How to Buy the Best Chanel Perfume

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How to Buy the Best Chanel Perfume

Chanel is one of the most famous names in the perfume industry and as such, it is one of the easiest perfumes to find. Shopping on eBay for Chanel perfume is a simple process that anyone can enjoy doing and it’s easy to narrow down your search options by selecting a particular type of Chanel perfume.

If you would rather just browse through the entire collection of women’s fragrances, then there are more than 1,700 perfumes to choose between. The bottles all vary in size so shoppers can choose to buy perfume to take on holiday with them or perfume that they can use on a daily basis. Chanel perfumes also make for an ideal gift for someone, and shopping via eBay offers an affordable alternative way to shop.

Know your Smells

It is a good idea to know your Chanel No.5 from your Chanel Allure as shopping online isn’t so advanced (at least not yet) that shoppers can smell the scent through their computer screens. This means that shoppers will need to learn what the different Chanel perfumes smell like before they begin to shop.

Read the Product Descriptions

However, it is possible to simply read the product descriptions of the perfume for an idea on what they smell like and it will depend on the pickiness of the shopper as to whether or not a product description is enough information to gage the smell. Even for experienced Chanel perfume shoppers, it is important to read a description to see whether the bottle has been opened or not and to find out other information such as the size of the bottle.

Do remember though, that individual body chemistry and even the time of day will subtly alter a fragrance, so what may smell light and fresh on one person may have stronger floral or musk overtones on someone else.

Familiarise Yourself with Chanel

Chanel specialises in creating some of the most famous smells in the industry with Chanel No.5 being the most commonly recognised of its iconic perfumes. There are also many other famous and easy to recognise Chanel perfumes on the market including Coco, Allure, and No.19. Check out the different Chanel perfumes on the eBay website by conducting a simple search and see what ranges are readily available.

For those who are trying to find a gift for someone else, it is important to make sure that the Chanel bottle has not been opened yet. For those buying for themselves, it is a personal preference as to whether or not the bottle has been used already and some perfumes will even come still sealed. Chanel is easy to recognise by its sophisticated bottles and similarly chic fragrance and eBay sells a huge variety of Chanel products.

Shopping for Affordable Chanel Online

Chanel is an expensive perfume as it is a well-known brand, which is why shopping for an affordable deal via eBay is often a popular choice. Bottles of Chanel vary in price depending on their size and their name, so be sure to check out all of the different options. Online shopping is easy for anyone to do from novices to seasoned experts and eBay is an easy platform to shop on, which is why millions of people use it every day.

Chanel for Different Occasions

Chanel perfumes can be worn for different occasions. Fans of the famous scent can pair their outfit with their perfume and even wear different Chanel handbags depending on what the occasion is. Some Chanel perfumes are heavier than others and these are often best worn for special occasions while lighter scents are ideal for everyday use.

Chanel Perfumes


Used for…

Chanel No.5

Contains floral-aldehydic, very fine feminine fragrance.

Special occasions such as weddings, dinner parties.

Chanel No.19

Contains fragrant notes of lily of the valley, bergamot, galbanum, neroli, jasmine, rose, vetiver, sandalwood, iris, leather and musk.

A mixture of everyday use and for special occasions as the scent sits somewhere between No.5 and No.22.

Chanel No.22

Contains floral-aldehyde with prominent notes of white flowers particularly roses, jasmine and tuberoses.

Everyday use such as to work.

Chanel Perfume as a Gift

Buying Chanel perfume as a gift for someone can be done via eBay. Other Chanel products can also be found on eBay including Chanel watches and Chanel handbags and all of the Chanel products make for perfect gifts for different occasions. It is important to think about the person who will wear the scent in order to work out which perfume is the best one to buy.

Think about their personality and their look as well as their style and this will help to determine which scent to buy. The perfume should always match the wearer’s natural persona and style and different sized bottles can be found on eBay making it easy to find a perfume to suit all budgets.

Famous Chanel Scents

Chanel No.5 is arguably the most famous Chanel perfume to date and everyone from grandmothers to granddaughters can enjoy wearing this scent. It has a very fine feminine smell to it that is perfect for wearing to special occasions such as a wedding or a dinner party. But it is also light enough to wear on a daily basis as well. The Chanel No.19 perfume is another popular choice and this is a slightly lighter smell that consists of musk, jasmine and rose undertones that can be worn with ease on a regular basis.

Chanel No.22 is another well known choice and the smell of white flowers such as jasmine and roses are easy to detect as top notes. Allure is a more modern option from Chanel that is also proving to be very popular, and all of these perfumes come in a variety of bottles depending on which year the perfume was purchased. Chanel Chance comes in an unusually rounded bottle and is popular with a younger generation of Chanel wearers.

Refilling Chanel

For those who already own a perfume bottle that they love, it is possible to buy Chanel perfume via eBay and decant it into a different bottle.

Here are some of the most common bottle designs from Chanel:

  • Square bottles with a classy yet simple appeal.
  • Chanel Chance comes in a rounded bottle with a rounded cap.
  • The classic Chanel No.5 sometimes comes with an unusual lid.

The overall designs of Chanel perfume bottles are simple, which ensures they look every inch as classy and as sophisticated as they smell. A plain bottle accompanied by a chunky black top is commonly available and the box is also often fairly plain in its design with the words Chanel and the name of the fragrance usually being the only text.

It is possible to buy spray bottles on eBay that can be used to hold a smaller amount of Chanel perfume whilst leaving the main bottle safely at home. These come as glass bottles as well as plastic bottles and can be used by anyone wanting to decant from a big bottle into smaller, more compact bottles for travelling or carrying around in a handbag.

Chanel for Everyone

Chanel can be worn by anyone at any time and while it is popular to wear for special occasions, it is also light enough to wear every day. It is popular with a younger generation with its fresh, light notes as well as an older generation looking to wear a scent that has been around for generations. Chanel is such as well known perfume that it is easy to recognise with just a quick whiff. eBay sells a variety of different Chanel perfumes as well as other items including bags, hair mist, moisturisers and sunglasses.

Shopping on eBay for Chanel Perfume

Shopping through the eBay website is a simple process and anyone with access to the internet can do it safely and securely. At the top of the webpage users will see a toolbar that can be used to conduct a specific search for a specific item such as Chanel No.5 perfume or Chanel handbags.

For shoppers who simply want to look through the Chanel perfume section, you should go the Shop by Category drop down menu to the left of the toolbar and click on Fragrances. Then in the search toolbar, type in the word Chanel or more specifically Chanel perfume and check out the search options provided.

If you are new to shopping online on eBay, simply check out the Search Tips page for further details on how to shop safely.


eBay is a great way to shop for perfumes along with millions of other products. It is always a good idea to have some knowledge about the different scents before attempting to buy perfume online to ensure that the right fragrance is purchased. Chanel is popular all over the world and is well known for its perfume range. The brand makes for a great gift idea or a nice personal treat and it can be accompanied with another Chanel product if desired.

Chanel bags are always a popular choice and Chanel sunglasses are also a great option. Paying slightly more for a good quality product from a famous brand is an easy way to ensure good value for money and Chanel always provides this with all of their products.

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