How to Buy a Portable Wood Stove on eBay

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How to Buy a Portable Wood Stove on eBay

Camping is a hugely popular form of recreation, and a great way to get away from busy city life to experience the great outdoors. Camping has been a part of human society for millennia, though it was only much more recently that it became a recreational activity. One of the key aspects of camping is food; cooking outdoors is not always as practical or easy as cooking indoors, but is generally considered to be a rewarding and liberating experience, and can often produce delicious results. To cook outdoors, however, a portable stove is needed.

This guide will look closely at the portable wood stove,, providing information and advice about what to look for when considering buying one. In addition, this guide will examine why eBay, the renowned consumer bidding website, is such a great online location at which to buy a portable wood stove.

The Portable Wood Stove

This section of the guide will undertake a close and thorough examination of the portable wood stove, with the aim of informing the reader about it.

What Is a Portable Stove?

A portable stove is simply a device for cooking food. It can be broken apart and set up easily and quickly in any location where there is room, allowing it to be transported to any location. Fuel is burned, generating heat in a controlled fashion, which can then be directed towards the required task. Portable stoves naturally lend themselves to camping situations, though they can be used for outdoors cooking in any situation.

Why a Wood Stove?

A wood stove is any stove that burns wood to generate its heat. Wood is the oldest example of fuel for cooking;; humans have used wood for thousands of years to create fire. However, its traditional heritage does not necessarily make it the most efficient or practical option. In recent times, other kinds of fuel have begun to be used for portable stoves, including kerosene, propane and naphtha. These have proved to be more space efficient, and easier to get burning in adverse weather conditions. This raises the question: why bother using a wood stove at all?

Wood stoves have advantages over the other kinds of stove. Firstly, they allow other kinds of fuel to be used, making them more versatile, but this is incidental. Wood can be found all over the country in wooded locations. This means it can be gathered for free, negating the relatively hefty expense of buying other kinds of fuel. Wood is also cheaper to buy in stores if no wood can be found lying around. Wood is also known to create a more pleasant smelling and tasting smoke than its chemically based counterparts, with “wood-smoke” being a term synonymous with wholesome, natural cooking and rich flavour.

Features of a Portable Wood Stove

This section of the guide will look at the main features of a portable wood stove, explaining in detail what each part does and how it works. The main features of a portable wood stove are as follows:

  • Main Body – the stove itself consists of a large, hollow container, usually cylindrical, into which the fuel (in this case wood) is placed and burned. The main body of the stove will feature a door, which can be fastened shut to prevent danger, or opened to allow the chef to control the fire within.
  • Hob/Grill – the stove must have an “interface”, or in other words a part of it which interacts with the food itself, allowing the generated heat to be transferred into its desired receptacle (namely the food). This will often take the form of a grill rack for food to be placed on, or a flat metal “hob” which heats up and in turn is used to heat up pots and pans.
  • Flue pipe/chimney – burning wood generates smoke. This smoke must have somewhere to go if the process is to go smoothly. Without a flue pipe (a chimney) the smoke would have nowhere to go and the pressure inside the stove would build up to dangerous levels. The flue pipe vents the excess smoke harmlessly out from the stove and into the surrounding environment, and is an irreplaceably important component of the portable wood stove.
  • Legs/stand – the legs suspend the portable wood stove above the ground, so that it can comfortably be used from a more practical standing position.

What to Look for/Consider When Buying a Portable Wood Stove

This section of the guide will look at the most important considerations that ought to be observed, weighed and analysed before any portable wood stove is purchased. These are:

  • Function
  • Price
  • Size
  • Additional features


The first and most important thing to consider when buying a portable wood stove is what it is to be used for. This will help determine practically all of the other desirable features. For instance, a stove intended to cook for large groups of people on a regular basis from a consistent location will be both large and sturdy, whereas a stove intended for merely occasional use, or one which will require lots of transportation, ought to be smaller and lighter. Some portable wood stoves are suitable for use indoors, in well-ventilated areas.


Price is a hugely important consideration when making any purchase. It is a good idea to set oneself a budget, based on some combination of the apparent average price of portable wood stoves and the maximum amount that the buyer can afford to expend on the purchase. This helps buyers find their ideal kind of product.


With portable wood stoves, size is immensely important. The main considerations that affect the required size of stove include:

  • Number of people to cook for – the more people to cook for, the larger the stove will have to be.
  • Distance needed to travel – stoves which need to be transported large distances are often better off being small and thus more easily stored and carried.

Size is measured in inches and by length. Measurements can apply to any part of the stove. For instance, legs might measure 26 ½ inches, the flue pipe might measure 18 inches long x 3 inches diameter, and the main body of the stove might measure 18 inches long x 10 inches tall x 11 inches wide.

Additional Features

There are numerous additional features sometimes included in the purchase of a portable wood stove. These include:

  • Carry bags – for easy transportation
  • Tent or Shed Kits – allowing indoors or sheltered usage
  • Water Heaters – to divert excess heat energy to heating water, minimising wasted energy
  • Spark Arrestor – prevents stray sparks and debris
  • Additional Flue Sections – for extra tall ceilings


Camping is a great way of getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and spend some time appreciating nature. Food is an important part of camping, tied very closely to the camping ethos. There are few finer ways of campsite cooking than using a portable wood stove.. This guide set out to provide enough information about portable wood stoves for readers to be able to make the right choice when buying one. The main considerations are:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Function
  • Additional Features

This guide concludes that it is highly advisable to use eBay, the popular bidding website, to buy portable wood stoves, owing to its wide selection and helpful, simple design.

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