How to Buy Used vs. New Vauxhall Cars

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How to Buy Used vs. New Vauxhall Cars

Since it made the switch in 1907 from marine engineering to automotive company, Vauxhall has had a long and colourful history. Born in Great Britain with a history of building racing cars, it is now known primarily as a manufacturer of family-friendly vehicles. In fact, those currently in the market for attractive but sensible vehicles should consider getting a Vauxhall because of its affordability.

Those who are set on a Vauxhall but cannot afford to buy it brand new should consider purchasing it secondhand. While the buying process is markedly different, shoppers still end up with a Vauxhall that they can use for everyday driving. People who are serious about purchasing a Vauxhall should know the different concerns that govern buying a new Vauxhall versus a used one.

Whether purchasing a new or used Vauxhall car, shopping can be cumbersome. Each model year different than the last, it can be hard to determine what is right for you. Shopping on eBay Motors or at local auto shops can be a good way to get a deal, but first consumers should educate themselves to make the right decision.

Understanding Needs and Requirements

Before becoming completely enamoured with a particular Vauxhall model, it is important for buyers to first determine their requirements. This keeps from becoming disappointed when the model they purchase fails to live to their expectations.

Solo Drivers

The primary concern of solo drivers should be to check if the car is appropriate for their hobbies and everyday activities. For instance, prospective Vauxhall car owners who do a sum of off-terrain travelling should consider purchasing a 4x4 or a truck. City drivers who are concerned with petrol prices, on the other hand, should choose one with the best fuel economy. Bikers, for example, should consider Vauxhalls with integrative biking racks.

Family Drivers

When buying a car, most parents think of their children first. For these drivers, safety, space, and seats are among the chief considerations. Those who have large families should take a look at the number of people that the car can fit safely. Aside from saving on petrol, there are also those who are concerned about saving the environment. Lastly, consider getting both active and passive safety features. These can be anti-lock brakes, airbags, electronic stability systems, and more. Hatchbacks, multipurpose vehicles, and wagons are those normally recommended for families.

General Concerns

When it comes to Vauxhall cars, there are also general concerns. For instance, owning a pet may require a roomy boot to fit the pet carrier. Otherwise, owners may have to deal with a yelping, nervous dog that keeps them from paying full attention to the road. People who have trailers that they bring out during the summer need a car that can handle the extra weight. They may also wish to consider cruise control, satellite navigation, and an entertainment system. Those who park in the city should consider small cars that are equipped with sensors. This can keep the car from acquiring bumps, bruises, and scratches from faulty parking. For added comfort during long drives, it is recommended to get a six-speed transmission Vauxhall and sports seats.

New vs. Used Vauxhall Cars

Aside from shopping the wide range of brand new Vauxhall car models in the market, there is also an option to purchase a used Vauxhall. For those who do not have sums of money to spare, this could be a good idea. Bear in mind, however, that while it is more affordable, there are other factors that must be evaluated compared to models that are fresh from the dealer. Below is a quick rundown of the different factors that must be considered when looking at the two.

Choosing the Engine

Before selecting a Vauxhall model, consumers must first decide among petrol, diesel, and electric options. On the whole, diesel engines are more expensive than petrol ones because of the overall fuel savings. Those who travel frequently and cover long distances should choose diesel, however, because it consumes less fuel. Buyers should keep in mind, though, that diesel requires more frequent oil changes.

Petrol, however, has also made giant strides in fuel consumption. At the end of the day, consult with the dealer regarding the vehicle's fuel economy. However, do not just take their word for it and do the proper due diligence by consulting third-party consumer reports and reviews.

Another option to think about is choosing either a hybrid or electric engine. The Vauxhall Ampera, for example, offers a range of 579 kilometres. This is great for those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment.

Buying New Vauxhall Cars

After determining one's needs, purchasing brand new Vauxhalls are fairly straightforward. Simply pick a model that falls within the budget and choose from optional extras, if available. When it comes to protection, floor mats, cargo liners, and mud flaps may be purchased. As for safety, Vauxhall offers parking sensors, privacy shades, and child seats, among others. For those who have touring as a hobby, one can equip the vehicle with roof boxes, bike carriers, and aluminium base carriers. Those who take several long trips each year may consider throwing in a conversion kit, Bluetooth connectivity kits, satellite-navigation, iPad cradles, and multimedia units, among others.

New Vauxhalls have the advantage of having the latest in style and technology. Not only can shoppers choose all the features that they wish to be included, they also have knowledge of the vehicle's full history.

Buying Used Vauxhall Cars

While there are many disadvantages to buying used Vauxhall cars, one must remember that these are generally more affordable. People who have to work within a tight budget should find used Vauxhalls to be a great deal. There are many benefits to buying secondhand vehicles such as avoiding depreciation and saving money on insurance. More than this, there are many Vauxhalls that are offered at a great price with little to no mileage.

The downside to buying used Vauxhalls, on the other hand, is the shopper never truly knows what the car has been through. Mileage is never an accurate gauge of how a car has been treated. Some vehicles with low mileage are just kept in a garage without  being properly maintained. Make sure to inspect the body completely for paint bubbles and rust before purchase. Look inside the engine carefully and check for missing parts. Lastly, it never hurts to bring a professional mechanic during the inspection as he or she may be able to give a more accurate report of the vehicle's state. Because sometimes, what appears to be a great deal can be a bigger headache than it is worth.

Shopping for Used and New Vauxhall Cars on eBay

If you are in the market for a Vauxhall, make sure to visit eBay Motors. With cars being offered by sellers all over the United Kingdom, it not only has great prices but a wide selection as well. Compared to traditional car dealers who maybe only have a couple hundred cars to choose from, eBay has thousands.

To begin your search, visit any eBay web page and type "Vauxhall car" to get a general idea of the models that are currently on offer. If you have already done your research and know what you want, you can be more specific. For instance, you can type "Used 2000 Vauxhall Meriva" instead. If you are looking for one with a diesel engine, make sure to include that in the search field. The search results may be further narrowed down by car type, model year, transmission, colour, mileage, price, condition, location, and more.

Apart from the general search, you can also use eBay's Advanced Search function. Here, you can set your filters beforehand instead of narrowing it down one-by-one after the search results come in. Because shipping cars are expensive, you can also choose to browse through product listings from sellers located near you. This allows you to simply collect the car directly. Also, it gives you the opportunity to take a look at the vehicle before purchase. You may even bring a professional mechanic to help you with this. As you can see, with its many tools and functions, there are many advantages to purchasing a Vauxhall car on eBay.


Whether buying it brand new or used, Vauxhall cars are known to be affordable, family-oriented vehicles. When choosing between the two, it is important to make a mental note of individual needs and requirements. For instance, while some solo drivers prefer a car that is small and compact for better fuel economy and easy parking, family drivers need large vehicles that can accommodate the entire brood. People who are looking to purchase this car should also choose from petrol, diesel, hybrid, or electric. In the end, buying a new or used Vauxhall often boils down to the your budget and requirements.

Compared to buying it second hand, new Vauxhall cars are more expensive. However, buying it brand new has many advantages like choice of accessories and personal touches. While buying it second hand can save you money in insurance and depreciation, it is important to properly inspect the car before purchase. Shoppers who are not used to inspecting cars should bring a trusted mechanic along. Those who want a Vauxhall should consider buying it on eBay. Instead of travelling great distances to different car deals, eBay helps the shopper find great deals on Vauxhall cars with just a couple of clicks on both their computer and smartphone.

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