How to Buy a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

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How to Buy a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

An electric cylinder lawnmower is the perfect tool for keeping a small to medium sized lawn looking neat and manicured. Buying used allows the gardener to buy a high quality mower at a fraction of the retail price instead of buying an inferior machine new. When buying a used electric cylinder lawnmower a number of factors should be considered and evaluated. The machine chosen should be the right one for the gardener’s needs, taking into account aspects such as the size, shape, and type of lawn, and the effect desired. Some features and accessories make it easier to use and store the mower and should be considered to make garden maintenance easier, even if the mower will work without them. In addition, the buyer should know which questions to ask and what to look for to evaluate the condition of a used mower. Used electric cylinder lawnmowers are available from charity and secondhand shops, and online from sites like eBay.

Features of a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

Cylinder lawnmowers feature a single fixed horizontal blade and a number of rotating vertical blades that look like a bladed cylinder. This blade combination cuts like scissors with a tidy, precise result. They are best for level lawns that are mown frequently and are not effective when used on long grass. A cylinder lawnmower produces an even, close cut and a manicured look.

Power for a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

Although these mowers are available in a variety of power options, electric lawnmowers are clean, light, and do not require much maintenance. They are best for small to medium lawns as they need a power source to work. Consider a petrol or battery operated machine for a larger lawn. An electric lawnmower should always be plugged into a residual current detector (RCD) to protect the operator against electrocution. As electricity and water are a bad combination, these machines should never be used in wet conditions.

The power of an electric lawnmower’s motor is measured in watts. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the lawnmower’s motor. The motor turns the vertical blades to cut the grass and a stronger motor generally means an easier cut.

Electric lawnmowers should always have built-in cable tidies to keep cables from becoming tangled. The cable should be long enough to allow the mower to reach each corner of the lawn or the machine should be used with an outdoor extension cord. Remember to buy an RCD adapter and plug the cord or machine into this adapter while in use.

Cutting Width and Height for a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

The cutting width and height of the lawnmower should be considered in relation to the lawn size and type and the kind of grass that it will be used for. For a small lawn, up to 50 square metres, choose a lawnmower with a cutting width of 30 to 33 centimetres. For a medium lawn, up to 150 square metres, opt for a mower with a 35 to 40 centimetre cutting width. Most lawnmowers can be set to specific cutting heights. Cylinder lawnmowers can usually be set significantly lower than hover or rotary lawnmowers, but the gardener should bear in mind that uneven patches in the lawn could interfere with the machine’s cutting ability if the blade is set very low. Cutting into the soil could result in bare patches. Look for a mower with cutting heights that are appropriate for all seasons and conditions. A used electric cylinder lawnmower is the right choice for a small to medium lawn that is mowed often and planted with ornamental grass. Ryegrass and longer, tougher varieties should be cut with a rotary mower.

Grass Collection for a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

Adding a grass collection box adds weight, especially while cutting, but offers the convenience of keeping cuttings together for easy disposal. Choose a box with a window on top to see how full it is and when it has to be emptied. Some machines mulch as they go, chopping up the cut grass and working it back into the lawn as fertiliser. If adding a grass box makes the machine too heavy, consider opting for a mulching lawnmower.

Movement for a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

Electric lawnmowers are lighter than petrol lawnmowers, making them easier to move. Self-propelled lawnmowers move along of their own accord and do not need to be pushed. This is an excellent feature for the elderly. The speed at which the lawnmower moves can be set to the gardener’s walking speed. Choose a lawnmower with an adjustable handle to ensure that the machine is comfortable to use. Switches should be easy to reach and the grip must be comfortable.

Storing a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

The used electric cylinder lawnmower chosen should be easy to store. If storage space is a problem, choose a lawnmower with foldable handles and a detachable grass collection box that can be stored on top of the lawnmower.

Rear Roller for a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

A used electric cylinder lawnmower with a rear roller can be used to give a lawn the traditional striped look. The roller flattens the grass in one direction as it is being cut. It also allows the machine to go up and over the edges of borders.

Evaluate the Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

Before buying a used electric cylinder lawnmower take the time to evaluate the products on offer. This involves checking the machines available, asking sellers the right questions about them, and researching brands and current electric cylinder lawnmower prices.

Research Brands and the Current Price of Electric Cylinder Lawnmowers

The first step in any buying decision should be research. When buying a used electric cylinder lawnmower, find out which brands have a reputation for the best performance and what these machines cost new. Look at the price of similar lawnmowers to work out whether buying a used lawnmower is the right option and to set a budget. Be realistic about what is available and what lawnmowers cost. Where possible buy a good quality used mower instead of a poor quality new one.

Ask Questions About the Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower

Ask the seller how old the used electric cylinder lawnmower is, when the blades were last sharpened, the condition of the blades, why the machine is being sold, and whether it comes with any guarantees or warranties. Although most used lawnmowers do not come with warranties it is always worthwhile asking. Remember to check who is selling the lawnmower: a private person, gardening services company, or commercial company. A machine that was owned by a gardening services company will have worked far harder than one that belonged to a private person.

Check the Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower and its Motor

The outside appearance of the used electric cylinder lawnmower should give the buyer a clear indication of how well the machine was taken care of. Although some scrapes and bumps should be expected, excessive rust and damage to the body is usually an indication that the machine is quite old or has not been taken care of. The bearings on the motor and cylinder should run smoothly and freely, with no excessive rattles or squeaks. Buyers who feel that they lack the technical knowledge required to make a good buying decision should ask a friend who is more technically inclined to take a look at the mower.

If buying a used electric cylinder lawnmower online, consider buying from a local seller. Arrange to inspect the mower before buying it for added peace of mind. Local collection also translates to savings on postage and packaging costs, especially on an item as bulky as a lawnmower.

Buying a Used Electric Cylinder Lawnmower on eBay

Buying a used electric cylinder lawnmower on eBay is a simple process. To find what you are looking for type a key phrase, for example, "used Qualcast electric cylinder lawnmower", into the search bar, located on every page, to see the listings available. The list displayed can be narrowed by choosing the right category and item features. For more control over searching, use the advanced search feature.

Before You Buy on eBay

Before you buy on eBay, check the item listing page for more information about the item and the seller. Click on an individual listing to see all the information available on aspects such as the item, bidding and buying options, the seller’s accepted payment methods, and the seller’s details, including location and feedback information. The seller’s feedback information shows what other buyers have to say about a particular seller’s products and customer service. If you have any questions about the listing, click on the "Ask a question" link to contact the seller.


Buying a used electric cylinder lawnmower allows the buyer to own a high quality mower at a lower cost. Before shopping, confirm that this is the right kind of mower required. Electric cylinder lawnmowers are best used on regularly tended lawns planted with ornamental grass species that are relatively flat and even. They produce a neat, close cut and come in mulching and non-mulching models. Consider buying a machine with additional features such as a windowed grass collection box, foldable handles, or that are self-propelled. Ensure that a working RCD adapter is available whether cutting with or without an extension cord.

When buying a used electric cylinder lawnmower, research the brands available and the cost of new mowers. Set a realistic budget and stick to it. Ask the seller questions about the machine’s age, why it is being sold, whether a warranty or guarantee is included, and what the machine was used for previously. It is best to check the condition of the lawnmower before buying it, keeping a lookout for excessive damage to the body and problems with the bearings. eBay sellers offer a number of used electric cylinder lawnmowers.

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