How to Care for Your Vintage Elo Albums

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Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), a rock group, saw widespread success in the late 1900s. Between 1971 and 1986, they released 11 studio albums and another in 2001. Vintage ELO albums are highly valuable collector's items. Therefore, properly care for your vinyl album collection to preserve their well-being and keep them dust-free and working.


Cleaning Your Vintage ELO Albums

Since vintage ELO albums are extremely fragile, clean your collection with care to protect against cracking, chips, and breakage. First, carefully remove the record from its album cover; be sure to pull it out by the very outermost edge. To shield against further smudge marks and bodily oils, handle the vinyl record by its label. Alternatively, you can place your finger through the record's centre. Gently dust with a carbon fibre brush before dipping it into a cleaning solution of warm distilled water, one cup of isopropyl alcohol, and 12 drops of a photographic wetting agent, such as Triton X-100. Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hands. Next, rinse the record in a bucket full of warm distilled water. Afterwards, dry the record with a soft, cotton cloth or allow it to air dry; do not place it back in its sleeve until it is completely dry. It is important to note that you should never apply abrasive cleaning products to records, as they may strip the surface.


Storing Your Vintage ELO Albums

Prior to storing vinyl albums, ensure to clean them thoroughly, as dust and dirt in the grooves can scratch the record when it shifts around. As for actual storage, keep them in a dry and cool location; excessive heat can cause the records to warp, while humidity promotes the growth of mould, and in turn, destroys album covers. Still, store your albums vertically to minimise damage; horizontal storage may put excessive pressure on the records, while allowing the records to lean may lead to warping. If possible, store each vintage vinyl record in its original cardboard cover or in a plastic, acid-free record sleeve. To avoid the transfer of old dirt, place clean records in a new sleeve.



Whether you own Mr. Blue Sky, Out of the Blue, or other albums, make sure to keep your record player in good condition so that the tunes play back. Use a new needle for every vintage ELO album you intend to play on a vintage record player, as the heavy tone arm and steel needles on these players wear down the grooves much quicker than those on more modern equipment.

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