How to Choose Fabric for Cotton Curtains

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How to Choose Cotton Curtain Fabric

While choosing curtains can be a difficult task there are numerous things to take into consideration. Of course you want them to match your overall room decor, but you also do not want them to overwhelm the room. You also want to let in just enough light but not too much. Cotton curtains provide a versatility other fabrics do not and knowing just which cotton types and prints work in different rooms will make your decorating choices easier.


Colour Considerations

If you want a light and bright kitchen, cotton fabric curtains work well. Popular shades include peach, yellow, and mauve, and these light colours allow just enough light in to create a cheerful room. If you want to keep light out of a bedroom, choose darker cotton shades like navy blue, burgundy, coffee brown, and green.


Fabric Thickness

Even if dark cotton curtains block out a good deal of light, they still let more light in than heavy silk or velvet curtains. How thick the cotton is determines how much light shines into a room just as much as colour does. If you want more light, choose curtains without a back lining. You can determine how much light will enter a room by holding the fabric up to a bright light. If the cotton is semi-transparent, it is ideal for rooms where you want to save on energy bills by using more natural light.


Formality Considerations

Each room in your flat or house probably has a different style. A family room will generally be less formal than a living room or dining room and will look good with solid cotton panels that fall to the windowsill. In your bedroom, choose a cotton fabric with a floral print, but use thicker cotton that does not allow the early morning sun to shine through on weekend mornings. Cotton drapes that fall to the floor lend a more formal feeling to dining rooms


Overall Decor Considerations

Ultimately, you do not want your curtains to clash with the decorating theme you already have. Curtains are usually the last piece of the room puzzle and you choose your curtains based on an existing colour and style scheme and not the other way around. Jacquard cotton can match jacquard upholstered furniture in a way that a ruffled cotton cannot. If you want that ruffled look, put it in a kitchen instead and choose a floral print or light solid colour. Make sure your cotton curtains to do not clash with your furniture or paint colour, but you do not have to make all shades uniform as starkly contrasting colours can also work.

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