How to Buy a Fabric Horse Rug

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How to Buy a Fabric Horse Rug

Horse need to be carefully handled, especially when it comes to keeping them warm and healthy. There are many different types of fabric horse rug, and there are always plenty for sale – new and used – at eBay. Horses bring endless pleasure and enjoyment to both owners and riders, and for the best sort of horse rug have a look on eBay where there are many to choose from. To differentiate between the different types we need to consider what each is for, and why there is a need for so many. Rugs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, and are very versatile items. There may be a case for buying a number of different rugs for a horse so that it is correctly cared for at all times. There are many different considerations to be made when looking at buying a fabric horse rug, not least those that affect its use. Different rugs also apply to different environments.

Different Types of Fabric Horse Rug

When looking to buy fabric horse rugs it is best to start with a shortlist of considerations; the following might be of some help:

Horse Breed

Age and Health of the Horse

Type of Use

Style of Fabric Rug

Size of Fabric Rug

Fabric Options

Where the Horse if Kept

In considering the above it is important to understand why each is important, and it is to the horse that we look for an explanation. For example, the breed of the horse could influence the size of the rug, while the condition may be important; horses that are aged, or that are suffering from illness or other conditions, may need to be cared for carefully. The type of use for the rug is also important, for there are different types, and the style and size of the rug are essential considerations for fit. The fabric type will have an effect on the job the rug does, and the environment is a defining factor as to the rug needed.

There are, as it happens, several different types of fabric horse rug, of which the following make up the main:

Day Rugs, these can include travel rugs

Turnout rugs, these are for when the horse is out in the open

Stable rugs, these are used when the horse is stabled

Coolers, to help keep the horse cool in warmer weather

Fly sheets and Exercise rugs

In each case it is essential that the buyer considers many different aspects relating to the rug, including – of course – the size. The following are the many different types of rug, in terms of fitting, and there are many available at eBay.

  • The Standard rug: this option is one that is very common and offers excellent protection. This is the usual sort of rug for summer weather as the neck is open at the withers with the neck uncovered. These are usually lightweight rugs.
  • High Neck rug: this one covers the neck, but not entirely; some horses are subject to rubbing when wearing a standard style rug, and this type can be a good choice if that is the case.
  • Detachable Neck rugs: a clever type of rug that is akin to a standard rug but has a detachable neck cover for when extra warmth and protection is needed.
  • Combo rugs: these cover the entire neck on a permanent basis, and offer excellent protection in all weathers – particularly in the winter.

Each of these main types of fabric rugs has its own properties, and all are useful and popular. There is a further consideration to make, and that is for the fabric of the rug. Rugs can be made from many different materials, and some are more favourable than others. It is important to consider the denier of the rug; this is the thickness of the yarn, and it is a way of assessing the efficiency of a rug. For example, a 1000denier rug will be twice as strong as a 500denier version. Fabric horse rugs are an excellent choice and offer quality and durability, as well as added comfort for the horse, and come highly recommended.

Waterproof and Breathable Rugs

A turn-out rug, in particular, will need to be both waterproof and breathable, but what does this actually mean? Quite simply, the outer surface of the rug will be waterproof, most likely by the application of a coating of some sort. This means it is resistant to rain, and will allow the horse to be protected from the elements to a great degree. Over time the waterproofing qualities may diminish, and in heavier rain it may let in a little water. It is possible to buy a coating spray and recoat the waterproofing yourself.

The breathable element is a technological breakthrough that allows for a coating on the inside of the rug to draw sweat away from the horses skin and onto the outer of the rug. This is done in a clever fashion that is designed to keep the horse comfortable, while also keeping the horse comfortable and not too dry. This is an important element of a rug, and is one of the foremost considerations.

Measuring a Horse for Rug Size

It is absolutely essential that a horse rug fits the horse; each horse is different and there is no one size fits all philosophy here. Also, different styles of rug – as defined in the section above – can suit different horses. If the owner has a rug that fits a horse but needs replacing it may be sensible to check its design and make, and look for a similar one. There are many brands of horse rug on sale on eBay. Rugs come in a wide variety of different sizes, and it is important that the horse’s measurements are taken accurately. The owner should measure the horse from the chest to rear, not including the tail; this is best done by two people as it can be quite difficult. Now, using the following table relating to the height of the horse, it is possible to work out the size of rug required:

Horse height in hands







Rug Size in Inches







Allow for increments of three inches each time for measurements between the above, and that should be a decent guide to making the right purchase for the right horse. If the owner does have a rug that fits, lay it out on the floor and measure it and it should be easy to see which of the above it corresponds to. Once bought, it is important to understand the correct fitting instructions so that the horse is as comfortable as possible, and the manufacturer will include a fitting guide with the rug.

How to Buy Fabric Horse Rugs On eBay

There are many horse rugs for sale at any one time on eBay, and they are easy to search for and even easier to buy. You will find many different types of horse rugs, stable accessories, rider clothing and accessories and more, and with many vendors offering free delivery and excellent prices you are guaranteed the best deal. Using eBay is extremely easy; once you have decided upon the type of freshwater fishing reel you want you simply go to and choose the Equestrian section under the Sporting Goods header. Now look for the section titled Horse Wear and Equipment, and from there select the Rugs and Sheets choice for a great selection of rugs. The choice of equestrian goods is comprehensive, and you can narrow your search down by entering a brand name or model number into the search box, or by selecting sizes and other details on the drop down menu to the left. If you need further advice on buying horse rugs on eBay you can visit the Search Tips page, and you can also look in the eBay Stores section for more choice of horse rugs at eBay.


Many people enjoy riding horses for both pleasure and sport, and these graceful and intelligent animals can be a joy to be around. Horses live outdoors for a great deal of their life and, as such, it is up to the owner to make sure they are looked after adequately and correctly. Fabric Horse rugs are not an option, they are a necessity, and with so many available on eBay at any one time there should be no problem finding the right version for every individual horse. By following the above tips, tables and guides it is possible to make sure that the horse in question has the right rugs for the right time, and that it will be protected, warm and dry whether in the field or stable. Horses make great companions, but they are susceptible to elements – just like us – and inexpensive, quality fabric horse rugs are a very important part of the equipment. Consider the options carefully, and your horse will be beautifully warm and protected at all times.

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