How to Buy a Hair Dresser Trolley on eBay

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How to Buy a Hair Dresser Trolley on eBay

Also sold as ‘beauty’ and ‘salon’ trolleys, hair dresser trolleys are the companions of hairdressers the world over, providing easy, ample and mobile storage for all the items needed for their business. These are perfect for the hairstylist who wants to elegantly and smartly present their hairstyling items, so as to exude a feeling of professionalism within their workplace.

This guide will help buyers locate the perfect trolley for them, at the best price on eBay, the site with the largest market online.

Buying a Hair Dresser Trolley

Buyers beginning to search for hair dresser trolleys should bear in mind the various factors that will affect their search, such as:

  • Price – an important part of any purchase, the price of any trolley will vary depending on the type, size and the condition of the item.
  • Type – with the different kinds of trolley available, (regular, colour, transportable) as well as different sizes and styles, the buyer should consider which type of trolley would be best for them.
  • Condition - with trolleys both new and used available, prices will change depending on condition

The above are the basic factors to consider when purchasing hair dresser trolleys, and acknowledging them before searching is an ideal way to begin to narrow down results.

Types of Hairdresser Trolley

Hairdresser trolleys are a vital part of the salon for hairdressers who need to have all the necessary styling tools within easy reach wherever in the salon they are. Though hairdresser trolleys all have the same basic layout, there are variations to deal with specific tasks such as dye or mobility. All have different strengths and weaknesses, and the buyer should keep in mind what roles they will need the trolley to fulfil whilst searching. The main types of hairdresser trolley are:


The regular, basic kind of hair dresser trolley; these are the most familiar kind of trolley and are useful for those buyers who need a great deal of storage space but do not require great mobility – though trolleys are all on wheels. Usually with 4, 6 or 8 tiers of open or closed shelves, and sometimes including appliance holders, these are essential to salon-based hairdressers.


Also known as a tint trolley, these colour trolleys are used for hair dyeing purposes, with specific sections used to hold dyes and foils. They are smaller than regular trolleys, but their purpose-specific design makes them much more efficient when dying hair.


Also known as beauty cases, these foldaway, transportable trolleys are especially good for mobile hairdressers as all necessary items can be put into their own section and carried safely from place to place. Built with their own rollers and an extendable handhold, these case-like trolleys function much like luggage and each box can usually be completely removed from the frame allowing for easy access – and meaning that the buyer only has to carry as many boxes as they need to. A lot of them also have foldout drawers with appliance holders, allowing the buyer to set up their own makeshift salon wherever they are.

Choosing the Right Hair Dresser Trolley

What the correct hair dresser trolley will be is the choice of the buyer, who will need to keep in mind the various factors that will affect their decision. These include:


When considering why they will be using the trolley, the buyer should also consider where the trolley will be being used, because different trolleys have different levels of mobility as well as purpose.

  • Salon – if the buyer will use the trolley in a salon they should consider the use of a regular or colour trolley. These trolleys are large, purpose-built and easy to access, and they will not require any large amounts of mobility apart from the wheeled bottom.
  • Transport – buyers who require a trolley that can be transported will need to consider boxes or cases, as these are far more secure and mobile than regular trolleys. Though often these cases are very large and slightly more costly than regular trolleys, the benefits of having all supplies in an easily moveable box cannot be overstated for mobile hairdressers or for those who have many hairdressing supplies to carry with them.
  • Colouring – if the buyer is looking to colour and tint hair then they should consider purchasing a trolley specifically designed for that purpose. Though some regular and transport trolleys include small colouring-ready sections, purpose-built trolleys tend to be smaller and lighter than regular trolleys, and these are also more mobile and many also fold up to enable easy storage.


Accessibility can be an important issue, particularly for those who prefer either easily accessed or lockable drawers.

  • Drawers – trolleys usually have either simple shelves or proper, closable drawers. The buyer may prefer the easily accessible shelves, or the security of the full drawers – typically, trolleys with drawers are used for items such as scissors and blades as they are safer.
  • Locks – some regular and transport trolleys are available with lockable drawers, which not only makes them more secure, (particularly with valuable objects) but also ensures that drawers and items do not move during transportation.


There are many different sizes of trolleys available, all catering for different needs. The buyer will need to consider how many items they will need to store, and if buying a transportable trolley they should bear in mind whether the size and weight is functional for them. Size is an important part of buying a transportable trolley, as this will determine how the buyer will carry it. Most trolleys are suitable for car journeys, but if the buyer is walking or using public transport they may wish to opt for a smaller design, as large trolleys can be heavy and unwieldy.

Buyers may wish to consider the size of the trolley if they are using air travel. Small items may fit in overhead lockers; however, large trolleys may need to be stored in the hold. This will delay journeys and possibly be more expensive if the trolley is particularly heavy and incurs an overweight baggage fee. Buyers should also keep in mind trolleys might not to be allowed to be stored in overhead lockers if they contain sharp items such as scissors or razors - these will need to be stored in the hold.


There are many designs of hair dresser trolley available, ranging from single tray stands to complex carts with pullout drawers, side-shelves and built-in appliance holders. Choosing the correct design of trolley is a combination of size, accessibility and purpose – more complex designs will usually be bigger, often lockable, and more suitable for salon-based use. Whereas simpler designs, whilst more accessible, will be smaller and usually more mobile. Design is just as important a factor as size, cost and purpose and buyers, when searching, should be on the lookout for the design that would suit them.


Whilst this may not seem an important factor, the surface will not only determine the look of the item, but also how easily it can be cleaned. This is especially important with items such as tinting/colouring trolleys, which must be thoroughly cleaned between uses to prevent dyes and bleaches from transferring. Many colouring trolleys have easily removable parts, allowing them to be cleaned separately. Plastic is a common surface for trolleys due to being easily cleanable, though wood and glass are also popular finishes.


Trolleys are a vital tool for salon-based and travelling hairdressers everywhere, and with this guide a buyer will be able to find the ideal trolley for them in terms of type, size and condition – and then make a purchase at the best price possible on eBay.

When searching for hair dresser trolleys on eBay, buyers should keep in mind the added security benefits of buying items via PayPal, eBay’s preferred way to purchase, with additional eBay Buyer Protection.

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