How to Buy the Right Batteries for Electronic Equipment on eBay

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How to Buy the Right Batteries for Electronic Equipment on eBay

Batteries are essential for a wide variety of electronic devices. The technology behind batteries has evolved considerably over the years and users can nowadays enjoy their portable devices for longer periods of time without having to change the batteries frequently. Choosing the right batteries is important in order for electronic equipment to function properly. eBay is a good place to shop for batteries because it offers a variety of types from numerous sellers, so it is likely to find almost any possible type on the website.

In order to find out which type of battery a certain piece of electronic device needs, one can consult the manual the device came with or refer to the website of the manufacturer. Alternatively, one can remove the used batteries from the device and look for similar ones on eBay. Learning more about different types of batteries and how they work help users make the right choice.

Single Use vs. Rechargeable Batteries

Buyers can choose from a wide range of batteries on eBay, each of them coming with both pros and cons. The two main categories of batteries are single use and rechargeable. As their name suggests, the first type refers to the batteries that cannot be recharged in order to be reused and need to be discarded when they run empty. The second type of batteries can be recharged and reused multiple types.

Single use Batteries

These batteries are single use and generally long-lasting, providing users with an overall good performance in most battery operated electronic devices. There are numerous brands of single use batteries available on the market and in the majority of cases they offer comparable performance. The batteries can be stored for long periods of time and still retain almost their full power. Single use batteries are very popular because they are cheaper than their rechargeable counterparts are.

Some of the most common types of single use batteries include carbon zinc, alkaline, silver oxide cells, lithium cells, and zinc air cells. Each of these types is suitable for different electronic devices. The most popular single use batteries are the alkaline ones, which can be used for a large number of devices, ranging from remote controls to toys.

Rechargeable Batteries

As the name implies, rechargeable batteries can be recharged after they run empty. Unlike in the case of single use batteries, rechargeable ones comprise of reversible chemicals that allow them to be recharged repeatedly. Rechargeable batteries are a better choice for heavy users, because they are a cheaper source of electricity. High-performance batteries can go through up to 1000 recharges before needing a replacement. This could mean a lot of money saved over the use of single use batteries. Moreover, by using rechargeable batteries, users can help reduce the impact single use batteries have over the environment.

The most popular type of rechargeable batteries are nickel-metal hybrid units (NiMH), which are also the most environmentally friendly. Other varieties of rechargeable batteries include nickel-cadmium (NiCd), rechargeable alkaline, lithium ion, and lead acid. Buyers should keep in mind the fact that not all battery types can be substituted with another kind. Nevertheless, when it comes to domestic use, some varieties (such as NiMH, alkaline, and rechargeable alkaline) can be interchanged.

How to Choose Batteries That Offer Good Value for Money

Buyers who wish to get good value for their money when shopping for batteries should have at least some basic knowledge of the power consumption of a certain piece of equipment before making a purchase. As a rule of thumb, electronic devices with a high power consumption require batteries with high drain rates. This happens because the batteries need to offer an increased level of performance. Users who are interested in single use batteries should opt for alkaline batteries, which can provide the best performance at high drain rates.

However, using rechargeable NiMH batteries is even more economical and it can save users a lot of money in the long run. Another option would be the use of rechargeable alkaline batteries, which do not offer the same level of performance, but can be purchased at a lower price than NiMH rechargeable batteries. In any case, when taking into account the cost per run time, single use batteries prove to be the worst choice and they should be avoided if a specific portable electronic device can function with rechargeable batteries.

Shopping for Batteries for Electronic Equipment According to Usage

When shopping for the right batteries for electronic equipment on eBay, buyers should take into account the way they intend to use the batteries. This means that they should consider whether the device is used often or not. For example, a flashlight that is only occasionally used on camping trips would work well with a single use set of batteries. However, a CD player that is used on a daily basis would be better off with a set of rechargeable batteries, mostly because the cost of replacing single use batteries frequently would quickly become prohibitive.

The temperature in which a certain electronic device is used is an often-overlooked aspect of battery performance, but is should be an important factor to consider when shopping for the right batteries for electronic equipment on eBay. Low temperature may lead to discharge and charge problems, while high temperatures can affect the shelf life of batteries because of the self-discharge. The optimal temperatures needed by almost all types of batteries in order to function well are in the -20 to +60 degree Celsius range.

The table below illustrates the most common uses for several types of batteries, both rechargeable and single use, as well as their typical voltages. Buyers should always refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of a certain electronic device whenever they are not sure what kind of batteries would work well for their equipment.

Battery Type


Common Usage



CD and MP3 players, remote controls, electronic games, toys, flashlights, cameras

Rechargeable alkaline


CD and MP3 players, remote controls, electronic games, toys, flashlights, cameras

Carbon zinc


clocks, smoke alarms, radios

Nickel-metal hybrid units (NiMH)


remote controlled toy cars, digital cameras

Lithium coin


electronic organisers, small calculators

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)


camcorders, PDAs, notebook computers, digital cameras, mobile phones

Lithium photo



Silver oxide



Zinc air


hearing aids

Nickel-cadmium (NiCd)


power tools

Buyers should pay attention to voltage when replacing a set of batteries. Regardless of the type of batteries one chooses to use, they should never be mixed for use at the same time. When buying batteries on eBay, one needs to pay attention to the full item description to make sure they are purchasing the right batteries for their electronic device.

How to Find the Right Batteries for Electronic Equipment on eBay

The various types of batteries available on the market may make the choice of the right ones a rather difficult one. Different pieces of electronic equipment work with different kinds of batteries and you should pay attention to several factors when it comes to purchasing a new set. This is especially important if you own many electronic devices powered by batteries. When shopping for batteries on eBay, price is an important factor to consider.

In order to start searching for the right batteries for electronic equipment on eBay, you should first decide on the type you need. You can then perform a search and find the desired kind of batteries without too much hassle. For example, if you are looking for rechargeable AAA batteries, you can type the words "AAA rechargeable batteries" into eBay’s search bar. You immediately get several pages of results and you can choose the batteries according to brand, price, and seller’s location.

Regardless of the type of battery you are looking for, make sure you only buy from reputable sellers, because this way you know the batteries are not expired or stocked in improper conditions. If you are interested in purchasing rechargeable batteries, you could look for bundles that offer you one or more sets of batteries together with a charger. You can buy a charger separately, too, but in many cases bundles on eBay may offer better value for your money.


Batteries are necessary to most people on a regular basis and for this reason one needs to pay attention to the type of batteries they purchase. Regardless of the type of batteries one needs for a certain electronic device, there are several factors to consider when shopping for the right batteries for electronic equipment on eBay. Besides things such as voltage and shelf life, buyers should also be concerned with environmental issues, as some types of batteries can be quite harmful. Buying rechargeable batteries is one of the best ways to protect the environment, but recycling single use batteries is another option.

eBay is a good place to start the quest for the right batteries for electronic equipment, as the website offers numerous kinds of batteries from various manufacturers, available from different sellers. Whether one is looking for a set of batteries for a toy or for their remote control, chances are they can find what they need on eBay.

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