How to Buy Vintage Bicycle Tyres on eBay

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How to Buy Vintage Bicycle Tyres on eBay

Vintage bicycles have been purchased and enjoyed by millions of people all around the world for many years. They are stylish, classic and have a traditional appeal that people of all ages have been able to thoroughly enjoy in the past. It is apparently clear why this is the case because the simple appearance of these bicycles can make almost anyone captivated by their presence.

One of the most appealing aspects of the bicycle, however, is the tyres. Shopping for these tyres is something that can be done in a number of different places, such as eBay. However, many people do not know what to look for and what to avoid when shopping. Fortunately, eBay has developed this guide to assist shoppers in doing so in order to make sure that they find what they need and are not completely frustrated along the way.

Identify the Reason for the Purchase

Many people are interested in buying vintage bicycles and vintage bicycle tyres for a number of different reasons. However, there are many people that do not make identifying those key reasons an important part of the overall shopping experience. There are thousands of different options that can be chosen when it comes to shopping for vintage bicycle tyres.

This is something that can be quickly proven in a matter of seconds simply by doing a quick keyword search for this particular item through any popular search engine. In order to narrow down these options to a manageable list, smart shoppers have to honestly consider the reasons why they are interested in purchasing these tyres first and then consider the options that fulfill that specific purpose.

Some points to consider include the facts that:

  • Professional collectors are not interested in riding these bicycles. They are primarily concerned with the look and overall condition for preservation purposes. Therefore, they are going to invest in tyres that are designed for appeal and appearance rather than function and excessive usage.
  • Bicycle owners that are interested in using vintage bicycles for casual use are not interested in preserving the quality of their bicycles for collecting purposes. They are going to invest in tyres that are designed for comfort, function and excess usage more than just mere appearance and style.

Therefore, the underlying dilemma that needs to be taken into consideration before shopping for any type of vintage bicycle tyre would be to determine whether you are purchasing these tyres for fashion or for function. Shoppers that are more concerned about the long-term value and cherish the antiquity of these bicycles will not need to focus on buying tyres that can provide the best performance and efficiency on the road. On the other hand, those two factors would need to remain at the top of the priority list for shoppers that are primarily just looking to get tyres that they can ride on and enjoy for a long period of time.

Focus on the Specifications

The next step of the shopping process that prospective buyers need to take seriously when shopping for vintage bicycle tyres is to study and examine the recommended specifications of their actual bicycle. These specifications are usually provided directly from the original manufacturer. They can be found mostly within:

  • the original owner manual of the bicycle
  • the original owner manual for the tires
  • the official company website of the bicycle manufacturer

It is very easy to find an overabundance of websites, blogs and online articles that have their own suggestions and recommendations about the particular specifications and measurements that should be followed when searching for vintage bicycle tyres. However, keep in mind that those sources and websites have a very limited amount of credibility to offer you, if any. They did not design the actual bicycles.

They more than likely did not design the original tyres that were developed specifically for those bicycle models when they were originally developed. Therefore, proceed with caution whenever you are deciding to trust in the limited expertise of these sources. On the other hand, the most preferred method of action to take would be to research the original specifications that were developed and distributed by the original manufacturer of the bicycle.

Doing so can benefit both professional collectors as well as casual bicycle riders in two distinct ways.

  • Professional Collectors will be able to find the proper measurements and style of tyre to match the bicycle in order to preserve its monetary value. Placing aftermarket tyres or any type of tyres that do not match those original specifications can cause the value of the vintage bicycle to be greatly depreciated.
  • Casual Bicycle Riders will be able to find the proper measurements and style of tyre to match the bicycle in order to preserve its overall quality, performance and efficiency. While these particular shoppers are not necessarily concerned with the depreciation of the bicycle's value, they are definitely going to be concerned with the depreciation of its overall efficiency. In order for the bicycle to remain performing at its peak potential, it is highly recommended to follow the original specifications when shopping.

Confirm the Authenticity

If you are a professional collector that is primarily interested in purchasing vintage bicycle tyres to maintain the overall monetary value and preserve the antiquity and worth of the bicycle, then the authenticity of the tyres is another important area that should be taken into serious consideration before purchasing. This can benefit professional collectors that have already purchased their vintage bicycles in one of two different ways:

  • If the tyres currently on the bicycle are not correct: This will allow collectors to have the opportunity to shop for exactly what they need to have mounted onto the bicycle in order to restore its original, collectible value. Study the specifications from the manufacturer and shop to find the tyres that should be placed on there to replace the ones that have been incorrectly purchased by past owners.
  • If the tyres currently on the bicycle are correct:  This will allow collectors to know exactly which tyres should be purchased in the future if they should ever need to be replaced for any reason. One of the biggest concerns about authentic, vintage bicycle tyres is that they can easily become damaged quickly. Therefore, knowing which models to replace them with can come in handy for any collector.

How to Use eBay to Buy These Tyres

There are many different online websites and traditional stores that currently have a wide variety of vintage bicycle tyres available. However, according to past studies that have been conducted and confirmed on a global scale, you will more than likely find the best deals by shopping through online websites as a first stop. eBay has been able to maintain a solid reputation when it comes to providing customers with great deals around the world, especially when it comes to authentic, vintage memorabilia and items. The best part is that their website is fairly simple to use and interested shoppers will be able to quickly navigate to exactly what they need within a matter of seconds:

  • To access a complete listing of available vintage tyres, all that buyers need to do is go to the eBay website and type "vintage bicycle tyres" into the Search box towards the top of the page. This will quickly take them to a listing of hundreds of different items to choose from within a few seconds.
  • Shoppers can also search for vintage bicycles and other vintage bicycle accessories and related items under the Cycling section of the Sporting Goods category.
  • All of the information and details that interested shoppers need to explore and examine about the options available can be found within the actual item listings. Do not just pay attention to the pictures that are provided, because these images can be very deceptive during the shopping process. The best place to look would be the actual details that are provided as well as the specifications and measurements that are featured prominently on each page.
  • Another area that you should pay close attention to is the seller of the products that are being considered as well. Avoid purchasing anything from sellers that have an extensive history of negative feedback and bad service transactions with past customers. There are more than enough reputable sellers that are available with the same types of products on eBay that have proven themselves worthy of your business.


Vintage bicycles are some of the most beautiful bicycles currently in existence. When it comes to different trends and styles, regardless of the actual product, it is clear that everything runs on a continuous, ongoing cycle. What is viewed popular today will no longer be current next year or even over the next two years. However, those items will still be appealing to many people and considered to be "vintage" or "retro."

Regardless of whether you personally or professionally are interested in purchasing vintage bicycles, make sure that the proper steps are taken in order to purchase the best tyres for each model. Do not hesitate to follow the steps of this guide developed by eBay to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.

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