How to Care for your Hardwood Garden Furniture

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We get a lot of questions from our customers asking how they should care for their garden furniture. Well here’s what we recommend for caring for our keruing hardwood and Jarrah timber furniture.

Wood is a natural material whose appearance will change when left out of doors. The appearance of your furniture will depend on how you look after it.

Left on its own, the wood in your furniture will naturally change colour to a silver greyish tone, the exact colour dependant on the environment conditions. For example, dark spots may occur if the furniture is place in the shady spot under a tree.

During long dry spells, small cracks may appear in the untreated wood, especially on the end grain. These cracks are a perfectly normal characteristic and will not affect the strength of durability of the furniture. The cracks should disappear once the conditions become damp again.

It is usual for small amounts of sap resin to appear on the surface of the wood in certain climatic conditions. If the resin has crystallised, it can be removed using a stiff brush. If it is sticky to the touch, use a sharp knife to remove the majority of the resin and use white spirit to wipe clean the surface affected.

If, however, you would like to preserve the original colour of your furniture, Teak Oil should be applied every three to six weeks. Regular treatments will slow down the weathering process and will minimise surface cracks.

Before re-applying, it is essential that any dirt that may have accumulated be removed by scrubbing with a stiff brush and soapy warm water. When the furniture is completely dry, any rough areas should be lightly sanded. If the dirt and any excess oil are not removed before re-treatment black areas will appear on the surface where the oil and dirt have mixed.

Finally, apply the oil giving particular care to the end grain, hidden surface areas and any joints or services, any excess oil can be wiped off with a clean cloth.

Please ensure that the Teak Oil is fully dry before using the furniture!

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