How to Buy a Fancy Dress Costume

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You don’t have to be Superman to find a fancy dress costume that nobody else has; you just need a bit of imagination. Stand out from the hundreds of cavemen and cowgirlswith unique a fancy dress costume to make everyone jealous.
Fancy Dress Costumes
How to decide your costume
Fancy dress costume ideas
Getting the right size
New vs Used costumes

Deciding which fancy dress costume to buy

If you’ve ever bought a fancy dress costume before, you’ll know the feeling of browsing the  rails or scouring the web for hours on end, arguing with yourself as to which is best. 

The easiest way is to break your decision down into three smaller questions.

Does your party have a theme?
Halloween aside, most fancy dress is bought for fancy dress parties, and most fancy dress parties have a theme. This should immediately make your decision much easier. Popular themes include pirates, superheroes and other fictional characters but why not think outside the box and go as something no one else would have though of? Maybe an Oompa Loompa or even a Rubix Cube

Are you going alone or with others?
If you’re going to your party with a group of  friends, you might want to consider coordinating your outfits. Try going as a group you have seen on TV like the Teletubbies or characters from a computer game such as the Mario brothers.

What’s the weather going to be like?

You don’t need to be a weather forecaster to know that rain is always possible in Britain. Be sure to check the forecast in advance of your event to see whether your great new Wombles costumes will become waterlogged before you leave Wimbledon. 


Fancy Dress Costume Ideas

Disney Characters
Disney is responsible for some of the most memorable and colourful  characters in film. Classic favourites such Snow White, Cinderella and Aladdin work well as fancy dress costumes, as do more modern Pixar creations like Buzz Lightyear, Mr Incredible and Sulley.

Ahoy there! So you’re thinking of going as a pirate arrrrr you? Pirates are great for fancy dress and have seen a surge in popularity recently thanks to the success of the brilliant Pirates of the Caribbean films. For kids, look no further than Jake & the Neverland Pirate for inspiration.                                                                 
Express your inner superhero with costumes ranging from Superman  and Catwoman to Batman and Robin. Superhero costumes are perfect for mixed sex groups, with an abundance of cult characters to choose from. Special powers not included.
Go back in time to an era of rock and roll, punk or disco with a fancy  dress costume themed to a particular decade. And if music’s not your thing, why not go as your favourite film star or celebrity from that era for a costume that’s personal to you and your youth?

Getting the size right

Fortunately, choosing the size of a two-person horse is much easier than buying a new shirt for work. Always check product descriptions for size information before you commit to your favourite costume.

What will you be wearing underneath?
Do you plan to be naked underneath your tight-fitting morph suit or layering up under  your giant teddy bear costume? Factor this into your decision and buy smaller of larger sizes, as necessary.

Should I buy a new or used costume?

Depending on how often you plan on wearing your fancy dress costume – probably not too  much – you might wish to consider buying a used one at a fraction of the price. 

Used fancy dress costumes are generally in good condition from people wearing them once before deciding to sell them on. However, as with buying anything second hand, always ask the following questions and never be embarrassed.
− How many times do I plan to wear it?
  Used costumes are great for one-off events but probably won’t withstand multiple uses.
− How unique do I want to be?
Stay away  from generic second-hand costumes if your aim is to stand out. You’re just retelling somebody else’s joke.
− How could this Chewbacca costume have possibly been cleaned inside and out when it doesn’t even fit into a washing machine? Answer: It’s dirty; buy a new one.

You don’t have to be Superman to find a
fancy dress costume that nobody else
has; you just need a bit of imagination.
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