How to Buy Your Leather Garments ?

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The toughest of all the hides. At the expense of drape, weight & a little comfort the natural stiffness of this leather gives brilliant abrasion resistance and protection. Buffalo hide has more grain and texture than cow hide. You will often find this leather used in jackets where protection and toughness are the primary concerns. Due to this toughness cow hide can take a long time to ‘wear in’. The fit of the jacket only gets better and better with time as the leather starts to slightly loosen naturally. 


Lighter, more supple & finer grained than the buffalo/cow hides but still tough and durable. Sheep hides provide a good balance between strength, comfort and style. This hide is usually used in jackets where suppleness and the specially designed fit of the jacket are key to the success of the leather jacket model. 


Leather finishes are applied to leather skin through a tanning process which ultimately and essentially births the style the jacket is striving to capture in its design. The following are an explanation of all the finishes used in MDK leather jackets: 
A specialised tanning process applied to full grain sheep/lamb hides. This process pushes the natural limits of the skin resulting in outstanding softness, suppleness and durability. MDK’s sheep nappa comes in many finishes:
  • Glazed – shiny glaze finish which slightly stiffens the leather
  • Semi-glazed – as above but a lighter glaze applied so it is not so shiny.
  • Standard – Subtle natural sheen
  • Brushed – matt finish with no sheen
  • Rub-off – The colour has been lightly rubbed off during the dyeing stage.
  • Distressed – fashion ‘worn’ look
  • Crushed/Creased – A very subtle crease/crushed effect.
This is a transparent chemical, which enables the hide to be softened and coloured without losing the natural properties (tones/shades) of the leather skin itself all the while allowing the skin to breathe. Due to this aniline is particularly good for coloured leather jackets such as tan, blue and red. 
This process involves the top layer of the grain side being buffed or sanded very lightly to produce a soft, velvet-like finish similar to that of suede although the finish is of a much higher quality. Nubuck leather is particularly resistant to wear however it is prone to temporary water staining. 
This is made from the underside of the hide. As it does not include the tough exterior skin layer suede is less durable but softer than full-grain leather. Its softness, thinness and pliability make it suitable for jackets. Due to its textured nature and open pores, suede may become dirty quicker than other finishes and absorb liquids quickly.  


No Loose Threads
In the final stage of its manufacture each leather jacket is analysed for trimming so no loose threads are present. Many manufacturers in an aim to cut costs will skip this stage however MDK does not and so the appearance of loose threads gives a useful insight into the overall quality standards throughout a jacket’s production.
Matching Panels
Leather is a natural product and so animal skins differ piece to piece. MDK believes in offering its customers the highest quality leather jackets and for that reason we take extra care in the manufacturing process to ensure that each panel in a leather jacket is as identical (colour and tone) as they can possible be. 
YKK Zips
The best zips available on the market and for this reason they are more expensive than their alternatives. Therefore, a manufacturer using YKK zips tells the customer the manufacturer has invested in higher quality components throughout. MDK only uses YKK zips. 
Internal Pockets
An excellent leather jacket has as much attention to detail on the outside as it does on the inside. MDK personifies this in its jackets as we offer many styles with innovative & industry-leading designs for internal pockets. 
Industry-leading Designs
MDK is wholeheartedly committed to pushing the fashion boundaries of leather jackets. Our dedicated design team creates innovative jacket designs every day and we sample our jackets to a few but very able-minded entities, which constructively criticise each sample, before putting it into production.


Beware of retailers who claim to be selling ‘discount’ leather jackets. They may claim to be passing on a saving they experienced to you but they are in fact selling just a good imitation of a leather garment. These imitations generally aim to mimic the higher quality end of genuine leather skins however ultimately they are fake leather jackets. They do not off the wind shielding, warmth and fibre breathability a real leather jacket gives you. An imitation leather jacket does not keep an individual warm in the depths of winter nor does it stop you from sweating (feeling flushed) when in an indoor warm environment. 
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