How to Care for Your Woodworm Cricket Bat

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How to Care for Your Woodworm Cricket Bat

Woodworm is a trusted manufacturer of cricket and golf products. Though their items are of a high quality, they require maintenance and care just like anything else. Thankfully it is easy to care for your cricket bat and make sure it lasts for a long time.


Avoiding Scuffs and Scratches

The nature of the sport makes your bat susceptible to scratches and scuffs, but certain products can help you limit the damage the bat incurs. Anti-scuff sheets prevent a great deal of natural degradation from occurring on a cricket bat. Even if your bat has been used a few times, the sooner you place that facing on it, the longer its life will be. Also consider picking up a toe guard; this is a product that specifically protects the toe of the bat from any splits, water damage, cracks, or moisture that would otherwise worsen the condition of the bat's toe.


Applying Oil

Raw linseed oil is essential for any cricket player, and a requirement before any serious game of cricket. When this oil is applied, it adds moisture to the bat and prepares it for the high impact situations of the game. Without this oil, your bat is susceptible to cracking and other forms of damage. To oil your bat, all you need to do is apply three to four coats with a paint brush or cloth. Remember not to oil the entire bat, but just make sure you cover the toe, the edges, and the face. Also note that some players may prefer to use specialised cricket bat oil as opposed to linseed oil. While it is necessary to oil your bat prior to playing, remember that too much oil is not a good thing. Submerging the bat in oil or applying too thick of a coat can completely ruin it.


Knocking in Your Bat

Knocking in your bat only applies to those who have purchased a brand new cricket bat. The execution of this process is most likely what one would think; it involves knocking the face with an old leather cricket ball. The knocking in can also be accomplished with a bat mallet. The result should be a face that is more sturdy and lasts a long time.


Further Considerations

Make sure to store your bat in a dry and cool location. Storing your bat in an area that can get wet or hot might cause it to weaken and potentially snap. As a rule, try to avoid bringing your bat into any contact with moisture at all. Also keep in mind that you can damage your bat by knocking it in too hard.

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