

Van or sport utility vehicle design; large cabin and boot; some models have third row seating for more passengers

Partner, 5008, 807, Expert

A lot of overlap can be seen between the types of Peugeot vehicles, especially with the 207. This popular car was manufactured to fit the needs of many different people and to fit into several classes. The body parts for this vehicle are not always compatible. For example, the doors of a Coupe would not fit on the doors of the 207 Estate model because this car is much larger. For this reason, it is important to know the model of your car as well as the type of car that you have. This ensures that you can find the body parts that fit on your particular vehicle.

Find the Car Body Parts You Need

In your search for body parts for a Peugeot, you need to know which parts you need. Going to a scrapyard or telling a private seller that you need body parts for your Peugeot 207 is not very helpful. Instead, you should know specifically what you require. The exterior of the car is made up of many different parts, many of which are described below.

Doors and Door Parts

The doors on a Peugeot are attached to hinges that allow them to open and close. If the driver is in an accident and damages the door, there are many instances where the entire door needs to be replaced rather than simply repairing the dent. Additionally, if the hinges are damaged, then the door needs to be replaced. However, if the door handle breaks, then it is possible for a car owner to simply replace that part without having to invest in a new door.

Wing Mirrors

The wing mirrors are found on the sides of the Peugeot just in front of the driver and passenger side windows. These are used by the driver to see cars behind and beside him. Because they stick out from the sides of the car, it is not uncommon for wing mirrors to be struck by other vehicles that travel close. When this happens, the entire mirror needs to be replaced. If you are making an upgrade to your Peugeot, then you can find heated wing mirrors. These are used to clear snow and ice from the mirror to improve visibility.

Bumpers and Rubbing Strips

Bumpers are found at the front and rear of the car. The rubbing strips are found around the sides of the vehicle. These all function to prevent damage to other parts of the car by absorbing the impact from another object. Rubbing strips prevent small dings from appearing on the door when the door is struck by another car door. The bumpers absorb the impact from collisions. Used bumpers are relatively inexpensive and are sourced off other scrap cars.


An aerial is another body part that is commonly damaged because it sticks out from the car. These can be made from plastic or metal and can be found at the front or rear of the car depending on the type of aerial. Because they are made from thin materials, it is not uncommon for them to snap off and break when exposed to too much pressure. Additionally, these parts can be replaced or upgraded if the car owner wants an aerial that receives a better signal.

Bootlids and Tailgates

Bootlids are the doors that allow access to the boot of the vehicle. These are commonly damaged in rear-end collisions. Bootlids and tailgates are parts that are usually not compatible across all model of Peugeot in different classes. It is important that you specify exactly which model Peugeot you have. This ensures compatibility. For example, the tailgate of a Peugeot 307 Estate would not be compatible with a Peugeot 307 Coupe.


Bonnets sit on the front of the vehicle and allow access to the motor of the car. This body part can be damaged when the car strikes another car or object headon. The size and shape of the bonnet depends on the model of the Peugeot, as well as the type of engine that it has. Most have openings for windscreen washer fluid dispensers. Peugeot models that have been enhanced for performance, such as sports cars, often have vents in the hoods to allow better air circulation to the motor.

Considerations When Buying Used Parts for a Peugeot

If you are shopping for used Peugeot body parts, then it is likely that you want to save money on the overall purchase. It is important to take a few factors into consideration when making the purchase to ensure that you are not spending more money than you have to. Some of these factors include the part's condition, colour, and price.


The condition of the body parts is important. You do not want to replace one damaged car door for another car door showing obvious signs of damage. When shopping for these parts, it is important to inspect the part closely for any damage that may affect its appearance or performance. If you are sourcing parts from a scrapyard, look for scrap cars that have damage to parts other than the ones you are looking for. For example, you can find a bonnet in perfect condition on a scrap car that has sustained substantial damage to the rear. Buying used parts that have seemingly minor damage could end up costing you more in the future to repair.


Many people want the exterior of their Peugeots to be uniform in colour. With this in mind, they may shop for body parts that are the same colour as the cars that they already have. This could severely limit their search and they may find it difficult to find the parts that they need. You do not have to match the colours perfectly. Rather, find a part that fits and then you can pay to have it painted to match the rest of the car. This often saves time and money over trying to find a body part that fits perfectly with the rest of the car.


When shopping for used parts for a Peugeot, price is a big consideration. Be sure to research how much the body parts cost when they are new before making a decision. The used parts should be priced substantially lower than the parts when they are new. Parts that have scratches or other minor aesthetic damage should be priced lower than those parts that are in perfect condition.

How to Buy Used Body Parts for Your Peugeot on eBay

If you are looking for the lowest prices and best selection of used body parts for a Peugeot of any model, then eBay is the place to shop. Sellers from all over the UK list used car body parts on eBay to reach a greater number of buyers. Additionally, because the parts are all listed by private sellers, you can find lower prices than you would in a retail store. Start with a basic search using keywords to describe the parts you need, and then refine the results to find what you require. Be sure to read each listing and view pictures before making a purchase to ensure that the part is the one you are looking for.

Delivery Options

One of the biggest concerns with shopping online for car parts is the cost of postage. Doors, bonnets, and bootlids are large, bulky, and heavy. The cost of postage could be a considerable amount. Some sellers on eBay cover the cost of postage to save shoppers money. You can sort the results to show only these listings. Additionally, you can enter your postcode to find local sellers. Many times, the seller can arrange for you to pick up the part in person. Lastly, some sellers offer express delivery for those who need their parts sooner.


Peugeot is one of the most popular car brands in Europe, so it should not be difficult to find used body parts for your Peugeot. No matter which model you own, you can locate used parts to fit your car. The key is knowing what to look for and where to look. Taking the time to examine the parts prior to purchase can save you a lot of money in the end. Be sure that you know exactly what kind of car you are shopping for and which parts you need. From there, examine the condition and price of the part to ensure that it is worth the investment. Rather than travelling to several scrapyards and private sellers, you can shop on eBay. The site's easy to use search platform makes the entire process quicker and easier. You can easily compare parts and prices without having to travel all over town to look at them. Additionally, you can have parts purchased off of eBay shipped directly to your home or pick them up in person. Whether you are looking for a set of wing mirrors or a door for your Peugeot, you can find what you need on eBay.

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