How to Buy a Steel Building

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How to Buy a Steel Building

GFB Buildings Ltd 

A Guide to Our Customer Experience

The process of buying or procuring a building from GFB Buildings Ltd is not complicated nor is it expensive. It is a cost effective, quick and easy route to a successful building project. We supply steel framed building kits to self-builders, sub-contractors, building companies, businesses and individuals all over the UK and Ireland. It is our aim to simplify the processes involved and to put the customer in control so that you can have complete confidence in the cost, the quality and the delivery timescales for your building. Our level of involvement is flexible and entirely up to you. We are happy to be involved in the project from start to finish or to supply your building kit only.

So you want a building! Where do you start?

  • Contact us at GFB Buildings Ltd, our advice is free, we will visit your site and discuss your requirements there or handle your enquiry by telephone or e-mail.
  • Consider your site and the purpose of your building, it's size and the quality you require.
  • Consider your budget, resources, timescales and health and safety. You as the client have to be satisfied that the Health & Safety aspects of your project are in the right hands.
  •  Obtain your fixed price quotation from GFB Buildings Ltd. We will help you to develop your building specification and provide you with an accurate, fast, free and competative quotation.
  • Consult your Local Authority, to establish what, if any applications/approvals are required. You can do this yourself or GFB Buildings Ltd can do this for you, on a fixed fee basis.
  • Engineering - If SER Certificates, ground condition survey or structural reports are required by the local authority, then we can provide these via our partner consulting engineer at a fixed cost, which is payable in advance.
  • Drawings for Planning purposes etc. will be provided by GFB Buildings upon receipt of a small deposit, which is refunded against the cost of your building kit.
  • Consider all your options and decide on your building plan and programme of works.
  • Confirm the order for your building kit and pay a 50% deposit approximately 3-4 weeks before you need it to be delivered to site.
  • Appoint a contractor/s to install your concrete base and to erect your building or GFB Buildings Ltd can help to arrange this for you.
  • Accept handover of an accurately sized, square and level concrete base and pay the concreter on completion.
  • Pay GFB Buildings Ltd the 50% balance of the Building Kit on or before the delivery date.
  • On receipt of payment and before delivery GFB Buildings will send you a full parts list and instruction manual for your building by e-mail or hard copy.
  • Accept delivery of your Building Kit and check that it is complete - synchronised so that your builder can assist you with this task.
  • Accept handover of your completed building and pay the builder/steel erector on completion.

In Summary.....

There are FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to successfully obtaining the building you want :

  1. YOUR SITE                                                                  Examine your site and develop your plans
  2. YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY                                            Get advice and complete the necessary applications.
  3. YOUR BUILDING                                                        Develop your building specification and arrange supply.
  4. THE BUILD                                                                         Get your building erected safely.

This guide was written by Chris Simm, Director of GFB Buildings Ltd. a First Class Honours BSc Building Engineer.

I hope that you find the guide helpful when making a decision about procuring a steel building, whether you use GFB Buildings or any other supplier. 

My e-bay shop and newsletter are still in the early stages of development however you can sign up and you will be kept up to date with its progress or you can visit the website, which is just a little more mature.  

If you would like to ask any questions that you think I could help you with on this subject then please feel at liberty to do so, I'll be delighted to help.

Kind Regards

Chris Simm

March 2008

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