How to Buy a Doll Pram

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How to Buy a Doll Pram

Doll prams are smaller, replica versions of the prams used by parents to transport their children around. They can often be found as exact replicas of the original products, except they are made for the purposes of dolls.

They are great accessories for children who love to re-enact the things their parents did to them and can also be of educational value as they teach children a certain degree of responsibility and care.

Doll prams can be extremely durable and some can be used both indoors and outdoors, meaning that a child can take their doll anywhere they like, whilst still maintaining a sense of realism in their fun.

The aim of this guide is to take prospective doll pram purchasers through the wide range of choice available and the ways that one can ensure that an affordable deal is found.

Types of Doll Pram

There are many types and styles of doll pram that can suit all the requirements of the parent, the child, as well as the doll. By understanding the range of doll prams available, the buying process can be made a lot more efficient and, in turn, a lot more cost-effective. The following table shows the variety of doll prams available to potential doll pram acquirers:

Style of Doll Pram


Stroller Doll Prams

These are smaller scale replicas of the strollers that are available for purchase as real life prams for babies. They are lightweight in their construction and are made to be able to push dolls around efficiently whilst still maintaining an element of fun in the process. These tend to be the most inexpensive of the doll prams available as they are simple in design and material. Stroller doll prams can also be folded and collapsed to allow for easy storage, as well as transportation. They can come in the form of either 3 wheel prams or 4 wheel prams that cater for younger children who require doll prams with more stability. They also feature safety belts to decrease the risk of the doll falling out.

Twin Doll Prams

The chances are that a child will have more than one doll or toy that they wish to carry around whilst playing the role of a parent. There are doll prams available that cater for this and are better known as twin prams. They come in a variety of forms. One type of twin doll pram allows for the dolls to sit side by side. If, however, space is an issue, there are also doll prams that allow for one doll to sit behind one another without the width of the pram being compromised. Twin prams also feature safety belts and brakes, much like those of a real pram.

Pushchair Doll Prams

Push doll prams are favoured for their realistic approach to the transportation of dolls. In real life, pushchairs are preferred by parents who wish their child to be as comfortable as possible, as well as having a pram that features storage facilities for bags and other such necessities. Doll prams of the same nature are widely available and feature the same accessories and storage spaces but simply scaled down to make the appropriate doll accessories. Doll pram pushchairs often feature padded beds for the doll to sit on, another feature which matches that of real life prams. Pushchairs also tend to have more safety features such as bars across the front of the doll pram to prevent the doll falling out.

Vintage Doll Prams

Vintage doll prams are extremely popular amongst both parents and children. They are smaller scale representations of the prams that were used in the likes of the Victorian times and even more recently than that. They are often constructed of thin metal or plastic frames but have large beds to allow for the 'comfort' of the doll. They also traditionally were made to have the doll facing the pusher of the pram, as opposed to sitting with their back to them. Doll prams of a vintage nature also tend to have large wheels. This may make them difficult to push in certain terrains. Vintage dolls prams also come in the form of wicker. These are also popular amongst children and parents alike.

Doll Pram Sizes

With dolls coming in a variety of different sizes, doll prams are often made to measure the more commonly purchased doll sizes. By knowing the size of the doll, the most suitable sized doll pram can be purchased. The likes of eBay are able to provide a lot of choice whilst still catering for the wide range of doll pram sizes.

Here is a general guide to the sizes of doll that doll prams are made available for:

- 7" to 8": Doll prams made for dolls between 7 and 8 inches in height can be found on the likes of eBay. They are generally for children of a younger age who do not necessarily appreciate the realistic design of bigger dolls and doll prams.

- 9" to 11": Whilst bigger in size, doll prams made to cater for dolls of this size still maintain a playful edge with bright colour and light materials. These are more suited soft toy dolls as opposed the harder, more realistic dolls.

- 12" to 19": Doll prams that cater for dolls of this size make up the majority of the market. All types of pram come in this size, such as stroller doll prams, pushchair doll prams, twin doll prams and occasionally vintage doll prams.

- 20" and above: Doll prams that can carry dolls of 20 inches and above are often found in the form of vintage doll prams. However, the likes of pushchair doll prams, stroller doll prams, and twin prams are also manufactured for this size of doll. The latterly listed types of doll prams also tend to come with enhanced safety features to limit the chance of the doll falling out. This is important, as dolls of this size can often be fragile and susceptible to damage.

Buying New or Used Doll Prams

There are a number of brand new doll prams for sale on eBay from a number of popular brands. These may be able to be found for under the recommended retail price if the seller is looking for a quick sale or has another form of a similar product.

Buyers can also purchase doll prams that have been used. However, when doing so, there are certain things one should look out for in terms of its condition:




The wheels on second hand doll prams can often be worn and not as rounded as those that can be purchased brand new. Unrounded wheels can make the pushing of doll prams difficult for children.


The more realistic doll prams with have brakes on them to stop them rolling away. Be sure that the breaks still work as if not, this can detract from the doll prams value enormously.


The rubber on handles of used doll prams can be dirty or worn. If this is the case, the price should be lower than a second hand pram that's handles are not in great condition.

Safety Belt

Although they are only prams for dolls, a broken safety belt on a used doll pram can make the difference between a doll being damaged and a doll staying in the pram. This may be of more significance to adult collectors of dolls who like to push around dolls of a higher quality and value.


With some doll prams being able to be folded and stored efficiently, a used doll pram that can no longer fold should be worth considerably less than one that can still function in that manner.

Buying a Doll Pram Online

Doll prams are vastly popular as doll accessories amongst children. Due to this, most high street toy retailers stock doll prams. Visit their websites to find out the prices that certain types of doll prams are available at, in order to increase the chances of finding one for a more affordable price elsewhere.

Compare and contrast the prices given by a number of doll pram retailers online to arrive at a rough value for the specific doll pram required.

Also, take a look at specialist online retailers to discover the prices available for the likes of vintage doll prams that can be a lot rarer to find than the other types of doll prams.

Parents and specialist doll collectors also may post articles on their blogs about recommended doll prams for certain dolls.

With knowledge of prices and styles of doll prams that are available, the buyer should then look to utilise the eBay marketplace to gain the doll pram that is ideal to their situation.

Buying a Doll Pram on eBay

With an armoury of recommended retail prices, endorsed doll pram sizes and acclaimed doll pram types, a buyer should be able to find an affordable deal on an auction site such as eBay.

The search process is made easy for buyers. When looking to purchase a doll pram on the site, head to the Dolls & Bears zone. From there, click on the Prams title which is featured under the Dolls Accessories heading. Here on in, it is down to the buyer to make use of the filter tabs and the keyword bar to search for their specific requirements.

Be wary of a seller's previous transaction history and their product description. Also, make sure that the images provided by the seller are clear in definition so as to gain a full understanding of the product. If anything is unclear or images are not provided, it may be a good idea to contact the seller to ask them a question.

If one is a first time buyer on eBay, it is wise to read through the Buying Tips page so as to understand the process of placing a Bid or taking a seller up on a Buy It Now option.


Whilst doll prams are essentially a toy, there are still a lot of things to consider before confirming a purchase. Being aware of all of these options is in the best interest of a child's imagination and playing time, as well as helping with the chances of saving some money.

Always consider the condition of a doll pram when buying used and remember to find out the size of the doll that is to be placed in the pram so as to ensure that the most suitable pram is purchased.

Doll prams are a great and affordable accessory that can really enhance the quality of a child's toy collection.

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