How to Buy a Bridesmaid Dress if Youre Pregnant

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How to Buy a Bridesmaid Dress if You're Pregnant

When your best friend is getting married, you do not have to give up your role as the bridesmaid if you are pregnant because today there are many dress styles that give you the necessary support and make you look stunning. Although it sets some limits to your lifestyle, you should be able to enjoy your pregnancy and play a vital role in the wedding at the same time. There are many ways to choose a dress that fits perfectly and helps you to be part of the bride’s theme for her special day.

Depending on how far into the pregnancy you are, you have an array of dress options. Typically, the bride makes the decision when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, but you can talk about your needs and wishes, so you can be both comfortable and stylish for the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses are available from specialist bridal shops, department stores, and online from eBay, where you can shop without taking a long walking tour with your tummy.

Choosing a Bridesmaid Dress When Pregnant

During pregnancy a woman want to feel comfortable as her body changes and the baby grows, especially in the later months of the pregnancy. The new body measurements should be considered and how they will change in the run up to the wedding. Besides the tummy, breasts also get larger, so a woman should consider whether she wants to show off her cleavage. Once the body shape has been considered, the material and the colour of the dress can be chosen, after a discussion with the bride.

Dress According to Your Body Shape

When choosing the best bridesmaid dress, take note of the body shape. Although the tummy and breasts are bigger, bear in mind the fundamental body shape, for example, whether the body is an apple shape or hourglass shape, and also use this as a guideline when searching for the perfect dress.

Choose Suitable Material for the Venue

The weather that is expected for the wedding also plays a role in the choice of a bridesmaid dress. If the wedding is organised for a warm spring or summer day, choose lightweight breathable fabrics, such as silk or chiffon. Autumn and winter weddings are usually spent in warmer dresses made of velvet or heavier satins. Be careful to stay warm, but not too hot. If skin feels sensitive during the pregnancy, consider soft natural fibres, such as cotton, or viscose, which are breathable and cool. This is vital as body temperature fluctuates during pregnancy. Some man-made fibres, such as polyester and acrylic, are not breathable and may therefore cause discomfort.

Be Consistent With the Bride and the Theme

Many weddings have themes and use certain colour schemes. Discuss the colours with the bride in order to fit the theme. The bride may choose the same style, but different colours for the bridesmaid dresses or define a colour and then allow the bridesmaids the freedom to pick dresses that reflect their personality. The dresses could even vary both in style and colour, but be accompanied with flower bouquets that bring them all together. This option provides greater leeway to find the right dress.

Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses for Pregnant Women

Some bridesmaid dress styles have been fashionable for a long time and are favourites among brides and bridesmaids. Whatever style is eventually chosen, ensure that it suits the body’s constantly changing measurements. If possible, browse the styles early on, but buy the dress as close to the wedding as possible to get a more appropriate size and fit. If a loose fitting dress is chosen, then there are fewer restrictions. Well fitting dresses are not best suited for pregnant women because they do not provide comfort and it is more difficult to get the correct sizing.

A-Line Bridesmaid Dresses

The silhouette of the A-line dress is narrower at the top and widens at the hem, resembling the letter A. This style flatters any body shape and reduces the volume of the lower body, which is especially beneficial if the bridesmaid does not wish to emphasise her tummy.

Empire Waist Bridesmaid Dresses

Empire waist dresses have stylish details and seaming under the bust. The waist is unstructured, allowing the skirt to fall freely and skim the tummy. This design minimises the appearance of the tummy and feels comfortable. It also makes the bust look fuller.

Bridesmaid Dress With a Maternity Panel

If the bridesmaid is still going through the first 12 weeks of her pregnancy during the wedding, then a special maternity dress may not be needed. Instead, opt for an ordinary bridesmaid dress and add a maternity panel from the same or similar fabric. This option is also great if the pregnancy is discovered after buying the dress.

Maternity Separates Instead of a Bridesmaid Dress

It may not be necessary to wear a dress to the wedding. If the bride agrees, then another option is to mix and match formal maternity wear pieces. Elegant maternity tops in strapless, bodice, and halter styles are available in beautiful fabrics. These can be paired with a skirt that has a maternity panel inserted.

Features of Bridesmaid Dresses for Pregnant Women

Choosing the right design for a bridesmaid dress is probably the most important decision to make. However, there are other features that are not directly connected with the pregnancy, but can make the dress more flattering and draw the eye to other features of the body, if chosen correctly.

Bridesmaid Dress Sleeves

Bridesmaid dress sleeves can be short, three quarter length, or long. Short sleeves are suitable if the arms are toned. These sleeves can balance small shoulders and a broader lower half. Tall women benefit from short sleeves as they visually create a more compact and less gangly appearance. Longer sleeves draw attention upwards to the chest and can balance full hips. Square shoulders and large arms can be hidden by loose long sleeves.

Bridesmaid Dress Necklines

One of the most popular necklines is the sweetheart, which is shaped like a heart and works well with a large bust that may result from the pregnancy. A scoop neckline is similar to the sweetheart, but it is not as low, and flatters any bust size. V-neck dresses also show off the bust, while boat neck dresses follow the collarbone and create the appearance of a long, beautiful neck. Halter neck dresses accentuate the shoulders and arms, especially if they are well toned, and the neckline draws the eye upward, creating a lengthening effect. For a medium bust, nice arms, and a long neck, try wearing a strapless bridesmaid dress.

Sizing a Bridesmaid Dress When You’re Pregnant

When buying a bridesmaid dress while pregnant, choosing the right size may be tricky. If the pregnancy is in its first 12 weeks, then the pre-pregnant size may be the right one. Bridesmaid dresses designed for pregnant women take into account the changes in the body and therefore should still fit even if the pre-pregnancy size is chosen. Before purchasing the bridesmaid dress, take current measurements and match these to a dress size. The following chart converts the UK sizes to US and EU sizes because bridesmaid dresses are manufactured in many different countries.

UK Size









US Size









EU Size









Note that the UK and US sizes use similar numbers, but sizes with the same number differ significantly. The UK size 8 is not the US size 8, but the US 4, for instance.

Buying a Bridesmaid Dress From eBay When You’re Pregnant

If you have decided to buy your bridesmaid dress from eBay, start by typing your search terms in the box on the main page. Keywords such as "maternity bridesmaid dress" yield more appropriate results than just "bridesmaid dress". However, you could use the latter search terms when you are in the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy or if the bride has a particular dress, theme, or colour scheme in mind and is prepared for the bridesmaid dress to be altered significantly.

After choosing the dress, study the item listing for the exact measurements and, if in doubt, ask the seller about them. You may also enquire about exchanges and refunds if they are not described under the seller’s policies. When you are pregnant, the size of the bridesmaid dress is vital and you should make sure that it fits. Find a Top-rated seller to ensure the best service. You can get to know your seller by reading his or her feedback.


When buying a bridesmaid dress during pregnancy there are some extra factors to consider. Although your body is changing and both your tummy and breasts are larger, you should still dress according to your body shape. Also, choose a material that feels good on your skin and is breathable in order to stay comfortable.

The bride usually influences the style and colours of bridesmaid dresses. However, she may make allowances to have you play an important role in the wedding. Styles suitable for pregnant women include A-line and empire waist dresses. Another option is a special maternity dress, or an ordinary dress with a maternity panel inserted. Features like the sleeve length and neckline can help to draw attention away from the bump. Remember to ask the seller about the measurements of the dress before purchasing it and ensure that there is a returns policy.

eBay offers a range of bridesmaid dress options that allow you to look stunning on your friend’s special day.

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