How to Buy Used Girls T-Shirts

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How to Buy Used Girls' T-Shirts

A T-shirt is a versatile, basic clothing item that can be worn under other clothes or on its own as an outer garment. A typical T-shirt is close fitting and has short sleeves and a round neckline. As it is a pullover-style of shirt, children can put it on easily. Many parents like to buy T-shirts for their daughters because of the versatility and easy availability. Girls can wear T-shirts on many occasions, such as at school for sport, when meeting friends, and casually at home. Therefore, it is a good idea to have lots of T-shirts. Although a basic T-shirt is not expensive, buying a used one reduces waste and thus helps the environment. Children grow so quickly that some T-shirts may still be in an excellent condition even when they no longer fit, which is when many people sell them on. Designer or novelty T-shirts are also more affordable when bought as second hand items.

Used girls’ T-shirts can be bought from charity shops and car boot sales, but online auction sites, such as eBay, offer the widest selection, and they can be bought from the comfort of the home.

Materials for Girls’ T-Shirts

T-shirts are mainly made of natural fibres, such as cotton, that feel good on the skin and breathe well. However, other materials, such as polyester and linen, have advantages too. Some fabrics are blended in order to enhance stability and reduce shrinkage when the T-shirt is washed.


Cotton is a natural material derived from the seeds of the cotton plant. The highest quality cotton is called pima and it is special because it has extra long fibres. Pima gradually becomes softer with wear and resists stretching, fading, and pilling. Combed cotton is processed with fine brushes in order to eliminate short strands and create smooth, strong, and soft fabric. Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides and fertilisers and its main feature is its softness.


Rayon, better known as viscose, is a semi-synthetic fibre that consists of cotton linters, wood chips, and cellulose treated with carbon disulfide and caustic soda, and passed through spinnerets. Although viscose wrinkles, it is smooth and breathable. Modal, a type of rayon, drapes well and resists shrinking. Jersey is also a type of viscose, known for its elasticity and softness.


Polyester is a synthetic material created by manipulating polymers. As a man-made fibre, polyester is not breathable, but it does not shrink and it maintains its shape well. T-shirts made of polyester also dry faster than cotton shirts.


Linen is a natural fibre that comes from the flax plant. Thanks to the special weaved texture, linen T-shirts breathe well and stay cool in the summer, although they wrinkle easily.

Styles of Girls’ T-Shirt

Girls’ T-shirts come in nearly any colour a girl could want, and some even have pictures on them. The images found on T-shirts do not have any limits: they could range from something cute, like a puppy, or a favourite cartoon character. The T-shirt cuts vary, mainly by the way the sleeves are positioned or the shape of the neckline. Some T-shirts have practical pockets sewn onto them, where girls can store small items.

Ringer T-Shirts

Ringer T-shirts combine two colour tones: the shirt base is one colour, while a second, often contrasting, colour is used at the neckline and the bottom of the sleeves. Girls’ ringer T-shirts often have a picture on the front and can have short or long sleeves.

Raglan T-Shirts

The sleeves of the raglan T-shirt are attached at the collar rather than ending at the tops of the shoulders. Often, the sleeves are in different colour in order to emphasise the design. Raglan T-shirts can have either short or long sleeves.

V-Neck T-Shirts

V-neck T-shirts, as the name already implies, have a V-shaped neckline. V-neck T-shirts have a feminine look and for this reason are often chosen for little girls. They are especially cute when the neckline is decorated with images or embroidery.

Choosing Used Girls’ T-Shirts

A carefully chosen used girl’s T-shirt can last for as long as the girl is able to wear it, when it can be sold or given away. Important things to keep in mind are the T-shirts’ quality, condition, and size.

Quality Check for Used Girls’ T-Shirts

A good quality used girl’s T-shirt is made of firm and closely woven fabric, with round and plump stitches that are not stretched. This kind of T-shirt does not shrink in length or become wider once it is washed. The garment should be cut precisely, meaning that the vertical loops of the fabric are not distorted, but aligned with the lower edge. The side seams should also be in position and not twisted to the front or back. Unless they are decorative, the seams should not be visible on the outside. A poorly cut T-shirt loses its shape after being washed.

Condition of Used Girls’ T-Shirts

When buying a used girl’s T-shirt, its condition should be examined carefully. The seams should be investigated, and the overall level of wear and tear should be checked for possible holes. If the T-shirt is being bought from a charity shop, then it is possible to check it. When buying online, parents should pay close attention to the photos included, and ask the seller for more photos and a detailed description, if necessary.

Size of Girl’s T-Shirts

Used girls’ T-shirts have more than likely been washed at least once and therefore they should not shrink after further washing. The best way to determine whether the T-shirt has the desired measurements, is to compare the T-shirt’s dimensions with those of the girl.

T-shirts are manufactured all over the world, and the labelling is different between regions. Some regions size the garment by age and some by height. With a comprehensive size chart, it is possible to find the right size in all situations.

UK T-Shirt Size (Age)

US T-Shirt Size (Age)

EU T-Shirt Size (cm)

12 months

12-18 months


18 months

18-24 months


24 months

23/24 months


2-3 years



3-4 years



4-5 years



5-6 years



6-7 years



7-8 years

7 to 8 years


8-9 years

9 to 10 years


9-10 years

10 years


10-11 years

11 years


11-12 years

14 years


Girls of the same age may differ in size, so the table is a rough guide only. When using the height chart, measure the girl whilst she is standing on a flat surface without shoes. Mark the level of the crown of her head, then measure from the floor to this mark.

Care Instructions for Used Girls’ T-Shirts

In order for used girls’ T-shirts to last, they should be cared for properly. Typically, T-shirts have care instructions printed on labels sewn inside the shirt, but in the case of used shirts, the label may have been removed, fallen off, or faded. T-shirts dyed with deep, rich colours should be washed separately and in cool water because otherwise they may run and ruin other clothes washed with them. Washing T-shirts in cool water is recommended for all colours, to lengthen their lifespan. High temperatures can encourage fading and pilling, as well as stretching. Decorative T-shirts are best washed inside out in order to protect the print. After washing, T-shirts should be dried by hanging them on a line or laying them flat and leaving them to air dry.

Buying Used Girls’ T-Shirts on eBay

Finding a used girls’ T-shirt on eBay starts by typing the specific keywords into the search box on the main page. You can opt for a general query, such as "girls’ T-shirts" or, if you have a specific idea in mind, use more accurate terms, such as "girls’ pink kitten T-shirt". This results in a list of items. In order to see used T-shirts, specify the item condition by selecting “Used”. It is possible to sort the items by price.

Read the description and study the photo in the item listing to determine the T-shirt’s condition. Most used T-shirts on sale are well-kept, but it is advisable to check just in case. When in doubt, ask the seller specific questions about the T-shirt, for example, about the seams or care instructions. The seller should be able to inform you about the size and specific measurements as well if you are not sure whether the T-shirt will fit your girl. Also, remember to ask the seller about refunds, because despite getting a lot of information about the sizing, it still may not fit.


The T-shirt is such a basic piece of clothing that every girl should have several, as they can be worn both as an underwear and an outer garment. The common girl’s T-shirt has short sleeves as well as a round neckline. T-shirt style variations include the V-neck, raglan-sleeve, and ringer. Some may have a practical pocket or two in the front and long-sleeved T-shirts are also available. The most common T-shirt fabric is cotton, but T-shirts are also made of synthetic fibres, such as polyester. Cotton offers breathability and feels good on the skin, while the man made materials endure for a longer time.

A used T-shirt has already been worn and therefore requires special care to maintain its quality. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to wash similar colours together using a low temperature to reduce stretching and fading. Printed T-shirts should be washed inside out.

eBay offers a vast range of girls’ T-shirts in all colours and designs. A simple search leads to hundreds of results. While paying close attention to the item description and getting in touch with the seller, it is possible to buy perfect used girls’ T-shirts.

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