How to Buy a Toyota Celica on eBay

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How to Buy a Toyota Celica on eBay

The Japanese car industry made a tremendous global impact in the 1970's, and Japanese cars remain worldwide industry leaders to this day. The Toyota Celica is an excellent representation of the sporty, yet practical designs that have made Japanese cars so popular around the world. With 35 years in production ending in 2006, the Celica is also an enduring symbol of the Japanese car industry's meteoric growth and entrenchment as a worldwide leader in automotive production.

Although Toyota stopped making the Celica a few years ago, many of these cars remain on the road. Those looking to buy a Toyota Celica can find them for sale on eBay. Learning the history of the Celica helps consumers decide which Celicas to search for on the website. It also helps to know how to search the site. Understanding how to filter for certain features helps potential buyers narrow listings to the Celicas they are looking for. Lastly, following a few key tips ensures a smooth and satisfactory buying experience. eBay is solid marketplace for Toyota Celicas, and consumers can expect to save money on the site.

History of the Toyota Celica

The Toyota Celica had a run of over three decades on the British market, making it one of the more enduring car models in automotive history. Learning the basic history of the Toyota Celica in the United Kingdom helps consumers determine which Celica generations to shop for on eBay. This is because the history of Celica production breaks down into generations based on a few important features of the car. Understanding the key features of these generations enables consumers to hone in on the Celicas they want on eBay.

Early Period

The early period comprises the first three generations of Celica production, with the first generation starting when Toyota began manufacturing the Celica in 1971 and the third generation ending when Toyota produced the last rear-wheel drive Celica in 1985.

The first Celica generation lasted until 1977. For the first few years, Celicas in the UK were two-door hardtop sports cars. A three-door liftback version became available in Britain in 1976. The second generation lasted from 1977 to 1981. During this time, Toyota produced a two-door coupe, a two-door convertible, and a three-door liftback. These Celicas looked less muscular than those in the first-generation, but they retained big engines relative to their size to maintain high performance. The third Celica generation included the same body styles as the second, but engines got bigger and more powerful. The coupe also took on a more boxy look than the ones in previous generations.

Those looking for earlier generations of the Celica may find them listed as classic cars on eBay, though a few Celicas from the later generations may be listed there as well.

Later Period

The fourth Celica generation heralded a major shift in the car's design. Toyota switched from rear-wheel to front-wheel drive and rounded many of the corners on the bodies of third-generation models. It also scaled back engine power. These Celicas were decidedly less sporty than previous generations, though they looked sleeker.

The fourth generation ended in 1989, and the fifth generation continued a trend of less powerful, but smoother-looking Celicas. The sixth Celica generation began in 1993, and Toyota used this period to improve the model's handling. The seventh and final Celica generation ran from 1999 to 2006. Toyota dropped the coupe and convertible from production, leaving only the three-door liftback. These Celicas featured a 1.8-litre engine that received more acclaim for fuel economy than for power, though one engine type was capable of 180 horsepower.

Celica sales sagged in the large American market, and Toyota decided in 2004 to finally retire the line. Production ceased completely in 2006, though many Celicas remain on the road. Progressive styling, solid reliability, and good fuel economy keep the Celica relevant in today's car market.

Search eBay for a Toyota Celica

The eBay buying process for a Toyota Celica begins with a search for the Celicas listed on the site. Consumers can either use the eBay Motors page or standard search.

eBay Motors

The eBay Motors page is eBay's centre for anything on the site related to vehicles. Consumers can use the dropdown menus on the page to pull up listings for Toyota Celica cars. It is also possible to use the eBay Motors search engine to locate Celica parts.

Standard Search

Consumers can also search for a Toyota Celica from any eBay page with the search bar. Entering a term such as "Toyota Celica" and choosing either the category related to cars or classic cars pulls up Celica car listings. Consumers can then choose the filter options for the features they want on a Celica. This creates a more targeted listing to help consumers quickly find the cars they want.

Toyota Celica Options on eBay

Body style, year, vehicle mileage, and colour are among the more important features that consumers look at when trying to find the right Celica. eBay provides filter options based on these features, enabling consumers to quickly target the Celicas that meet their specifications.

Body Style

Toyota produced the Celica in a few different body styles over the car's history. eBay enables potential Celica buyers to filter the listings according to coupes and sports/convertibles. Consumers can also use descriptive search terms to find certain Celica body styles. For example, a search for "Toyota Celica 3 door" produces a list of the three-door liftback Celica models for sale on eBay. Between filtering and searching, a potential buyer should be able to find the right Celica body style.

Production Year

Those who have a specific production year in mind when it comes to a Toyota Celica can filter for that year on eBay listings. Potential buyers can also select a handful of years from the filtering options to see all of the Celicas available from a specific production generation.

Vehicle Mileage

Because the Celica ceased production in 2006, most Celicas listed on eBay are used. Potential Celica buyers should therefore consider how many miles a listed Celica has on it. Consumers can also filter the eBay listings by how many miles a Celica has on it. The more mileage a used car has, the less expensive it usually is. Filtering for mileage helps consumers find the nexus between value and condition that they are looking for in a Celica.


Although colour does not affect a car's performance, it is still an important factor for many consumers looking for a Celica. eBay makes it easy for potential buyers to find the colours they are looking for by making this feature a filter option.

Tips for Buying a Toyota Celica on eBay

Once consumers have structured listings to their preferences, they should follow a few important tips to successfully purchase and maintain the Celicas they want through eBay. Evaluating sellers, finding local sellers, and buying Toyota Celica parts on eBay all help pave the way to satisfactory Celica ownership.

Evaluate Sellers

Finding a reputable seller to buy a used car from is important because the car should look and perform as the seller claims it does. Those looking to buy a Toyota Celica on eBay can evaluate sellers on the site by checking their feedback. This collection of comments and ratings that other buyers have left for a seller is accessible by clicking on the seller's username on a listing. Potential buyers can use this information to determine whether or not to proceed with a purchase from a seller offering a Celica. A seller with excellent feedback is likely to provide excellent customer service.

Find Local Sellers

Some buyers may be willing to travel anywhere within the UK to find the right Toyota Celica. Others prefer to keep their searches close to home in order to keep costs down. The latter can find local sellers of Toyota Celicas by specifying the distance within a postcode within which sellers should be located. eBay can then filter the results to include only these sellers. Buying from local sellers reduces the expenses associated with travelling to see a listed Celica.

Buy Toyota Celica Parts on eBay

Finding parts for a discontinued vehicle can be challenging and expensive, but eBay has a big marketplace for Toyota Celica parts. Consumers can therefore find the parts they need for their Celicas and save money doing so when they buy them on eBay. Those who want to buy a Celica can also find Celica parts via the eBay Motors page or through a standard search on the main website.


At 35 years, the Toyota Celica had one of the longer production runs in the history of the automotive industry. For over three decades, the Celica built a reputation as a sporty, durable car. Its 1985 switch from rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive heralded a shift towards practicality over power, but Toyota continued to shape Celica style in the mould of a sports car. In all, Toyota produced seven generations of Celica. Consumers who want to buy a Toyota Celica on eBay should be familiar with the basic design points of each generation and the changes that took place from one generation to the next.

In addition to knowing basic Toyota Celica history, those looking to buy a Celica should know how to shop for one on eBay. This includes learning the website's search functions, the options for filtering listings, and tips for smooth buying and satisfactory Celica ownership. Consumers can combine good knowledge of the Toyota Celica and the eBay buying process to easily find the Celicas they want, save money on purchasing them, and enjoy them for years to come.

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