How to Buy VHS on eBay

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How to Buy VHS on eBay

Some people may think that VHS tapes are outdated because they are no longer produced, but this is actually the exact reason as to why they are in demand today. There are a number of reasons some individuals may prefer VHS tapes to the more modern DVDs. For one thing, VHS tapes are user friendly because they are simple to operate. One just has to slide them in the video player and hit play. There is a wide selection available when it comes to VHS tapes, some of which have never been transferred to DVDs.

Buyers should know that there are actually a variety of VHS, including the D-HS, VHS, S-HS, and VHS-C. What's more, buyers may want to acquaint themselves with how to actually convert VHS tapes to DVDs if need be. It is important to take good care of these tapes, which is why they need to be stored properly to avoid damage. If a buyer happens to own a damaged VHS tape, it is possible and often relatively easy to repair one, so buyers can enjoy their VHS tapes for years to come. Learning how to find and purchase VHS tapes on eBay can open up a wealth of resources for enthusiasts or anyone looking to buy VHS tapes.

Types of VHS Tapes

Some of the various styles of tapes are: VHS, D-HS, VHS-C, and S-VHS. The buyer's choice may be limited by what the film was released on, but he or she should try to look for one of a higher quality.




This is the style of tape one thinks about when hearing of VHS tapes. Picture quality is considered subpar now due to the advancement in video technology.


A D-HS tape means Digital VHS; it is the tape that ushered VHS tapes into the digital age; lets the tape record and playback in a HDTV format.


A VHS-C tape, or VHS compact tape has the same resolution and quality as a VHS tape.

Can be played in a traditional VCR player if the buyer puts the smaller tape in a slot of a larger cassette tape, it then plays in a normal VCR.


This is a super VHS tape that tried to remedy what was thought to be the biggest problem with tapes: low resolution. This tape did not gain popularity because it did not work with all kinds of tapes.

This chart can help buyers determine the type of VHS available. Consumers should communicate proactively with a seller to determine the compatibility with their own needs as some older VCRs only play certain formats.

Things to Consider When Buying a VHS Tape

There are some factors a buyer should consider when shopping for VHS tapes. Unfortunately, companies stopped making VHS tapes and consequently also stopped releasing new films on VHS. The VHS system was first developed in 1976 and had become the dominant format for recording videos by the 1990's. Many older films, both black and white and silent films, were put on VHS tapes and are not yet on DVD, so VHS is the only format a buyer can get them in. One can find both new and used VHS tapes when shopping.

It is probably harder to find newer tapes, although this depends on how old the movie is. A buyer should keep an eye out for videos that were once rentals because these may be a lot more worn than other tapes. If one is a collector, it is also important to consider the quality of the box. The buyer also should realise that prices of tapes vary greatly. The price depends on a number of factors including whether the film is available on DVD, how much wear and tear the tape has received, and the value of the tape as a collector's item. In addition to buying films on VHS, a buyer may also want to purchase blank VHS tapes as spares.

Converting VHS Tapes to DVDs

Although many buyers obtain VHS tapes because they are collectors, there are still some tapes on VHS that have not been converted to DVD. There are a number of ways for one to convert a VHS tape to a DVD. If one has a component DVD player and a VHS player, then he or she can connect the output of the VHS player to the input of the DVD player. This allows the user to record the VHS directly to the DVD. Another alternative is to use a computer for converting a tape to DVD. The computer should have a DVD burner. There are hardware and software packages that make it easy to transfer the VHS to a DVD. It is also possible to get a professional to convert a VHS tape to a DVD.

Care of VHS Tapes

Since VHS tapes are no longer produced, many of those a buyer may find are second hand tapes, which is why it is very important for a buyer to take proper care of his or her tapes. One might also want to know how to do simple repairs to tapes that are damaged. Furthermore, it is important to know how to store tapes as it helps preserve them.

How to Repair a VHS Tape

If purchasing VHS tapes, it is good to know how to repair them. One common problem is that the tape snaps in the middle. To perform this kind of repair, one needs scissors, a screwdriver, and splicing tape. If the tape is split, open the case of the tape. The standard tape has five screws. Rock the case so the tape falls out. If the case has been labeled with a sticker, this may need to be cut, so the case can open. One needs to make sure one has enough good tape to work with when making a repair.

Remove the portion of the tape that has been damaged. There should be about 15 cm of tape on both side. Cut a small piece of splicing tape, both ends of the tape should be as flush as possible against the splicing tape. Cut away as much of the splicing tape as possible without cutting the actual VHS tape. The fixed tape should then be tightened, the casing should be put back together, and the screws reinstituted. If done properly, the tape should be as good as new.

Storing a VHS Tape

In order to keep a VHS tape in excellent condition, it needs to be properly stored. It is best to store tapes at less than 22 degrees celsius and 40 to 60 per cent humidity. It is important that the tapes should not experience sudden temperature changes. One should also be aware of condensation. When there is a temperature or humidity change, the user should wait at least twenty-four hours until playing the tape. Tapes should always be rewound after they have been watched. VHS tapes should be stored upright in cases to protect them from dust. The labels should be put on correctly, and labels should not stuck on top of other labels as this could interfere with the tape when it plays.

One should avoid putting tapes near any magnets including motors, toys, and speakers. Even if one is purchasing a tape as a collector, it is a good idea to play tapes at least once every three years to keep the tape functioning. VHS tapes do wear out, so if possible a buyer should transfer a VHS tape every seven years, or transfer the content to a DVD. This helps prevent the video from being lost in case the picture and sound quality degrades.

Finding VHS on eBay

If you are looking to buy VHS tapes on eBay, you should make use of different search features available. One of the first tools you can use is the keyword search. With this, you can type keywords, such as "VHS tape" into the search box. If there are too many listings for you to get through, it is easy to narrow your search down through filters.

Do not forget about the feedback feature on eBay. With this, you can see what other buyers have had to say about a particular seller on eBay. This is a great tool for those who are new to eBay. You should check both the amount of feedback and the quality of the feedback. You can also consider communicating directly with a seller to confirm specific technical or purchasing details before finalising your purchase. After you have made a purchase, you can also leave feedback to help future buyers have a successful buying experience.


Although VHS tapes are no longer being produced, individuals can still buy them on eBay. VHS tapes come in different styles including VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS, and D-HS. When buying VHS tapes, one may have a choice between used and new tapes. Buyers should look for tapes that are in good condition. One may also want to convert the VHS tapes to DVDs, which can be done several ways and is a good way to preserve tapes. It is important to take care of a VHS tape, especially one that is rare and cannot be found on DVD. In addition to storing a VHS tape properly, the user can also repair minor damage to a tape. Buying VHS tapes can be a great way for individuals to get hold of their favourite movies that cannot be found on DVD. After taking a moment to review listings and any associated sellers, consumers can also utilise eBay to find the ideal VHS tape to use as a gift idea or to enhance their personal collection.

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