How to Buy a Faux Leather King Size Bed

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How to Buy a Faux Leather King Size Bed

A bed purchase is a personal and worthwhile investment given that a third of life is spent in bed. A large selection of faux leather beds is available on eBay and the importance of researching brands, mattress options, and storage are factors that need to be taken into consideration. Faux leather beds have become popular and can combine modern with traditional to ensure the bedroom offers a haven of relaxation. With use, a bed moulds to the body shape, yields to weight and should last up to ten years with the correct care and attention to maintaining support and a comfortable night’s sleep. With the bed market as large as it is, knowing where to begin searching for a new bed can be daunting. The most important aspect to consider when thinking of a new bed is comfort and this is not to be underestimated. While the mattress is important, what remains priority is that the two work together. There is little point in spending the money on the mattress if the bed frame is not designed to cope with the mattress. We aim to provide guidance and direction on purchasing a new bed.

About Faux Leather King Size Beds

A faux leather bed frame is a wooden upholstered frame providing a modern and sleek look to enhance the bedroom. Faux leather beds are a popular choice as they give an appearance of real leather at a fraction of the price. Faux leather is imitation leather and an alternative to real leather. The leather look finish is achieved by a manufacturing process applied to a cloth or PVC. There are various reasons why faux leather is an ideal choice and for many, it provides the ideal budget option alternative to real leather – ideal for those who do not agree with the ethics behind real leather products. Other reasons which make faux leather an ideal choice include the fact it is practical, easier to keep clean and longevity of cosmetic appearance. Modern faux leather no longer has a look of plastic as in past years, and vast improvements have been made to keep the a visual appearance of leather. Improvements in manufacturing of faux leather now make the final upholstered look difficult to distinguish from real leather. Faux leather will last just as long as real leather and as it is an upholstered item, any snags or tears as the product ages can be repaired just as real leather can.

Choosing a Faux Leather King Size Bed

When choosing a bed, being faced with choice can be a daunting prospect given the wide range of choice available. With a king size bed in mind, the faux leather material decided upon, there are a number of other aspects to be taken into consideration.

Mattress Options

Mattresses make the bed. One of the most overlooked aspects of bed buying that is considered when purchasing a bed is the mattress. Knowing where to begin when beginning the search for the mattress can be tricky. Explore all sellers of King Size mattresses before making a choice Spend as much as the available budget will allow on the mattress as the comfort and health benefits will pay for themselves in years to come. Having chosen the bed frame, the retailer may well offer special offers on a mattress purchase. With many options for mattresses, it is vital that the right one mattress is chosen to address needs. Don’t be afraid to test out any mattress for comfort and if the mattress is intended for a couple, it is vital that both test the mattress to ensure overall satisfaction with the choice. A mattress purchase is of paramount importance and as well as spending to budget, time, and research is just as important. The following table offers recommendations.




Pocket Spring Mattress Individual springs sewn into pockets of fabric Provides support and prevents rolling together. The springs support weight reducing sleep disturbance for a partner.
Coil Spring Mattress Springs are fixed by wire Ideal choice for a children’s bed or a guest room.
Memory Foam Mattress Open cell Visco-elastic material Ideal choice for spinal problems. Memory foam moulds to weight with an added benefit of being temperature controlled. A popular choice and widely available. Can give off a pungent smell when new, but this will soon pass.
Latex Mattress or Pure Foam Made of latex and foam Ideal if allergies and dust mites allergies are a problem.
Continuous Coil Mattress Springs are linked with a single wire These coils move as a single unit therefore rolling together can happen. A cheaper option but ideal if on a very tight budget.
Memory Foam Topper As the mattress version An ideal second choice if on a strict budget. To be placed on top of a mattress such as a coil spring.

When purchasing a new mattress, always air the mattress well before use. In particular, the memory foam mattresses can be very pungent when first unwrapped; this is normal and will wear off with sufficient airing. Always buy from a British supplier.

Storage Options

Consider a storage option regardless of whether space is limited in the bedroom. Choosing a bed with storage will never be a poor choice as this will free up other storage areas in the home and practically, it does make sense to have a spare set of bed linen in the bedroom. Storage can be of two options: An Ottoman bed frame, which uses the majority of its space for storage and is connected to the side of the bed or the headboard end by way of a hinge. The mattress rests on the platform and a hydraulic system or tension spring will assist in accessing the storage area. The divan option is two or four drawers. Both options are neat and focus on storing spare linen with space being of larger quantity from the ottoman design. The design of the faux leather bed frame removes the need for a valance, providing easy access to storage.



Ottoman Divan

Offers storage for heavier items due to the floor supporting the weight. Uses the majority of its own space, therefore, offering maximum usage of the space.

Drawer Divan

Offers compartments therefore enabling organisation of items to be stored. Ideal for all bed linen and bedding.

Find King Size Faux Leather Beds on eBay

To purchase faux leather beds go to eBay home page and then click beds and mattress from the furniture tab. Refine the search by using the filters on the left hand side of the screen and research sellers and manufacturers. Alternatively, use the search option at the top of the page and enter more specific terms such as “king size faux leather beds” where a range of beds will be available. Knowing more about what is being looked for will narrow down the search results.


Buying a bed is a personal mission. Give the process the time it deserves to enjoy a new bed for years to come. Rushing the decision on first explorations may prove to be a false economy. Research as much as possible, research the sellers and don’t hesitate to ask sellers, vital questions about the products. The availability is plentiful and it is a buyer’s market. Asking questions about the bed and mattress will ensure the transaction will run smoothly and lessen the chance of having to arrange refunds. Once the transaction is complete, a new bed will give a better quality of a sleep for many nights.

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