How to Buy Women's Bathing Costumes if You're Pregnant

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How to Buy Women's Bathing Costumes if You're Pregnant

Swimming is one of the safest ways for a pregnant woman to stay fit and toned during pregnancy. Unfortunately, a pregnant belly can cause a woman to be unnecessarily self-consciousness or uncomfortable, especially in the summer months during hot weather, when many days can be spent out on the beach or lounging by a pool. Luckily, there are many different bathing costume options for an expecting mother. There are a range of bathing costumes that offer a lot of coverage, medium coverage or minimum coverage depending on how much of the growing belly the mother wishes to be seen. There are a lot of different options during pregnancy for all trimesters, styles, and sizes.

eBay has a large variety of styles of all types of bathing suits, whether choosing a maternity bathing costume or simply choosing a regular bathing costume. This guide explains the various types of bathing costumes, the difference between maternity bathing costumes and regular bathing costume sizing and how to set about buying one.

Initial Considerations of Maternity Bathing Costumes

The key to shopping for a maternity bathing costume while pregnant is support, comfort, and fashion. There is no reason to forgo style because of pregnancy. In fact, there are many fun, comfortable bathing costumes out there to suit pregnant women. Many bathing costumes are designed specifically to celebrate the blossoming belly of an expectant mother.

Deciding on Bathing Costume Coverage

An expectant mother should probably first decide how much coverage is desired in a bathing costume. Some bathing suits provide full-coverage and come with bathing skirts or shorts to keep the baby bump more hidden. Others, like the bikini, offer minimal coverage allowing full visibility of the baby bump. There are also many styles in between these two extremes, with a popular option being the tankini.

It is important to purchase a bathing costume for maternity and not to stretch out pre-pregnancy bathing costumes. It is not only bad for the bathing costume but can also be uncomfortable to have things fit too tightly around the growing belly.

Proper Bathing Costume Support

A pregnant woman should look for a bathing costume that supports bust, hips, and belly. Take into consideration that breasts may be sore and tender during pregnancy, and an underwire may add more pain. Soft, moldable cups are recommended for women experiencing breast tenderness. Breast size will also continue to grow during pregnancy, and certain straps may not offer the support necessary. Halter straps do not offer a lot of support, but tanks with wide straps offer more support. Empire waist styles also offer a good amount of support. A built-in shelf bra is also a good option for on-going support in a bathing costume.

Bathing Costume Materials

It is recommended to look for bathing costumes made with the highest proportion of stretchy material; a good option being one with 20 percent lycra. Maternity bathing costumes are made specifically with a higher content of lycra to add extra stretchiness to them. This helps the bathing suit maintain its shape as the belly grows and shrinks. While bathing costumes are made out of a variety of materials, it is important to look for ones that have at least 20 percent of a stretchy material.

Types of Bathing Costumes

Bathing costume preferences can change depending on mood and occasion, so it may be a good idea to get two different bathing costumes. One maternity bikini bottom can be mixed and matched with both tankinis and bikinis, and if sized appropriately will provide comfort over the length of the entire pregnancy.

The One-Piece

A one-piece is a more conservative option for bathing costumes and is a good way to cover up a growing belly. The baby bump will still be visible from the outline, but the skin will not be not exposed. One-pieces come with skirts as well to add some leg coverage when desired. A one-piece is the most supportive option, especially for swimming.

When choosing a one-piece, bright colours with lots of patterns can draw the eye, making a pregnant bump appear larger. Dark colours, or black, and soft patterns will not draw the eye to the body as much.

The Maternity Bikini

The maternity bikini will come with soft cups and extra shelf support. It displays the baby bump while still offering support in the necessary areas. Some bikini bottoms come with a maternity band that can be pulled up over the belly bump, or tucked underneath the growing baby bump. It supports a larger pregnant belly and is a good option throughout pregnancy, especially in the later months.

The Maternity Tankini

The maternity tankini offers a lot of support and versatility. Similar to the one-piece and the bikini, it comes with a variety of strap options. A tankini is a two-piece bathing costume that has a tank top instead of short bikini top. Like a one-piece it offers full bump coverage. It can also be mixed with different tops and bottoms, allowing the style to be changed with ease. The bikini bottoms available as part of a tankini also allow for plenty of personalisation.

Features of Bathing Costumes

Straps that adjust are a good option for pregnancy as they will expand and change along with a pregnant body. Some bathing costumes come with adjustable sides as well, which allows flexibility and room for the body to grow over time. Other bathing costumes, specifically tankinis and bikinis, come with tie sides. This is a good option for minimal coverage as the size can be determined by how tight the tie is fastened.

Costume Side Ruching

Side ruching enables a bathing suit to expand in the belly region, allowing the bathing costume to be worn through a lot of different stages of pregnancy while still being flattering.

Swim Shorts and Skirts

Swim shorts provide more coverage than bikini bottoms and can be a good option for an expectant mother. Another option is a swim skirt which provides more coverage and constitutes a small skirt made out of the same material as the rest of the bathing costume. This makes it easy to swim in and quicker to dry.

Taking Care of a Bathing Costume

Proper care of a bathing costume is important to the longevity of the costume. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly after wearing. Typically it is recommended that costumes are washed on a gentle setting with mild detergent. When a bathing costume is purchased, be sure to read the proper care instructions and to follow them to ensure that it can be worn for the term of the pregnancy and for any future pregnancies.

Bathing Costume Sizing

Although maternity costumes are designed specifically with the baby bump in mind, sizing is generally the same as it is for women's clothing. With that in mind, it is important to note that sizing differs somewhat for every brand, and once a bathing costume has been decided on, the brand's own sizing chart should be referred to with the correct measurements.

How to Buy Maternity Bathing Costumes on eBay

eBay has a large selection of bathing costumes designed specifically for all stages of maternity. eBay has a large selection of types, colours, styles, and sizes. Once you have decided on the type of bathing costume you would like to purchase, begin your search by typing into the search box on the eBay homepage. For example, if you are looking for a maternity tankini, type into the search box "maternity tankini". You can then narrow down the search results by filtering out sizes and other specifications.

If you're not entirely sure what you would like, you can browse the maternity bathing costume options on eBay be exploring the maternity category. When you have found the appropriate item, make sure to research the seller and see if they have other maternity clothing or items you are interested in. If you buy multiple items from the same seller it could potentially decrease the cost of postage.


Staying active and fit is important for an expecting mother, and swimming can be a great way to achieve this while being outside and in the sun. There are not many restrictions when looking for a bathing costume while pregnant, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. It is important to make sure that the bathing costume supports the bust, hips and waist of an expectant mother while ultimately being comfortable. It is important to get a bathing costume specifically for pregnancy, as wearing a pre-pregnancy bathing costume will cause it to stretch and not give proper support to a changing body. Straps, skirts, bathing shorts, and bikini bottoms are all different parts of the bathing costume that need to be considered. The choice as to whether to sport a tankini, one-piece, or bikini is a matter of personal preference. Bikini and tankinis can be mixed and matched to allow for a variety of styles. eBay has a wide variety of maternity bathing costumes to suit a variety of tastes and is a great place to start looking.

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