How to Buy Wall Hangings for Your Bedroom

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How to Buy Wall Hangings for Your Bedroom

Creating a tranquil atmosphere in the bedroom is of great importance to peace of mind and quality of life for many homeowners. A good state of mind when going to sleep and upon waking can influence the whole course of one's day, and as such, there is no room in the house which is more important to decorate properly.

Creating the Correct Mood

Before searching for any specific type of wall hanging, it is vital first to identify the effect which is desired when decorating the bedroom. A wall hanging purchased for the bedroom is unlikely to serve exactly the same purpose as one which is bought for the kitchen. Wall hangings for the bedroom tend to be more peaceful in style, and often incorporate more delicate materials than those used in other areas of the home. Since such a wall hanging is seen just before and just after sleep, it is often considered important for it to create a tranquil mood in the owner, and to be associated with relaxation and safety. Any purchase should also reflect the interests and hobbies of the person who will be sleeping in the bedroom, so as to add a personal touch to the wall hanging and encourage further associations with positive mood. For example, if the owner of the bedroom has a keen interest in sailing, it might be wise to invest in maritime scenes, or in a more abstract piece which nonetheless incorporates blues and greens in its design. Wall hangings which include inspirational quotes or sayings, whether religious or otherwise, are also extremely popular. Regardless of what is chosen, the bedroom is one of the most private areas of the house, and should reflect the personality of its owner.

Ensuring Sufficient Space

There is no point in purchasing a wall hanging if the space does not exist in the bedroom to hang it. Once the effect which the product is aiming to create has been chosen, the likely positions for hanging it in the bedroom will need to be accurately measured. The perfect dimensions will tend to be around the measurements of the so called golden rectangle, in which the length is 1.6 times the width, or vice versa. This has been proven over many millennia to intuitively please the eye of an observer. Even if these specific dimensions cannot be achieved, however, there are a few other essential spatial rules which should never be broken. Firstly, the wall hanging should be small enough that there is at least some gap between it and any other piece of furniture or wall installation. It certainly should not be in a position where edges of fabric will block essential features such as power sockets or light switches. Measurement should also take into account the need to minimise any inconvenience to the user of the bedroom, by avoiding the possibility of the edges of the wall hanging intruding onto the headboard or over other pieces of furniture. It should also be remembered that, in some instances, additional space will be required to mount the wall hanging using rods or similar equipment. Allowance should be made when measuring and purchasing a wall hanging for these small but vital extra details.

Principles of Interior Design

Once it has been confirmed that the appropriate amount of wall space is available for a decent sized wall hanging, the principles of interior design will need to be considered. An approach which simply consists of buying whichever wall hangings happen to be available online will lead to an unattractive and unplanned finish to the decor of a bedroom, which can be avoided with a little thought. Firstly, colour coordination will have to be considered. This applies not only to the wall hangings being purchased, but also to the existing furniture and detailing of the room. In particular, the current colours of the duvet, pillows, and headboard should be taken into account. The need for symmetry should also be considered. A popular approach is to purchase two wall hangings of a significant size, one of which is mounted above the headboard of the bed, and the other of which is hung opposite the bed. Often, these will be complementary pieces, which offset each other in design and theme. It is important, however, to be careful not to overdo the amount of wall hangings mounted in one room. One or two excellent pieces will achieve far more for the decor than a multitude of tatty and badly positioned purchases.

Considering Different Materials and Themes

Once all of the above factors have been considered, a choice of materials and themes should be made. The theme chosen should fit into the desired effect and interests of the purchaser, as mentioned above. The choice of materials, however, really depends on the preferences of the homeowner. Wall hangings come in a wide variety of different styles, including tapestries, quilts, canvas art, and even wood and metal sculpture metal sculptures. All of these materials can be fashioned into excellent quality wall hangings, which produce a variety of different effects. The choice between these materials really depends on how prominent the wall hanging is intended to be within the bedroom. If a light, airy effect is being aimed for, it may be best to purchase a tapestry fashioned from a thin material. If, on the other hand, the wall hanging is intended to be extremely noticeable, a vividly coloured piece of canvas art or a heavily sculpted piece of metal may be more appropriate. Consideration should also be given to the durability of various materials, and the ways in which the room will be used. If, for example, small children are likely to be roaming around the room on a regular basis, it may be wise not to purchase a wall hanging which is too breakable or fragile.

Mounting a Wall Hanging

The type of material used in the specific wall hanging that is chosen will determine how difficult it is to mount on the bedroom wall. Thin fabric can often be mounted using either light pins or velcro attachments, whereas heavier wall hangings require more expensive solutions. Tapestries and heavier quilts will sometimes be sold with their own dowel rods and hooks, which are an elegant and attractive way to mount the purchase. It would be wise to consider using eBay's messaging facility to ask the seller of an item exactly how it is mounted at the moment, and whether it would be possible to include such equipment in the sale. For example, a heavy sculpture will almost certainly need to be affixed by nails or screws, and this should usually be done by a professional using equipment designed for the task. It would be bad enough for a sculpture to fall from the wall in a living room, but if it is mounted above a bed it is vital that it is safe and secure.

How to Buy Wall Hangings for the Bedroom on eBay

Finding a wide range of wall hangings for the bedroom on eBay couldn't be simpler. From the home page of the website, there are a number of different ways to find an ideal purchase. The first is to click through to the Home & Garden menu on the left hand side of the home page, and then to visit the Home Decor category via the Furniture & Living menu. From there, it is possible to click through to the specific listings for wall hangings, and browse through the various options which appeal, using the tick box feature on the left side menu. Alternatively, the search box at the top of the homepage can be used to type in specific keyphrases which will generate listings of the products which best match the search terms. For example, anyone particularly interested in tapestry-style wall hangings of an Indian design could simply type 'indian tapestry wall hanging' to be taken immediately to a listing of suitable purchases.


In short, buying a wall hanging for the bedroom is not simply a matter of finding the cheapest available deal. It is necessary to consider the effect that is desired for the specific room in question, the space available, the appropriate principles of interior design, and the different materials and mounting equipment which are available to choose from. If all of these factors are considered, then it should be possible to find the perfect wall hanging on eBay.

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