How to Buy Vintage Brass Tables

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Brass tables have been a popular item in the home over the years, and they are a trendy way to brighten a room. Many people prize vintage brass tables for their rich patina and graceful gleam. Buyers that would like to purchase vintage brass tables should consider their styles, how to use them within an interior design, and how to care for these bold and beautiful pieces of furniture.


Styles of Vintage Brass Tables

Vintage brass tables are available in a wide variety of styles. They come from a range of countries, including China, Sweden, and India, so their styles vary considerably. Antique Chinese brass tables often feature a circular brass tray top with intricate engravings featuring the signs of the zodiac or other designs. Some vintage Swedish tables feature wooden designs with fine brass inlays. One of the most popular vintage brass table designs has brass legs and support systems with a large glass top. These tables are widely available in several shapes, including circular.


Decorating with Vintage Brass Tables

Vintage brass tables are the perfect statement piece for any room. Owners can incorporate other brass elements to create a harmonious look. Vintage brass side tables look beautiful when complemented with vintage brass table lamps or clocks. Vintage brass coffee tables are elegant with tastefully placed antique brass ornaments. Owners can use a brass laminate to cover an entire wall or, for a subtler look, the side of a bookcase. Modern brass tables with a vintage design are also popular. Sleek, sculptural tables with an antique brass finish make a bold statement that is perfect for any home with a contemporary design.


Caring for Vintage Brass Tables

It is important that buyers learn about how to care for vintage brass tables before making a purchase because the wrong cleaning technique can damage the material. Brass undergoes chemical changes over time that result in a lovely patina that provides the vintage look. In order to clean vintage brass without removing the patina or damaging the metal, owners should use a gentle cleaner. If a table is extremely tarnished, owners can clean it with vinegar or lemon juice, but never ammonia because this can erode the metal and erase any etchings. Commercial brass cleaners are often effective, but owners should not to polish their brass tables too firmly or too often in order to maintain the vintage appeal.

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