How to Buy a Business Collar Shirt

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How to Buy a Business Collar Shirt

Business collar shirts began as a formal garment in the workplace and have since experienced numerous transformations, including the production of more casual styles. However, different business collar shirt styles share many attributes that include a collar, a full-length front opening that fastens with buttons, and long sleeves that end with cuffs. Men can now wear business collar shirts in the workplace and out of the office at business seminars and conferences. The trend to a more casual business collar shirt has increased the number of venues where men can wear collar shirts. Men can wear button-down collar shirts, without having to wear a tie to indicate formality.

Men have several options to purchase business collar men’s shirts in person, but the best option is to shop at a men’s clothing store that employs sales professionals who know how to measure shirt sizes and offer advice on buying the right style of business collar shirt. Men should also consider buying business collar shirts from the leading online auction site, eBay. Before they shop for business collar shirts, men should familiarise themselves with important business collar shirt terms, as well as learn about the varied collar styles, and how to choose the right business collar shirt.

Business Collar Shirt Terms

Men can buy business collar shirts that are already packaged, or they can visit a tailor to receive a custom fit. In either case, men should learn six terms that men’s clothing professionals commonly use.

Business Collar Shirt Term


Collar Points

The tips of both ends of a collar

Collar Point Length

The distance between the collar points and the collar band

Collar Band

Fabric that wraps around the neck

Collar Height

The height of the folded collar as it sits on the neck

Tie Space

After the shirt buttons close, the space between the folded collar parts


The distance between collar points

Men have two style options from which to choose during the business collar shirt buying process. They can go with the point collar look or choose less popular spread collars. Tab collar and pin collar shirts, while considered out of the mainstream, have gained traction amongst younger business professionals.

The Point Collar

Point collar business shirts are by far the most popular style for men, as this style is found on over three-quarters of all men’s business collar shirts. Each variation of the point collar shirt offers established neutrality, which is an important feature for men who want to dress conservatively in the workplace or at business conferences. The collar on each variation is cut to an extent that the points are close enough together to partially obscure the top portions of ties. On some versions, the collar is longer and it has closely set points that draw the eyes down the tie and away from the face. Point collars look best on men who possess rounder facial features.

Classic Straight Point Collar

The classic straight point collar business shirt is known for its clearly discernible small spread between the collar points. This variation has a 1.9 cm tie space and a collar point length of 6.8 cm. The collar parts on the classic straight point collar can be adjusted to match a man’s neck size. However, collar adjustments should take into account the integrity of the shirt and the framing of a man’s face.

Narrow Straight Point Collar

This version of the point collar has a smaller collar point spread than the classic straight point collar. The smaller spread accentuates the lack of necktie space. Collar point lengths run close to 8.2 cm, which manufacturers create to make a round-faced man look less rotund.

Button Down Point Collar

Men wear button-down point collar business shirts in less formal working environments, such as during off-site conferences and trade association meetings. This type of collar possesses small button holes that sit at the end of each collar point. Although button-down collar business shirts can be worn with a tie, men typically eschew the tie for a more casual appearance. The collar buttons should always remain fastened.

Spread Collar

The second most popular business collar shirt for men contains a spread collar. About 20 per cent of men who wear business collar shirts choose this style. The collar points cut away from the collar, hence the name spread collar. This style of business collar point shirt reveals more of the upper shirt around a man’s chest and neck. It also provides more room for larger tie knots, such as the Windsor. As with the point collar, spread collars come in a number of widths that include slightly flared point collars and nearly horizontal point collars. The dimensions that work with spread collars depend upon body proportion and personal preferences. Wider collar spreads create a fuller body appearance on thinner men. Men who have rounder faces should avoid spread collars, unless they wear this style with a colourful tie.

Medium Spread Collar

Medium spread collar business shirts most resemble the look of point collar shirts. The medium version of the spread has a slightly larger spread than the widest point collar. This type of business collar shirt is designed for men who have faces that fall well within the narrow and round extremes. Considered a conservative choice, medium spread collar business shirts are introductory shirts that allow men to further explore more pronounced spread collar styles.

Classic Spread Collar

English royalty made this business collar shirt style famous and Hollywood actors have carried on the chic tradition. Men who possess thin faces or have small bone structures should consider the classic spread collar. The wider distance between collar points fills out narrow faces and it widens body proportions. Many business executives wear classic spread collar shirts to exude confidence.

Wide Spread Collar

The spread on this collar is the longest of any other business collar shirt spread, coming in at over 9 cm. Most men’s clothing experts agree that men who wear this spread collar variation must have a strong understanding of how the shirt makes their faces appear rounder and their boyish proportions larger. Some clothing experts believe the wide spread collar is worn to intimate business rivals.

How to Choose a Business Collar Shirt

While the style of collar plays a significant role in choosing a business shirt, other factors come into play that may influence the final decision.


The colour design chosen depends largely upon the environment in which the shirt is worn. For example, job interviewees should wear toned down business collar shirts, while business executives can wear brighter colours that convey a more lively image. Conservative colours include dark blue, light blue, and off-white. Men looking for unconventional colours should select green, orange, and pink business collar shirts.


Solid colour patterns, no matter how bright or conservative, allow men to match a larger variety of ties with their business collar shirts. Therefore, men should start building their business collar shirt wardrobes with solid colour patterns. Then, they can move on to choosing striped or plaid patterns. Striped business collar shirts provide men with more tie matching possibilities than plaid shirts.


Style should be the third factor considered for choosing a business collar shirt. It is easier to find the right style after men decide on the colour and colour pattern. For instance, wide spread collar business shirts do not offer as many colour and colour pattern options as classic straight point collar shirts. This is because of the much lower demand for wide spread collars. Remember to link collar style with facial features and body proportion.


The fabric or fabric blend chosen for business collar shirts largely comes down to personal preference. Silk business collar shirts present a more upscale image, while linen shirts breathe well and possess high durability. Oxford business collar shirts have become popular because of the trend for business professionals to wear more casual business attire in certain situations. Cotton provides supreme comfort, though cotton business collar shirts need to be dry cleaned to prevent the colours from running or fading.


Men should utilise the service of a tailor who has experience fitting men for business collar shirts. Tailors accurately measure neck, chest, and sleeve sizes, as well as offer valuable input about which type of collar matches facial features and body proportions. Men can research business collar shirts online before receiving a fit or refer to a size chart provided by a tailor.

How to Ensure Business Collar Shirt Quality

Men can take a few steps to ensure that they receive the highest quality of business collar shirt. The buttons play a key role in providing quality. A gauntlet cuff button and horizontally created buttonholes indicate a well-crafted and designed business collar shirt. Consider business collar shirts that have hand sewn button holes. This type of stitching demonstrates attention to detail. The buttons should be evenly spaced, with no large holes that expose a man’s chest. Business collar shirt labels display ply counts and men should only buy two-ply shirts because the fabric is stronger and softer than one-ply shirts. The seam that runs down the side of the shirt should only have one visible line. Many manufacturers cut costs by producing business collar shirts that present two visible side seam rows.

Buying a Business Collar Shirt on eBay

eBay offers men a wide selection of business collar shirts. Men can find brand new business collar shirts that have not left their original packaging. This happens because someone bought the wrong size or inappropriate style of business collar shirt. Use eBay’s search engine to find the shirt that meets your shopping criteria. Type specific keywords, such as "blue business collar shirt" or "men’s cotton dress shirt" to narrow the number of search results and reduce the time you spend shopping for business collar shirts.

Buy from eBay’s Top-Rated Sellers, the sellers who have established reputations for offering superior products and running fair auctions. Look for sellers who have received positive feedback over the past years and have some experience selling men’s dress shirts. You can find seller customer feedback, along with accepted payment methods and delivery terms, on seller product pages. Once you forge a strong business relationship with an eBay seller, check to see if that seller has an eBay store where you can buy directly from the seller and avoid auctions.


There was a time when men had a limited number of options for wearing business collar shirts. They most likely wore the classic straight point collar shirt, which allowed them to adjust the collar to match their neck sizes. While the classic straight point continues to be the most popular business collar shirt, designers have introduced the spread style to provide men with more fashion leeway. There have also been innovations within the point collar category, as men can now wear button-down point collar business shirts, sans the tie.

The expansion of business collar shirt styles has opened more places that are appropriate for men to wear this type of formal wear. Men wear business collar shirts to weddings, business seminars, and even casual company affairs, such as a company picnic. Designers have also expanded the number of colours and patterns that men can choose for their business collar shirts. Blue and off-white still dominate business collar shirt styles, but brighter, more elaborately patterned dress shirts allow men to make bold statements about their personalities. Look for further design creations that push business collar shirts beyond their staid reputations.

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