How to Buy Used Windsurfing Booms

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How to Buy Used Windsurfing Booms

Without the boom, the sail on a mast would have no structural support. Windsurfing booms have a recognizable wishbone shape that acts as the skeleton for the sail. They typically clamp onto the mast, but vintage versions tied onto it. Purchasing a used windsurfing boom saves money, but shoppers must keep the various types in mind and look for those still in good condition.


Wood Windsurfing Booms

Modern windsurfing equipment is the most practical and easy to use, but those who want to enjoy the sport in the way that it originated can look for a 1960s wood windsurfing boom. The wide frame was heavy and tied onto the mast with rope.


Aluminium Windsurfing Booms

Aluminium windsurfing booms replaced wooden ones, as they are lighter and allow for adjustment. This means that one adjustable boom works for multiple sail sizes, such as 6.5 or a 7.5 windsurfing sail. However, vintage aluminium booms that were attached with rope had to be carefully put onto the board and mast because they could easily break. Another disadvantage was their tendency to deform in strong winds. If the sail does not hold its shape, it becomes very difficult to maintain control of the little vessel.


Tiga Windsurfing Booms

Tiga windsurfing booms changed the sport because they eliminated the need to use rope. Instead, the booms came with a plastic clamp that mounted onto the mast. The clamp is similar to the kind found on ski boots. It wraps around the mast and tightens down; however, many other designs have come out since.


Carbon Windsurfing Booms

Carbon windsurfing booms were created to combat the issued faced with aluminium booms. The stiffer carbon maintains its shape better, but it does cost more, and it is difficult to work with and requires heavy-duty equipment as well as more manpower. However, sailing is much smoother than with an aluminium one, which makes carbon the choice of racers. Luckily, buying a used windsurfing boom cuts down on the initial cost.


Used Windsurfing Booms

Windsurfing is a difficult sport, and fighting against the wind wears down the equipment over time. Therefore, look for gently used products with pieces that show little wear and still have tight connections. Shoppers may even be able to lower costs by shopping for a windsurfing kit that comes with all of the equipment they need.

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