How to Buy a Coupe on eBay

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How to Buy a Coupe on eBay

Those sleek, well-built creatures sprinting past everyone in the street, arresting hearts with their purr and distinctive body style, are coupes. By tradition, coupes are two-door cars much smaller than saloons, but larger four-door versions have hit the market as the new-fangled coupes. However, car enthusiasts find this misleading as they consider two doors a distinctive feature of coupes.

There are lots of choices on eBay, whether buyers are looking for limited editions, like Renault's Laguna Coupe Monaco GP or the BMW M3 Coupe Frozen, a classic Bentley MK 6 Drop Head Coupe for their vintage collection, or a Mini Cooper for those long and winding roads. As the largest online auction site, eBay has a huge variety of coupes, with new listings every day, and oodles of styles, designs, and models at low prices. By following a few good practices, a buyer can go about purchasing a coupe on eBay in the most rewarding manner.

Commending the Coupe

The coupe's nineteenth century horse-drawn predecessor was a four-wheeled closed carriage cut away that seated only two people inside, with another seat on the outside for the driver. The modern motorised two-door vehicle has come a long way since then, but still retains its characteristic silhouette and fixed roof with no pillars to support it. There have been many different modifications, so coupes come in a variety of styles, such as business, sports, club, quad, and opera, amongst others. A coupe is all about performance, speed, and style. While everyone sees the aesthetic appeal, to appreciate the true allure and grasp of a coupe, they have to drive it.

Searching for a Coupe on eBay

Your search for a coupe starts on the eBay home page, which is easy to use for both new buyers and veterans. The quickest way to get results is to use the search bar to enter a keyword. In this case, type "coupe", and thousands of results can be seen revving on your monitor or mobile phone screen. You are welcome to get lost in hours of admiration for the cars' tasteful outlines; with eBay's zoom function, you can enlarge the thumbnail pictures to get up close to the paintwork.

When time is of the essence, though, sort through any results quickly by adding keywords, such as the manufacturer, model, year, fuel type, colour, transmission, and condition to generate a more manageable number of listings to work with.

Manufacturers and Models of Coupes

Manufacturers in the car industry include household names like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Mazda, Renault, and Aston Martin, which everyone associates with James Bond. Almost all car manufacturers have a coupe model in their line-up because they are the fun cars of designers' dreams and are popular with consumers. If buyers knows the model and year of the coupe that they want, they can use this in the keyword search on eBay to narrow down the list to the models made in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, and even older models of 1968 and 1946.

Colour of a Coupe

The range of coupes come in exciting hues covering the entire spectrum from primary red, yellow, and blue, to more popular silver, white, grey, and black, to the not so common turquoise, brown, and cream. If the buyer desires a particular colour of coupe, then this can be added to the keyword search on eBay.

Transmission of a Coupe

The three most common types of car transmission are the manual, automatic, and semi-automatic. Coupes with a manual transmission are cheaper, have better fuel economy, and are easier to maintain. Cars with automatic transmission provide smoother rides, cost a lot more than manual versions, and are more complex when it comes to maintenance. Semi-automatic transmission marries the best features of both manual and automatic transmission, while doing away with their inherent problems. The result is an advanced transmission offering greater control, precision, and a smoother ride.

Mileage for a Used Coupe

It is essential that buyers consider the vehicle mileage of any used coupe that they wish to buy. Those with lower mileage, that is less than 10,000 miles, cost more because they have been used less and have less wear. Those with a higher mileage, say 10,000 to 24,999 miles or even the those with more than 100,000 miles, show that the car has seen much used with probably a higher degree of wear, thus they cost a lot less. While vehicle mileage is telling, buyers should also ask for a coupe's vehicle history report, which also shows if the car has been involved in any accidents.

Fuel Type for a Coupe

Coupe buyers can choose from different fuel types, including diesel, petrol, electricity, petrol electricity, and petrol/LPG. Each has advantages and disadvantages as outlined in the table below.

Coupe Fuel Type




Better fuel consumption and efficiency than petrol

Non-renewable fuel

Causes smog

Most expensive

Fewer carbon emissions than petrol


Most common

Cheaper than diesel

Non-renewable fuel

Air pollution

Big carbon footprint

Limited resources


Best option for green car fuel types

Kind to the environment

No emissions from the exhaust

Cheaper to run

Low top speeds

Limited range

Needs battery to function

Petrol electricity

Hybrid model

Uses less fuel than conventional cars

Low top speeds

Limited range


Hybrid model

Uses less fuel

Cheaper than petrol

Poor fuel consumption

Fuel type does not just affect a coupe's performance. It also has an impact on availability, how big a footprint the car leaves on the environment, and its overall cost.

Condition of a Coupe

New coupes have higher price tags because they sell in pristine condition; untouched, with no previous owners. However, the used coupe market is thriving because buyers in the know understand that the value of a good quality car depends on how well it can perform, rather than past ownership. Restorers and car lovers have exacting demands; nothing less than authentic vintage cars for them. While they are prepared to pay a lot to own the cars that they want, they still expect most of the cars to be in a used condition. Some sellers dismantle coupes not in working condition and trade them as spare parts to mechanics and used car parts dealers.

eBay Buying Process

While buying on eBay is quite simple and anyone can do it, there are a few ways to go about making the most of your experience. This way, you get great value for your money and 100 per cent satisfaction. Know about your seller, the types of conditions sellers use to list their items, who the Top-rated sellers are and what that title means, and the different delivery options available for your location.

Know Your Seller

Millions of sellers offer a host of items on eBay, so you need to work out whether the seller is as good as they say they are. The best way to learn more about the seller and his or her business or eBay Shop is to read the feedback from previous buyers. Many buyers comment readily on the entire buying experience, including whether the item arrived as described, the speed of dispatch, packaging, whether the delivery fees were reasonable, and the level of customer service that the seller provides. This gives you a complete picture of the type of service offered by a seller.

eBay recommends strongly that all buyers leave feedback after they receive their items. While sorting through all of the sellers may take time, a shortcut is to choose a Top-rated seller, who is rewarded with this title after providing a consistently positive and excellent record of accomplishment when satisfying the needs of buyers.

Item Condition

When you look at coupes on eBay, you see that sellers list their cars under specific conditions. It is essential that you know what these terms mean before you purchase a vehicle. Coupes come in new and used conditions. New coupes are selling directly from the car dealer and have not been registered or driven yet. They should be in immaculate condition. Used coupes have had at least one previous owner and are registered with a title. The degree of wear and tear on used cars depends on maintenance and usage so varies from one coupe to the next. If possible, have the car checked by a qualified mechanic before committing to a purchase.


The coupe offers timeless beauty in a serious and highly responsive package; perfect for those leisurely drives that do not need much room in the back. Most coupe owners are car enthusiasts because they are aware of the high performance and speed that this vehicle is capable of achieving. While limited edition coupes do have prices to make you weep, their first-class quality and scarcity makes up for this to some buyers who desire them, either new or used.

Other buyers have no need to fret though, because eBay's extensive range of coupes caters to all budgets and includes a host of popular models that are easy on the pocket. While shopping, it is essential that buyers consider the condition of the coupe, its type of transmission, vehicle mileage, and fuel type, as well as the manufacturer and model of the car. Reading the seller's feedback gives all buyers an idea of what to expect, and a good buyer always leaves feedback after his or her experience.

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