How to Buy Used Sportswear for Boys

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How to Buy Used Sportswear for Boys

Childhood obesity is a problem that spans the globe. Obese and overweight children are vulnerable to developing numerous disease at a younger age than most adults. This includes conditions such as diabetes and various cardiovascular diseases.Exercise and activity are the keys to prevention, and with boys being more adventurous by nature, encouraging them to be active can sometimes be easier. No matter the activities they choose to engage in, it is important for young lads to have the right clothing.

Sportswear is specifically designed with exercise and activity in mind. From shirts and pants to outerwear and footwear, there is gear available for just about every activity imaginable. Boys outgrow their clothes amazingly fast. Much of the items they outgrow are still in exceptional shape and have years of use in them. Because of this, used sportswear is a viable option for the boy who needs gear to accommodate the situation, and the buyer looking to save a little money. This guide will break down everything consumers need to know when shopping for used sportswear for boys.

Top Considerations

There is much that needs to be taken into consideration when shopping for used sportswear. Buyers must think about types of gear and sizes, materials, brand, activities, and the special features that may be necessary to support those activities. Because the clothing is previously owned, the condition of the items is another important variable that comes into play.

Types of Sportswear

When shopping for boys clothing, this is the best place to start. Sportswear comes available in many different types, but generally falls in four main categories of pants, shirts, outerwear, and footwear.


Consumers will find that sports-friendly pants for boys come in a variety of types and styles. Common options include jogging pants, track pants, and traditional trousers.


Shirts are versatile enough to accommodate a broad range of activities and situations. Examples include the many T-shirts, golf shirts, and sweatshirts that are a fit for multiple occasions.


Although it is not always a necessity, outerwear can be an important piece of sportswear. Items such as coats and jackets not only provide warmth, they can also provide safety.


When it comes to sportswear, footwear options range from athletic types designed to provide efficient traction in the sports arena to boots primed for hiking along the trail. The feet play a major role in most activities chaps partake in, so choosing the right footwear is crucial.

Sizing Up Boys Sportswear

It is imperative to make sure that sportswear fits the boy who will be wearing the gear. Aside from looking peculiar, clothes that are too small will likely be uncomfortable as well. Clothing items like T-shirts that are too big may actually be comfortable, yet may not be the most stylish from a presentation standpoint. Consumers can find a perfect medium by purchasing sportswear based on the boy’s precise measurements. A bit too big may be okay because adjustments can be made, but too small will always equal problematic.

The Material Aspect

Some sportswear is more comfortable than others, and the material is the reason for the difference in comfort. Using this as a purchasing criteria may complicate matters because there is such a broad range of materials available. Cotton is a popular choice due to how it allows the skin to breathe in the midst of activities. Spandex is preferred for the flexibility it provides during activities such as track and field, wrestling, and gymnastics. Shoppers sizing up used sportswear by material would be wise to weigh the type of activity into the equation.

Sportswear for Activities

It’s no secret that certain types of sportswear is better suited for certain activities. While shorts may be appropriate for family activities at the beach, they may not be equipped to handle the rugged terrain a lad must brave on hunting trips with dad. Shorts that look and feel good on the basketball court don’t necessarily have the same qualities under water. If a boy is going to be doing a lot of moving outside during the colder months, then warmth, flexibility, and durability will need to be considered. Keep specific activities in mind, and look for items that best accommodate them.

Sportswear Features

Pre-owned aspect aside, used sportswear should have most of, if not all the core qualities of new items. Shoppers are encouraged to look out for features such as:

Breathable Designs

Whether the moment calls for running up and down the field or just playing around the yard, enabling optimal breathing is vital for sportswear. This is a key feature that will ensure a boy feels cool and comfortable no matter what they’re doing.


Waterproofing is another good feature to look for in sportswear, particularly with footwear and outerwear. Activities can be very uncomfortable if water happens to leak inside a pair of shoes or a jacket.

Wind Resistance

A jacket that provides resistance against the wind is an important piece of gear for the lad who is active outside in the winter. Material should be considered here as it will play a role in fighting off fierce winds and providing warmth as well.

Fast Drying

Sportswear that dries quickly is essential in boating, golfing, and other outdoor activities. Consumers should look for something that absorbs moisture and evaporates water in a short amount of time in case changing clothes is not an option.

Shopping for Sportswear by Brand

Boys sportswear is manufactured under a number of different brand names. Brands a consumer might encounter include Nike, Adidas, and Columbia. Nike and Adidas have moulded reputations for their sports-focused gear, while Columbia is known for clothing that suits a broad range of occasions. Brand names such as these generally come with a certain level of quality, but quality is not determined on brand name alone. There is non-branded gear that can be just as good. Nevertheless, it never hurts to compare different brands when shopping for used sportswear.

Used Sportswear Condition

People shopping for used sportswear could end up paying only a fraction of what they would pay when purchasing the same item brand new. This includes major brands that command a considerably higher price based on name recognition alone. However, the fact that the item is used makes condition one of the most important factors to keep in mind.

The consumer’s ability to effectively evaluate the condition of used sportswear will largely depend on where they are shopping. For example, shopping at a store offline creates a scenario where the boy can try on items and a parent can inspect it for damage. Being able to inspect a given item in such a way is impossible online, so consumers typically consider aspects such as physical appearance, and reputation of the seller. Whether shopping on or offline, the condition a piece of sportswear is in needs to be taken into account before a purchase is made.

Finding Used Sportswear for Boys on eBay

By taking the search online, a consumer can browse the sportswear items available at several locations within and outside of their region. They also have access to a much larger selection. Convenient access and huge selection make auction site eBay a worthy candidate. When you know what you need in used boys sportswear, you are ready to begin your search on the eBay website. If you have a specific item in mind, you can look for it directly by using the search box on the eBay homepage. To perform a more refined search, you can use the Advanced Search feature. In addition, you can narrow the listings and browse items by category to conduct an even wider search.

Buying Used Sportswear for Boys on eBay in Confidence

Even though you are purchasing used sportswear, you want to make sure the gear you buy is in solid condition. Evaluating the seller before making a purchase is highly recommended. The good thing is that eBay has made this an easy process. It doesn’t take much time to view the seller’s profile and check for feedback from other customers. You may also notice that some merchants have the "Top Rated" seller label. Backed by sales volume and feedback, this label is awarded to PowerSellers who have a history of providing customers with quality experiences. Taking the extra time to research the seller will deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve made an informed purchasing decision.


Finding the right sportswear for a boy can be a confusing journey. There is so much to take into account, and overlooking a single aspect could lead to a miserable experience for the chap who has to wear the duds. Buying previously owned items adds to the dilemma. On top of factors such as size, brand, material, activities, and special features, the buyer must also consider the condition of the gear, which is often a tricky situation when shopping online. Once you know what to look for, the only missing piece of the puzzle is where to look. Where you decide to buy can make all the difference in terms of variety, quality of items, and difficulty of the overall process. With its user-friendly search features, a vast selection, and multiple listings from trusted sellers around the world, eBay is the place to find attire that keeps the little action seekers comfortable.

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