How to Buy an Airbrush Tattooing Kit

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How to Buy an Airbrush Tattooing Kit

Tattoos are a global form of self-expression, but not everyone is looking for a permanent piece of body art. Airbrush and temporary tattoos are the solution to such problem, as they provide designs that can last anywhere from a day to two weeks. This way people can decide upon the right design before they opt for embark on a permanent tattoo.

Airbrush tattoos are fashion accessories at heart because they can be fun, detailed and expressive. The only limit is your imagination, seeing that designs can be as wild and zany as the mind allows. eBay has a variety of airbrush tattooing kits available along with all that a budding artist requires to take up this creative hobby.

Getting Started

The world of airbrush tattooing is not as complicated as it may seem. In fact, getting started is easy. But before purchasing an airbrush tattooing kit, potential users should first familiarise themselves with actual tattooing procedures. To do so, visit local artists and pick up tips on designs, whilst paying close attention to the following:

  • Clean the target area with isopropyl alcohol in order to remove any dirt or marks that can get caught up in the design.
  • When performing an airbrush tattoo, make sure that the stencil is to the correct scale and held down firmly. A loose stencil runs the risk of smudging and causing the paint to drip.
  • Apply powder to the sprayed area to finish off the tattoo and aid drying.
  • The entire airbrush tattooing process should last no longer than fifteen minutes and the results will last up to two weeks. This time frame can be longer depending on the persons skin type and how they care for the tattoo.
  • Airbrush tattoos are entirely pain free unlike their needle counterpart.

As any respectable tattoo artists will tell you, health and safety should always be a top priority when using an airbrush. Learn how to use the airbrush correctly before attempting tattoos on yourself or anybody else.

Kit Contents

Airbrush tattooing kits feature a variety of different implements, each of which is crucial to creating a good airbrush tattoo. These are:

  • Airbrush Gun – used to distribute the paint over a stencil.
  • Air Hose – connects the airbrush gun to the air compressor.
  • Air Compressor – vital in helping the paint circulate correctly.
  • Stencil Material – used to create the design of a tattoo.
  • Tape – helps keep the stencil flat; can also be used to stop paint bleeding outside of a design.

All the above constitute a single airbrush kit. It is important to make sure that you have all of the above prior to attempting an airbrush tattoo.


After purchasing a base kit users will want to add to it by picking up accessories. They will help further the airbrush tattooing experience.

Airbrush Stand

Airbrush tattoo artists may obtain more than one type of airbrush or airbrush kit over time. In such cases a stand is required, and they come in variations that can hold either 2, 4 or 6 units.

Airbrush Pallet

Sometimes working with many paints can be an intricate process. Having a power palette at hand allows users to change between colours almost instantaneously.

Quick Coupler

Small in stature, yet incredibly useful when used correctly. Allows an airbrush tattoo artist to switch between two different types of airbrush without fuss.

Nylon Braided Air Hose

When using a high-powered airbrush, a rubber or plastic hose simply isn’t effective. Nylon braided hoses are far more resistant, and allow paint to travel through to the gun at a faster rate.

Air Brush Booth

The perfect accessory for the safety conscious airbrush tattoo artist. The unit extracts and filters harmful fumes, they’re also foldable for maximum portability.

Adding accessories can help you build a more reliable airbrush tattoo kit. All the above items can be found on eBay and using eBay’s trusted sellers you’ll be sure to find them at the most affordable prices.

Buying Used

Airbrush tattooing kits have become a popular product in both general art and body art markets. This means that used kits appear on eBay regularly, and at present, an alternative option to those who cannot afford to buy new. However buying used requires shoppers to be more cautious in their approach. A key part of a cautious approach is questioning sellers on the item in question.

  • Is the airbrush kit missing any elements? If so, what are they?
  • How regularly has the airbrush gun and hose been cleaned?
  • What type of paint has been used in the airbrush kit?
  • Has the airbrush mixed paints at any point?
  • Is the airbrush tattooing kit still under warranty?

The above information may not be listed in the item’s description, so it is worth asking the seller the above questions. When buying used items on eBay, shoppers should always be looking to get the most for their money.


The core element to an airbrush tattoo is the paint used and there is a variety to choose from.


Alcohol based paints are built for longevity and won’t be damaged by sweat or water. If you intended to stick with a design for a while then alcohol-based paint should be the preferred option. Removing alcohol-based paint requires cleaning alcohol such as isopropyl.


Water based paints are far less durable and are built for those looking to change designs frequently. They can be removed by simply using water or any other liquid based cleaning agent.


Theatre paints are basic in both colour range and quality. They are intended for temporary use and may only last a few hours. This means they have very little use outside of make-up and performance purposes.

It is best practice when choosing paints to add to your airbrush tattooing kit, always bear in mind that that for safety purposes, users should look to buy MRHA/FDA approved paint. Unapproved paints may contain elements that can damage the skin or, in worse case scenarios, cause burns. Many kits come with paints included, but some do not; eBay has all the aforementioned paint variations available at affordable prices.


An airbrush tattooing kit is a long-term investment and can command a high price. Users will want to preserve such a purchase due to its future resale value. The most important piece of cleaning is with regards to the airbrush gun, here are several tips to help keep it clean and functioning.

  • Clean the nozzle when wet, as dried paint can cause a blockage.
  • When you change colour or paint variations make sure the airbrush is completely clean. It is also beneficial to wash away any excess residue.
  • Empty the colour cups excess paint and add cleaning solution.
  • Use a cotton wool bud to wipe around the area before spraying the filter to dry.
  • Do not soak the airbrush.
  • Do not use any cleaning liquid that contains ammonia. Its chemical element will cause damage to the chrome plating inside the airbrush.

Poorly maintained airbrush tattooing kits are not only detrimental to a tattoos appearance they also present a health and safety issue.

How to Buy an Airbrush Tattooing Kit on eBay

Tattooing is the most expressive form of art currently available. Airbrush tattoos provide people with the chance to have detailed body art without the pain or permanence of a real tattoo. Buying an airbrush tattooing kit has never been any easier as this guide proves.

  • In order to browse what airbrush tattooing kits are available, log on to eBay’s homepage and select the health and beauty category.
  • From there, click tattoos and body art and then on to temporary tattoos. This will display all live auctions and allow shoppers to openly browse.
  • If shoppers have a specific brand in mind they can use the advanced search options to narrow down their results.

eBay Shops

Homemade body art is as popular as ever and it is a regular request on the party circuit. This means that party planners and companies have taken to the eBay shops format to sell excess stock. Shoppers will be sure to find some great bargains and deals in these specialist mini-stores. To find an eBay shop of interest click the eBay shops link at the bottom of the homepage and start exploring.

Completing a Transaction

When a shopper has found an airbrush tattooing kit that they wish to buy, they will need to do one of the following in order to make a purchase:

  • Place a Bid
  • Make a Best Offer
  • Buy it Now

Once an auction has concluded, the winning bidder will need to complete the checkout process. Doing this via PayPal will mean that the eBay Buyer Protection covers the transaction.


Airbrush tattoos may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of body art, but maybe it should be. Adding tattoos to the skin is an expression of someone’s personality. To those who do not want a permanent fixture or simply can’t bear the pain of a needle, airbrush tattoos should be the first alternative.

Airbrush tattooing kits contain all anyone needs to get started in the world of airbrush tattooing. eBay has all airbrush tattoo needs covered, so show off your style and start showcasing your tattoo designs.

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