How to Buy Used Suzuki Motorbike Parts

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How to Buy Used Suzuki Motorbike Parts

Suzuki motorbikes are fun and exciting machines. Any consumer who owns a Suzuki motorbike knows that damage or repairs are inevitable. Suzuki motorbikes require spare parts to replace whichever part needs repair. When changing and repairing motorbike parts, some consumers choose only to purchase new Suzuki motorbike parts. New Suzuki motorbike parts are expensive, and often it does not make sense to spend more on a new part when a used part would suffice. Luckily, there are other options for parts. Used Suzuki motorbike parts are a great alternative to spending a lot of money for repairs. Some purchase used Suzuki motorbike parts only to replace a broken part, while others keep spare parts handy just in case they are needed. It is helpful for consumers with Suzuki motorbikes to know about the different parts of a motorbike and their functions. These motorbike parts vary in quality based on their condition. Before buying used Suzuki motorbike parts, there are a few things a consumer should know.

Consumers should research and compare the Suzuki motorbike parts available at different venues including: car dealerships, auctions, and online at eBay. In order to buy used Suzuki motorbike parts, consumers need to know the motorbike, determine the needed part, research the condition or quality of the part for sale, and choose the part that fits the consumer's needs and budget.

What Is a Used Motorbike Part?

A used motorbike part is any functioning part removed from a motorbike. These parts are ideally in serviceable condition and capable of reinstallation in a motorbike. Used parts vary widely in their condition.

Know the Motorbike

The first step in purchasing used Suzuki motorbike parts is knowing the model and year of the motorbike. The make of the motorbike is, of course, Suzuki. The model and the year of the motorbike are important to determine which parts are compatible with a particular used Suzuki motorbike. If the part is bodywork, even the colour of the motorbike is relevant in the search. In general, the more the consumer knows about a motorbike and its parts, the more knowledgeable the consumer is about their quality and value. The informed consumer also has more bargaining power.

Part Types

The next step is to determine which part is broken or needs replacing. This is easier for those consumers who know about the different parts of a motorbike already. Consumers have a couple of different options: either research the parts of a motorbike and determine which part is needed on their own, or take the motorbike to a mechanic to make the determination. Once the part needed is determined, it is a good idea to become familiar with the part to better evaluate the value of prospective parts. There are also some part types that are best to purchase new.

The availability of the used Suzuki part depends on various factors, such as whether the particular part is commonly damaged or prone to failure or popularity of the particular model. Generally, the more recent the model of Suzuki motorbike, the easier it is to find parts. Vintage Suzuki motorbikes are rarer, therefore, it is more difficult to find used serviceable parts. There are websites available that allow consumers to select the make, model, and year of their motorbike to search for parts.

Condition of the Part

Used Suzuki motorbike parts are available in a range of qualities. The best quality is new old stock (NOS), these parts are actually new but are purchased from a motorbike salvage yard. The part has never been installed in a motorbike, but is not new from the motorbike dealer. Some recommend that consumers purchase certain critical parts new, including: brake pads, tires, and batteries.. The next best quality is "like new", these parts are in excellent condition. Like-new parts may have some wear but are in the best used condition. "Used parts" have some wear, but they are working parts that are serviceable. A "paintable part" usually has some damage or scratches but is still useable. The paintable part needs some repair to return it to its original condition. Examples of paintable parts include gas tanks or fenders that are still usable once they are restored by repainting or removing dents. The last category of parts is "for parts only." This category of parts typically refers to non-functioning parts that are taken apart in order to restore other parts. An example of this type of part includes a set of carburetors that are taken apart to fix an existing set of carburetors on a motorbike.

Part Condition

Defining Characteristics

New old stock (NOS)

Actually new and never installed in a motorbike

Purchased from motorbike salvage yard and not from a dealer

Like new

Excellent condition

May have some wear but are in the best used condition


Not new at all

May have some wear but is a working serviceable part


Some damage or scratches

Needs repair to return to its original condition

For parts only

Non-functioning parts

Taken apart to fix other parts on a motorbike

Assessing the condition of a part is often the most important and difficult part of buying a used Suzuki motorbike part. Refer to the table above when determining the condition and value of a part. As a part declines in quality, the value of the part also diminishes. Consumers should look at the parts in person or if shopping online, look at any available pictures of the motorbike parts. If the consumer cannot see any physical damage to the part, it is probably still in good condition. Suzuki motorbikes are high in quality and made with quality parts; the parts are suitable for reinstallation even after use.


Used Suzuki motorbike parts are more affordable than new Suzuki parts. New Suzuki motorbike parts are the most expensive option for purchasing spare parts. Those looking to purchase new critical parts to the motorbike may purchase new old stock parts that are essentially new. The cost of used Suzuki motorbike parts varies depending on a couple of factors, including the condition of the motorbike part and the availability of the part. Age plays a role in availability since it is less likely that there are serviceable motorbike parts for older, rarer Suzuki motorbikes. The condition of parts is a big consideration. Costs range from highest to lowest in the following orders of condition: new old stock, like new, used, paintable, and for parts only. Typically, used Suzuki motorbike parts offer quality at a low cost. Consumers have the opportunity to save money by purchasing used Suzuki motorbike parts that fit their budget and needs. There are used Suzuki motorbike parts available at different venues in a range of prices.on eBay are consistently rated highly and offer favourable return policies.


It is now easier than ever with the Internet to find used parts for your Suzuki motorbike. There comes a time when every motorbike needs some repair. Buying new parts for a Suzuki motorbike is more expensive, so used parts are a great option for consumers on a budget. Used Suzuki motorbike parts vary in quality and condition from new old stock, like new, used, paintable, and for parts only. There are some critical parts to a motorbike that some advise to purchase new. The value of the parts depends on their condition, with new old stock parts with the highest value, and lowest valued parts characterised as for parts only. The availability of the part also depends on the model and year of the motorbike. It is helpful to know about a Suzuki motorbike in order to purchase used compatible parts and know about the particular part to better evaluate the motorbike's needs. Consumers need to research and compare the different Suzuki motorbike parts available at different venues in order to find the best quality for price

eBay offers a huge selection of Suzuki motorbike parts no matter for which type, condition, and price you are looking.

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