How to Buy an Affordable Car Seat

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How to Buy an Affordable Car Seat

Whether buying one for a gift, for a new family addition, or for a growing toddler, choosing an appropriate and affordable car seat is a big decision. Car seats are important pieces of equipment that are necessary for transporting children. Required by law, they keep babies and young children safe while being transported in an automobile.

There are many different manufactures that produce car seats. They typically offer several designs with a variety of features at a range of expense. To make an informed decision, it is a good idea for a person to learn what is available and shop around.

Car seats are sold at department stores, baby specialty stores, and discount stores. To buy an affordable, gently used seat, some shoppers look at flea markets and second-hand shops. To have a large selection of new and used options to choose from, search online marketplaces, such as eBay.

Knowing Car Seats

In order to find an affordable car seat, determining what options are available first is best. Realise that different seats are designed for different sizes and ages of children. Research optional features to discover what an optimum seat includes. Look at many alternatives to find how much typical baby car seats cost, as well as how much different features affect the price. Once the shopper knows approximately how much the dream car seat commonly costs, he or she is able to plan the budget.

Car Seats for Different Ages and Sizes

There are different types of car seats that are preferred, and in some cases mandatory, in specific situations. A parent has a legal obligation to transport the child in a car seat that is the correct stage. The table below lists the stage of the car seat and the size and approximate ages that it accommodates.

Car Seat Stage

Child Size

Child Age

Group 0+

Up to 13 kg

Up to 12-15 months

Group 1

9-18 kg

9 months to 4 years

Group 2

15-25 kg

4-6 years

Group 3

22-36 kg

6-11 years

In situations where a child's size mandates a Group 0+ seat, but age suggests a Group 1 seat, always defer to the size to provide adequate protection. Several models accommodate children within a few groups.

Rear Facing Car Seats

Most rear facing car seats are categorised as Group 0+. They are designed for newborn babies up to about 13 kilogrammes. Although front facing car seats are produced for babies and children over 13 kilogrammes, some rear facing options are available for their use. Some studies suggest that rear facing choices are safer for babies in Group 1.

Front Facing Car Seats

Front facing car seats are for babies and children over 12 kilogrammes. One of the benefits of a front facing seat is that it provides the baby with a view of the parents as well as out the windows. This makes for a more enjoyable trip for the child. A content baby makes for a more enjoyable parent as well. Advanced car seat options are adjustable to allow the child to use the same seat as he or she grows.

Optional Elements of a Car Seat

When choosing an affordable car seat, consider the primary features and accessories. There are a few options for car seats that make them versatile and easy to incorporate into the life of the parents. These are often deciding factors that influence whether a buyer chooses one model over another.

One popular option is a car seat that consists of two parts, the seat and the base. The base is installed into the automobile in a fairly permanent manner and the seat attaches to it. This allows the car seat to be used as a carrier. Each time the baby in the carrier is removed from the car, the base remains.

Another contemporary option is the baby travel system. This incorporates the car seat into a pram or pushchair to make transportation comfortable for the baby and easy for the parent. This enables the car seat to be used as a baby carrier, as well. To use this system, it is necessary to match the car seat with the pram being used.

Popular Brands of Affordable Car Seats

There are several popular brands of car seats that offer affordable models. Some are designed for infants and others are for older children. Many manufacturers produce choices that are adaptable to keep a baby or small child safe. The following list provides examples of noteworthy car seats that are affordable for most.

* BabyStart Side Impact Group 0-1 Car Seat

* Bebehut Convertible Baby Car Seat and Booster Group 1-2-3

* Graco Junior Maxi Car Seat Group 2-3

* Mamas and Papas Moto Group 1-2-3 Car Seat

* Maxi Cosi Cabriofix Group 1-2-3 Car Seat

* My Child Travel Luxe Group 0+1

* Pampero Safetrip Highback Booster 2-3 Car Seat

The above list includes models that have received high praise in surveys and scored well on quality control tests. Many offer optional car seat accessories, such as interior lining for a snug fit, to improve the functionality of the seat.

Determining How Much to Spend for a Car Seat

The second step in buying an affordable car seat is to determine a target price for it. Remember that a seat for a newborn may be useful only for a short period of time since the baby outgrows it quickly. The second seat for a toddler or small child is expected to serve for several years, so consider budgeting a larger amount for this seat to ensure that the quality is high. It is advisable to purchase one that fits several groups to avoid having to buy more seats than necessary.

Choosing an Affordable Car Seat

Once the necessary features for the car seat and projected cost of the investment are decided upon, consider whether to purchase a new seat or a used one. The goal is to get a version that provides all of the personal requirements, and as many of the optional ones as possible, for the least amount of money.

Buying a New Affordable Car Seat

One option is to buy a new car seat that fits into the budget. There are several reasons why it may be advisable to purchase a car seat that is new. An unused seat is guaranteed to meets the current safety standards that are required by law. Since regulations are continuously changing, used car seats do not necessarily comply with contemporary laws. Furthermore, when a person buys a used car seat, he or she has no way of knowing the history of the seat. Car seats that have been through a car wreck are not considered safe.

Buying a Used Car Seat

Another option is to buy a used car seat. Buying a used car seat allows a shopper to obtain equipment that is otherwise too expensive. There are several perks to buying affordable, used versions of the pricier options. They are often adjustable to accommodate growing children. Some options are available as part of a travel systems in which the car seat is able to be attached to a pushchair for ultimate convenience. Research the current laws to ensure that the used option being considered satisfies the requirements in order to follow the law, as well as keep the child safe.

Shopping on eBay for an Affordable Car Seat

When you have decided to buy a car seat, there is a large selection available from the convenience of your personal computer on the eBay marketplace. By entering the term "car seat" into the search bar on the homepage, you have all of the products at your fingertips, ready for perusal. Shopping through the selections apprises you of what products are accessible and at what prices they are offered.

To narrow the choices, type more specific words or phrases into the search bar. For example, enter " used car seat", "new car seat", or "car booster seat" to find exactly what you are seeking. Pinpoint a range of prices to ensure that the car seats shown do not exceed your allotted budget.

Choosing a Seller on eBay

To eliminate the possibilities of difficulty with the purchase, spend time researching the vendors. Look at their ratings and read any feedback that was provided by previous buyers within the last 12 months. Determine whether they have been honest in their descriptions of the products they offer and are prompt with their communication and delivery. Gathering information reduces the likelihood of disappointment and raises your confidence as a buyer.


When shopping for an affordable car seat there are many things to consider. Look at the available options to determine what features are desired. Decide upon a target price. Consider whether the features wanted are available within the price range that is comfortable. If they are, weigh the options and decide whether to buy a seat that is adaptable to grow with the child. This choice is often more expensive in the short term but costs less over time.

If the features wanted are not available for the desired price, consider buying a used car seat. This allows one to obtain the qualities and accessories wanted for an affordable price. Some options allow a baby to be removed from a car in the car seat and transferred to a pushchair without ever leaving the seat. There is a great selection of car seats at a range of affordable prices on eBay, and buyers can find one to suit their budget.

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