How to Buy a Husqvarna Chainsaw

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How to Buy a Husqvarna Chainsaw

Husqvarna is the largest manufacturer of outdoor power products in the world. The company is based in Europe and produces high quality chainsaws for all types of work. With so many different chainsaws to choose from, it can be hard to determine which Husqvarna chainsaw is the right one for the job. When shopping for a Husqvarna chainsaw, a shopper must first determine what they intend to use the chainsaw for. The types of chainsaws can range from those used to trim trees in the garden to high powered machines used to fell trees in forests.

The shopper should evaluate the various types of chainsaws available and choose the chainsaw with features that will get the job done. A chainsaw should be comfortable to operate, easy to use, and powerful enough to complete the job. Those looking for great deals on consumer and professional Husqvarna chainsaws will find a wide selection of new and used models on eBay.

Determine the Purpose of the Chainsaw

Before shopping for a Husqvarna chainsaw, a user needs to determine what they need the chainsaw for. Husqvarna manufactures many types of chainsaws for a variety of uses. A user who need a chainsaw to use occasionally would benefit more from a smaller and less powerful chainsaw than those who use chainsaws on a regular basis. Casual users often choose a chainsaw based on how easy it is to use rather than its performance, whereas professionals rely heavily on the performance of the chainsaw. Additionally, casual users likely do not want to invest as much in a chainsaw as professional users.

Types of Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna offers several types of chainsaws to meet a wide range of needs for users. They have several models, both large and small, for use by casual users and hobbyists to full-time professional woodcutters. On the lower end, casual saws are small and designed to be used occasionally. On the higher end, professional saws have multiple features and come in larger sizes to offer better performance for heavy use. Once users have determined their chainsaw needs, they’ll be able to decide which type of saw will best meet those needs.

Casual Chainsaws

Casual Husqvarna saws are small, lightweight, efficient and easy to handle. People who only need to use saws occasionally would do well with this type of saw. They won’t perform at the same level as a professional saws, but they work well for cutting branches and removing small trees that have fallen. Casual saws are easy to start and use so that even a person who hasn’t handled chainsaws much in the past can handle one with ease. These saws are designed for people who don’t need to use a chainsaw very often.

All-Around Chainsaws

An all-around Husqvarna saw is a step up from a casual saw, but still not quite as powerful as a professional saw. An all-around saw is built with the same design and performance as a professional saw and will hold up well with part-time use. All-around saws can be used for a variety of purposes, but are not the ideal choice for people who have never used chainsaws before. They have more features and more power and might be too much chainsaw for a beginner. Woodcutters and other professional woodworkers can complete their work with these types of saws without having to spend too much.

Professional Chainsaws

Professional Husqvarna saws are designed for maximum performance and durability. They are designed to be comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time. Additionally, they can handle the wear and tear of being used on a full-time basis. Because of the increased power offered by a professional chainsaw, only users with experience handling the extra kickback should use these types of chainsaws.

Tree Care Saws

A Husqvarna tree care saw is a type of professional saw that is specifically designed for cutting down large trees. They have added power and features that assist in this type of work. These specialty saws should only be used by professionals because of the larger size, weight, and increased power and kickback.

Husqvarna Chainsaw Features and Options

Whether shopping for professional use or casual use, shoppers have several options to consider in addition to the type of saw they will be purchasing. Within each type, there are several models and sizes of chainsaws available, so knowing which features and options to look for can help shoppers narrow down the selections to make a decision. Some options shoppers might consider are how easy the chainsaw is to maintain, its weight, its engine size, and the length of the guard bar.

Chainsaw Maintenance

Proper maintenance of a chainsaw is the key to its efficiency and lifespan. Shoppers should choose a chainsaw that has parts that are easy to reach for easy maintenance. In particular, shoppers should look for chainsaws that have easy-to-reach air filters and spark plugs. These need to be changed regularly for optimal performance. Additionally, shoppers should look for a chainsaw that can easily have its chain tensioned. Since casual users will likely take their chainsaws to a professional for maintenance, having fewer and easy-to-reach parts will lower the cost of the service. This saves the user time and money in the long run.

Weight of the Chainsaw

The weight of the chainsaw is important to consider for safety reasons. If the saw is too heavy for the user, then his arms may tire and he could drop the chainsaw while it is in operation. Inexperienced or casual users should look for smaller chainsaws that can be held more comfortably for extended periods of time.

The Chainsaw’s Engine Size

The size of a chainsaw is expressed in terms of the piston displacement and engine power. The size of the engine is a contributing factor to the overall weight of the chainsaw. When shopping for a chainsaw based on engine size, the lighter weight saws have a smaller engine and heavier saws have larger engines. For this reason, shoppers have to closely think about the types of woods they will be cutting to determine the proper size to purchase. While a small chainsaw is easier to handle, it may not be powerful enough to cut through some types of wood.

Guide Bar Length

The guide bar is the long part of the chainsaw that the chain spins around. These come in various lengths, and can be changed as needed depending on the type of chainsaw. The length of the guide bar corresponds to the size of the tree or wood that is being cut. Casual users should look for shorter guide bars for cutting smaller trees. Additionally, this shorter guide bar reduces the overall weight of the saw. Professional users should have access to several guide bar lengths so that they can adjust the size of the saw to accommodate the size of the tree.

Find Safety Equipment and Accessories

Once the Husqvarna chainsaw has been purchased, a user can begin shopping for the proper safety equipment. Chainsaws are dangerous pieces of machinery when not handled correctly, and in order to prevent injury, safety equipment and accessories must be worn. The dangers of a chainsaw stem from more than just the blades. Users must also protect themselves from flying debris, falling objects, vibrations, and loud noises. Investing in safety gear not only protects the user from injury, but also makes operating the chainsaw more comfortable.


A helmet protects the head from being struck by any pieces of wood that are thrown off by the chainsaw. Many helmets are also equipped with safety visors to protect the eyes and face. They also improve visibility for more accurate handling of the saw. The solid plastic helmet has straps that adjust to the size of the wearer’s head for a secure fit.

Hearing Protection

Chainsaws are loud when they are in operation. Because users work in close proximity to this noise, ear plugs or other covers are needed to protect the user’s hearing. Hearing protection is especially important for professional users, both fulltime and part-time, who spend a considerable amount of time operating a chainsaw. Ear protectors are available in many designs, and some even have cushioned covers for a more comfortable fit.


Gloves are needed to protect the hands from injury from flying debris as well as from excessive vibrations. These vibrations given off by a handheld chainsaw can affect a user’s hands over time. Gloves that can absorb these vibrations help the user keep a steady hand while operating the chainsaw.

Safety Trousers

If the arms become fatigued or if the user loses grip on the chainsaw, then he will drop it and could possibly become injured. The legs are at great risk for injury when operating a chainsaw. Fortunately, there are safety trousers available that are both comfortable and stylish. These trousers have a soft fabric outer layer covering several layers of cut-retardant material. These help to stop the blades of a chainsaw from severely injuring a user’s legs while working. Many safety trousers can be laundered at home and have features like pockets and zippers.

First Aid Kit

If an accident does occur, then immediate care is needed to reduce the severity of the injuries. Keeping a stocked first aid kit handy makes it easy to treat all types of cuts and injuries before help arrives. Users can purchase first aid kits that are already put together or gather materials and make one themselves. First aid kits should include bandages, gauze, alcohol swabs, pain relievers for cleaning wounds and stopping bleeding.

How to Find a Husqvarna Chainsaw on eBay

The garden section in eBay has a large selection of machinery and power products, including Husqvarna chainsaws. Begin your search by entering the search query ‘chainsaw’ into the search bar. On the results page, select "Chainsaws" and then Husqvarna as the brand to narrow the listings to chainsaws of this particular brand. Narrow the listings down further by specifying the chainsaw’s length, features, condition, price range, and more.

Delivery Options

Chainsaws tend to be large and heavy, which means that postage can add a significant amount to the purchase price. When shopping for a Husqvarna chainsaw on eBay, you can look for sellers who offer free postage. Be sure to compare the overall prices of the chainsaws. Some sellers increase the price of the product to compensate for the postage fees. Some sellers offer a flat postage fee to help save the buyer money as well. Additionally, you can search for chainsaws being sold by sellers who are located close to you. You may be able to pick up the chainsaw in person and avoid postage and packaging fees altogether.


Chainsaws are used by professionals and consumers to cut down trees and complete other woodcutting projects. A quality chainsaw is one that can complete the job while being easy to use. Before purchasing a chainsaw, a user must determine what their woodcutting needs are so they’ll know how powerful the chainsaw needs to be or how much they should invest. Once their needs have been determined, a shopper can learn about the different types of chainsaws and choose the type that would be the best fit for completing the job.

Other options can be compared and evaluated to find a chainsaw that is easy to use and has enough power to meet the user’s needs. Husqvarna is the largest manufacturer of outdoor power products in the world, and has a solid reputation for making quality machines. People choose Husqvarna chainsaws because of their quality and also because of the range of chainsaws they produce. People who are looking for great deals on new and used Husqvarna chainsaws will find what they need on eBay.

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