How to Choose Football Boots with a Moulded Studs Sole

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How to Choose Football Boots with a Moulded Studs Sole

Since the game began, football boots have been the player’s most important equipment. Moulded stud soles are generally appropriate for all dry or firm pitches—indoors or out, artificial or natural—everything except muddy outdoor natural turf pitches.

Whether buyers are shopping for men’s, women’s, or children’s boots, whether new or used, choosing boots should be a carefully thought-out process. The appropriate sole can lead to greater speed, agility, and victory, while the wrong sole can cause unsure footing, twisted knees and ankles or other injuries. The most important thing to know is that different soles are designed for different pitch conditions. Become educated before buying any football boots in a sports shop or online.

The Three Types of Moulded Stud Soles

All moulded stud sole football boots have a sole made of a single piece of moulded plastic or rubber. The number of studs protruding from the sole varies. The three types of moulded stud soles are:

  • Rounded
  • Bladed
  • Astro


The rounded moulded stud sole football boot is made of a single cast piece of hard plastic.

Moulded stud sole tips:

  • Ten to twenty studs that protrude from the bottom of the boot at a length of about 14mm.
  • Best used for dry and firm pitches. The many short studs provide greater stability to the boot. The fewer points that hit the pitch means less stability. The more points that hit the pitch means greater stability.
  • Greater stability prevents injury. Typical amateur athletes play mostly on the weekends and holidays. Their ankles and knees are not as strong as those of professionals, so they need more support. The greater support will protect against possible twisted ankles and knees.
  • Greater stability reduces the chance of blisters. While not a trip to the hospital, it can reduce the enjoyment of playing and cause the player to want to stop playing sooner.
  • Play poorly on muddy pitches. They clog easily with mud and can become slippery. During a muddy match players must constantly dig mud from their boots.


  • Similar to rounded studs. The sole and studs are moulded in one piece.
  • Blades instead of round. Thin blades rather than round studs.
  • Fewer Studs. Generally 8-15 moulded narrow blades.
  • Faster than rounded. Blades are designed for speed. Blades enter and exit the surface faster than round studs allowing the player to accelerate quickly.


The Astro Sole football boot is made specifically for playing on AstroTurf. AstroTurf is a synthetic plastic carpet. It is similar in consistency to a tightly woven carpet, with many short fibres that imitate the blades of grass. This makes AstroTurf firm and fast.

Moulded Astro Stud Sole tips:

  • Hundreds of short tiny studs. Similar to rounded moulded sole football boots. But instead of ten to fifteen round studs they have hundreds of short tiny studs along the sole. With each small stud being about 4-7mm. Like the traditional moulded sole boot, the Astro sole is a single moulded piece of rubber.
  • Best used for outdoor-type AstroTurf. Because of the flat firm surface of AstroTurf, the studs have to be short to get the best grip on the surface. The hundreds of small studs of the Astro sole grip the shallow turf just enough to provide quickness and agility.
  • Longer studs of traditional stud soles can’t get a proper grip on AstroTurf. A player with the wrong boots will slip, slide and generally have a hard time with proper footing. So Astro sole boot are specially designed for the short, firm surface.  
  • Astro soles can be used on a grass pitch surface. They will slip and slide more than the traditional moulded stud sole, but they will provide enough traction to play properly. The harder the grass pitch the better the Astro stud soles will perform. The softer or wetter the grass pitch the worse the Astro soles will grip.
  • Can become heavy and slippery in rain or wet conditions. Players often buy another longer stud sole for wet conditions.

You can find the best Studded Astro Sole Football boot for your needs on eBay.

Youth Moulded Stud Sole Boots

The rounded moulded stud sole football boot is most common in youth sizes for both male and female.

  • Rounded moulded is safest and most stable. Because of the multiple studs and the fact they are all moulded together, moulded conical studs are the most stable and the safest football boot. Growing youths are more susceptible to injury. So they need the most stable football boot available. The stability of the conical studs will not hurt feet or wear on growing knees and legs.
  • Most versatile. Rounded stud soles will play best on almost any surface. A youth player only needs one pair of boots for many surfaces. This means that only one type of boot is needed.
  • Least expensive. This means that for growing little feet you will save money on each replacement pair of boots. And for a large family with many little football players this may be the biggest factor in choosing a boot for your child.

You can find the best moulded stud sole football boot for your needs on eBay.

Moulded Stud Soles vs. Other Boot Soles

So how does the moulded sole football boot compare to all other types of boot soles? Amateurs who play frequently often want the best boot for the most surfaces. This saves having to buy multiple boots. That can be expensive if one plays on many different surfaces.

The chart below shows all types of football boot soles and how they perform on all different types of pitches and conditions.

Each boot sole is rated on a scale of 1 to 5.







Moulded Round Stud






Moulded Blade Stud






Screw-In Blade/Stud






Astro Sole






  • Moulded stud is the best all round boot. While it may not be as good as other types of soles in other pitches and conditions, it can play better on more surfaces and conditions than any other type sole.
  • Screw-in studs and blades are for thick, soft grass only. They are mostly worn by professionals who play on very well groomed soft grass pitches. The longer, fewer studs do best on these optimal pitch conditions. However they play very poorly on many other type pitches and weather conditions.
  • Best value for the everyday amateur. As the amateur often plays on many different type pitches in different areas, based on the availability of different facilities, the most suitable boot choice is the one that can play on the widest variety of pitches.

You can find the best moulded stud, either conical or blade, or moulded Astro stud sole football boot for your needs on eBay.

How to Buy Moulded Stud Sole Football Boots on eBay

eBay offers hundreds of different moulded stud sole football boots. Finding the right boot is simple and easy on eBay. You can buy both new and pre-owned football boots. Pre-owned boots are much cheaper. New is more expensive but you know there will not be wear and tear. A new pair of boots on eBay is still usually a better value than from a brick and mortar shop. To search for moulded stud sole football boots go to the Sporting Goods > Football > Football Boots portal. From there you can choose to search for moulded stud or Astro stud sole boots. You can also type in specific words searches, such as “Stud Sole football boot” or you can use the advanced search on the left column of the site. This lists boots by size, brand, sole type, and new or used.

Once you find a pair of boots that you like, make sure you know your boot size. Some players like to size down one half size from their normal shoe size, for the purpose of a tighter fit. Just pick the size that is right for you. When searching through listings, carefully review all the data. Make sure the item matches what you had in mind. Look over the photographs a couple times. Feel free to Ask theSeller a question if you want additional details. Visit the BuyingTips page for more information. Once you’re ready to buy, either place a Bid, Buy it Now, or put down your Best Offer. Buying with PayPal will ensure the transaction will go smoothly. All eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Program.


Choosing football boots well includes picking the sole characteristics for the athlete’s normal playing environment, and his or her individual needs, style, or budget. Different boots have different strengths. Rounded studs are the most stable, bladed are the fastest, Astro soles are for AstroTurf and rounded are the safest for any youth player. Study the guide information above carefully. There are thousands of moulded stud sole boots on the market today. Finding the right pair can be simple, easy, and money-saving on eBay.

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