How to Buy an Antique French Wardrobe

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How to Buy an Antique French Wardrobe

To buy an antique wardrobe, buyers should explore the different kinds available, know the difference between wardrobes and armoires, and think about the importance of the wardrobe’s age and history to you. Finally, don't mind a few scratches or even a broken hinge; these things are fixable and lend character to the antique furniture.


Know What You Want in an Antique French Wardrobe

The word "antique" is generally used to describe collector's items that are at least 100 years old. However, the word is flexible in that someone can also use it to refer to an antique French wardrobe that is merely 80 to 90 years old. There are no hard and fast rules for determining what is antique. If you want an antique French wardrobe, consider if its age is most important, or if you are more concerned about its appearance or history.


Learn About Different Types of French Wardrobes

A good number of French wardrobes have two doors and one to two drawers below the doors. Some wardrobes have drawers on top. Still, some French wardrobes have no visible drawers, and the doors extend nearly the entire length of the furniture. In addition, the height of a French wardrobe varies anywhere from 1 to 2 meters. An antique French wardrobe might have a mirror on the exterior or interior. If you love a certain wardrobe, you can always add or remove a mirror to make it right for your bedroom.


Don't Mind Scratches, Faded Paint, or Broken Hardware

Antique collectors often look for furniture with "good bones", meaning it is a solid piece internally, although it might not look aesthetically pleasing. Broken hardware is replaceable, and scratches or faded paint can give a vintage wardrobe character. In fact, shabby chic decor and shabby chic wardrobes in particular often features distressed paint jobs and imperfect furniture all around. You can pair a battered French wardrobe with a modern bedroom to draw attention to it.


Buy Antique French Wardrobes on a Budget

Some people place more value on the appearance of an antique wardrobe than its history and age. In this case, a French wardrobe that merely looks antique can help to save money when decorating a bedroom. Many furniture designers create vintage-inspired pieces that capture the look and feel of past eras. Shoppers should find no shortage of vintage-inspired French wardrobes on offer.


Differences Between French Armoires and French Wardrobes

Dictionaries usually define armoire as a type of wardrobe. Armoires are sometimes larger and more ornate than a wardrobe. However, there is no real difference between the two. In fact, the term is often chosen based on the seller's preferences. If you are having difficulty finding the right French wardrobe, look for a French armoire instead.

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